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Easter Holiday Poems

These Easter Holiday poems are examples of Holiday poems about Easter. These are the best examples of Holiday Easter poems written by international poets.

Ready Set Go
Wrap in dry onion skins and dip’em right;
you’re going to get a big surprise.
It’s colored oval onion bliss;
something you wouldn’t want to miss.

Grab those, Sharpies...

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They Made Me Sound Crazy To The Neighbors
 I died some eggs for Easter to celebrate the season.
How was I to know what would happen when, I’d leave them.
Upon the counter top...

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Categories: holiday, appreciation, cute, easter, fun,

Harumph To Holiday Hoopla Phish Pshaw
Harumph To Holiday Hoopla – Phish Pshaw!

Relieved of fatherhood Saint
Nick schtick found me
to relinquish ratty outfit, and stow away zee bras
like padding and "FAKE flowing...

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Categories: holiday, angel, childhood, christmas, conflict,

Premium Member Lazy Holiday Feeling
I can imagine people shouting and laughing, and see others running toward somewhere.  I am in the throes of not doing anything important today,...

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Easter Peter
As Easter neared, the women came running.
Their noses in the air.
Faint smell of chocolates raffling on
to each without a care.

As every woman knew her love

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Happy Easter Jesus Christ is our savior
Jesus Christ our savior is the Ultimate Boss, He Loved us so much he was Crucified on the Cross.
Those who believe in him are the...

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Categories: easter, god, holiday, religious,

Premium Member Easter 2018
twenty eighteen
celebration starts
with Vigil Service for Resurrection

of Christ from the dead and the ascension
into the Heavens.
An egg hunt for
the children,

ham and
Granny's sauce,
plus potato

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Categories: children, easter, family, holiday,

Premium Member Holiday Mercy

Easter and Remembering King
Are both gone—Today
Another child is shot in the back.
A mother plays his last message
By phone—Another son murdered
For being black.

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Categories: holiday, america, angst, black african

rival of rickets ~
Spring sunshiny easter egg hunt
and D-licious milk


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Categories: holiday, spring,

Premium Member One Easter to Remember
On a dark April morning, hollowed with eggshell delicacy...
Easter tiptoed in on gentle feet…
Neither timid, nor bold, 

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Categories: boy, childhood, children, holiday,

Premium Member Easter 2018 A Space Oddity

Two thousand eighteen a space oddity of sorts.
We’ve beamed back to my home, dear Scotty.
Dynamic duo of entertaining sisters on cruise,...

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Categories: family, food, holiday,

Premium Member Pesach Seder
P  Pass over, O God of Israel, the houses of Israel on this night
E  Egypt, unsuspecting even at midnight of what was to...

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Categories: celebration, freedom, god, holiday,


I will say it loud and proud, from a cloud or in a crowd;
I will say it by rail, mail, in a fierce wail or...

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Categories: angst, culture, holiday, time,

Premium Member Easter Exodus
Every spring, I remember the Exodus story.
How the twelve tribes became free from slavery, 
Escaping across the wind parted Red Sea, is a mystery. 

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Categories: bible, easter, holiday, people,

Premium Member Hip, Hip, Hurray
        Hip, Hip, Hurray!

January 1 is New Year's Day!
  Is it special in any form or way?


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Categories: celebration, holiday, new year,

Easter Paradigms
the triumphal cross
bunnies, eggs and fluffy chicks
schism of festival


5-7-5 ( and

16th April 2017

For the "Easter Haiku or Senryu" contest sponsored by Laura Loo.
(First Place)...

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Categories: celebration, easter, holiday, jesus,

Calvary's Cross

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Categories: holiday, bible, christian, easter, forgiveness,

Premium Member Holiday High Jinx
Or catching up with the holidays… They’re a great family treat, for all to see…

In the summer Dragon catches lightening bugs, and thinks they promise...

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Categories: holiday, adventure, fantasy, fun, funny,

Easter Bliss
Easter eggs and jelly beans.
For younger persons and even teens.
The Easter Bunny and chocolate too.
Are happily awaiting - just to see you!

Easter flowers, silk, and...

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Categories: holiday, animal, candy, chocolate, easter,

I've wondered how a tiny seed,
could make an Apple tree,
but after taking science,
It's simple as can be!

Then I wondered how Columbus,
knew the earth was round,

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