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Crazy Holiday Poems

These Crazy Holiday poems are examples of Holiday poems about Crazy. These are the best examples of Holiday Crazy poems written by international poets.

They Made Me Sound Crazy To The Neighbors
 I died some eggs for Easter to celebrate the season.
How was I to know what would happen when, I’d leave them.
Upon the counter top...

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Categories: holiday, appreciation, cute, easter, fun,

The Holiday Blues
I have the holiday blues,
I have to choose
Should I stay or should I go,
Can't afford to loose
This crazy holiday blues
Have me ordering new shoes
Researching the...

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Categories: holiday, sun, travel,

Unsung Laborers Day Of Humanity
Unsung Laborers Day of Humanity!

Hail to the unsung laborers who labor every day for a year, and at least up to eighteen more years!
Hail to...

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Categories: holiday, appreciation, birth, celebration, child,

Holiday Scrubs

Yuletide blackboard,
tally the good, dirty snow ugly and the bad
Chalk it up to life learning experience,
golden sleigh bell reward
Past mistake spots erased so mistletoe glad,

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Categories: holiday, perspective, spiritual, wisdom,

Premium Member Black Friday


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Categories: crazy, holiday, thanksgiving,

Premium Member FAMILY CAT

King of the castle
Proud and arrogant
Prowls at night
Spends days alternating
Stretching and sleeping
Following that perfect
Internal clock for feeding times
Totally content with the dullest routine
Dreading jolly interruptions

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Categories: cat, family, holiday, wisdom,

Black Holiday Taunt
Black Holiday Taunt
By Valerie Odom
December 24, 2016

Another year’s gone by,
Another holiday look how time flies
Another lie programmed into my brain
But this year I’m awake
Tryna break...

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Categories: celebration, deep, holiday, how

Mushroom Tip-See
It only took me one cap and one stem,
For the Halloween feeling to kick right in.

I took to the night,
Like a ride in a bike.


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Categories: holiday, adventure, cool, crazy, hilarious,

Independence Day
Beachfront condos shrouded in the early mist 
of morning. Seagulls hanging on the breeze, 
their screeching waking sleepyheads 
before their coffee, it's July the 4th,...

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Categories: holiday,

Lazy Sela
I will fix it.
Ask your sela
You do not have to remind me every year.

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Categories: crazy, holiday, new year,

Premium Member Holiday Trolls and Dragon
The Trolls that live in the Basement are having a jolly old time!
Our Hubby let them have a touch of that delish Elderberry wine.
Most then...

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Categories: holiday, christmas, fantasy, fun, funny,

Christmas at the Cuckoo's Nest

Of all the holidays that come and go
Christmas is the one that we love best.
No matter how crazy, it just goes...

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Categories: celebration, christmas, crazy, holiday,

Premium Member What Would Jesus Do
Dragon's back! It’s Easter Time and, Yes; we’re going to church today...
Right after the Easter Egg Hunt. Ostrich eggs were perfect, for Dragon, I say…...

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Categories: easter, fantasy, fun, holiday,

Ole St. Nick sat on a brick
and shouted my Dick is my Dick.
They thought vulgarity.
He shouted Dick was his baby.
They exclaimed,  “His name is...

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Categories: holiday, celebration, character, crazy, green,

Premium Member A Christmas Verse

Chipmunks roasting on an open fire, 
It takes 10 to make a meal. 
Grab one by the tail, 
Drop him into the pan... 
You can...

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Categories: holiday, celebration, christmas, crazy, food,

Christmas Today
Another holiday season will come and go away
Another Christmas will find me far far away
Why do I never find the time, just once a year

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Categories: christmas, family, forgiveness, holiday,

A Busy Christmas
Lights shimmer and shine everywhere
Presents being wrapped with care
Decorations hung on trees
Bring back happy memories
Of the ones we made in school
That we saved and are...

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Categories: childhood, christmas, december, holiday,

Santa had an ELF only one ELF
He never had more then one ELF
The ELF made all the toys
upon the shelf
the Stores are full of ELF...

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Categories: crazy, creation, holiday,

Premium Member OH NO, OH NO
Oh No! Oh No! What has my son done? I hope it’s, not already to late!
He lives at a fraternity house, and surely, you know...

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Categories: holiday, adventure, easter, fantasy, funny,

Happy New Year
We’ve decorated beautifully a New Year tree,
The smell of pine needles has filled our flat.
Champagne, chocolate…and we’ll start a spree,
With colorful candles at midnight we’ll...

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