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History Poems

History Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about history. This list of history poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples of history poetry. This list of works about history is an excellent resource for examples on how to write history poems.

New Poems

Of Rhyme and Reason
Stalled a moment only drifting
Out of fear the answers near
To tantalize a paradigm

Piled upon by memories
Disenchanting dark berating
A history devoid of rhyme

Habit drives a clean deception
Holidays no true reflection
Mesmerized by constant action

Depth eludes ‘til death consumes
...Read More
Categories: history, growth,
Form: Free verse

The water mark is still evident on the wall
You can still see where the rain had fall
The stain must have been there for many years
And every time it reappears 
Sending chills into my ears
It embraces an interesting story 
that will...Read More
Categories: history, betrayal, community, conflict, corruption, courage, farewell, judgement,
Form: Narrative
Africa's Destiny
The African student 
begins education’s journey,
with tentative steps.

Language and mathematic knowledge
begin reshaping brain’s flow,
in preparation for what follows.

Myths and fables bow and recede
before science and knowledge,
teaching the student to question.

Critical thinking
casts aside
misconceptions of inferiority.

The mind is molded, like hot iron,
in...Read More
Categories: history, africa, education, student,
Form: Free verse
The Twelve Days of Life
On the first day of life, the heart wanted peace. 

On the second day of life, the eyes had to see happiness and peace.

On the third day of life, the ears wanted to hear words of praise, feeling happy and...Read More
Categories: history, emotions,
Form: Free verse
The Moon and Stars
I heard a voice in the wind - it whispered softly to me,
words of wisdom quietly spoken,
Only the moon and stars bore witness- for these were the words of hope,
these were the words of liberation- listen with your heart- for...Read More
Categories: freedom, history, memory,
Form: Prose Poetry

And in our old mirror- our reflection- our rebellion and battle scars-unseen,

And through our window- a world washed Red- all the pain and loss suffered,

The Motherland- our home- beyond these bricks a house washed in white,

Reflections always of the lost...Read More
Categories: conflict, courage, death, history, memory, remember,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member American Beach
We decided to visit the largest sand dune in Florida 
it was well within our reach
just a few miles drive from where we were camping
at a place called American Beach.

And we saw the largest sand dune in Florida 
which of...Read More
Categories: history, racism,
Form: Verse
Plant me a young tree in your old Olive grove, tend it and watch as it grows and bares fruit,
Plant me a young tree in my garden, one that will bare lemons for the aroma is reminiscent of my homeland,

Plant...Read More
Categories: children, fruit, history, romantic, symbolism,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member FEAR
Fear erased us;
Knowledge will allow us to remember....Read More
Categories: history, africa, black african american, deep, encouraging, growth,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member BLACK AND BLUE- -
 I am a Son of an African American
I run
my turmoils taints the history books
yet people give me evil looks
I run
I choose
Yet I am 
Black and blue, this is my physical hurt

Been given a name by my parents James
This is...Read More
Categories: history, analogy, anxiety, appreciation, black african american, bullying,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Thysia- Sacrifice
Oh! those gods of ancient times who looked kindly upon this land-
and its people- it was from their hearts we toiled while they dwelt silently among us- they who witnessed the blood we shed.

Oh! how we cried out their names...Read More
Categories: history, hope, loss, myth, patriotic, spiritual, symbolism,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Disorganized Religion
As traumatized as I am
by the history of organized elitist creeds,
including religious and judicious,

I am even more terrified
by my experience of disorganized unnatural spirituality,
dissociated bicamerality,
unenchanting mono-laterality,
win/lose egocentrism,
flirting with lose/lose climates of nihilism,
anthropocentric chauvinism,
inhumane unnatural straight white male business as usual...Read More
Categories: history, culture, earth, health, humanity, humor, integrity, peace,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member To My Soul Sister
To My Soul Sister ---- Billie Jo.
Now is the perfect time to tell you how much your friendship means to me. You’re not just a friend, you’re my best friend, the one I choose as family, you are my soul...Read More
Categories: happiness, history, inspirational, little sister, love, peace,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Broken Trust
Broken Trust,
	When someone has gained your respect and trust; they have become a true friend. You feel comfortable and safe around them knowing they would never hurt you!
Whenever you see them, especially if it’s been a long time you become...Read More
Categories: feelings, history, humanity,
Form: Epic
Creation's Holy Spirit
Just because I create does not mean I feel I’m God!
That’s an atrocity of men, who wish to be in charge
Not women, who for ages have seethed beneath
the accusations of men accusing Eve, tempted by a snake
so magical, it talks!...Read More
Categories: history, angst,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Ophelia's Song
Her face tawny and weathered
Is richer than the earth of a thousand years
With flowing furrowed lines of contented history
That are written deeply at each union, worn like a scar
She lifts her native face to compose a melody of love
As a...Read More
Categories: history, beauty, color, courage, dance, endurance, hope, identity,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member PALE SHELTER

i look out my eyes,
windshield wipers —
crying all the time,

the shy gives me the creepers,
living all the time;
buried treasure,
the shovel of survival, hides.

the teacher writes one word,
at a time,
on the enormous blackboard,
looming in my mind.


the violence in my history
destroying the...Read More
Categories: history, angst,
Form: Free verse
Williams Since 1066

First a quick word on Robert the Devil,
whose turbulent  life turned out quite a revel.
He fathered a child on a poor tanner's daughter
then dashed to repent in Jerusalem's quarter,
but on his return, sad to say, he died,
yet he set...Read More
Categories: fate, history, leadership,
Form: Didactic
Whispers of 1944
Two rails and some broken boards. The train no longer runs through here.
Trees have wrapped themselves around memories of time and the past.
The rails shiny yet old and the boards rotted.
Leaves and the homes of small beings scatter across the...Read More
Categories: history, nostalgia,
Form: Free verse
on the day history say
the world was torn
a little boy was born
he came in in
to cure world sin
he flowed at dust
the call it christmas
Categories: history, adventure, blessing, christmas,
Form: Prose Poetry
We can know the Saviour, Jesus Christ*, along His granted salvation
Through the Bible declaring His persistent love’s compassion
With His gracious mercy of full justification
Likewise His great pardon blotting every transgression
Thus, sealing our redemption’s completion.

We can know the Saviour, reigning in...Read More
Categories: history, appreciation, bible, christian, faith, god, jesus, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme
Viking Sword
Blacksmith's massive hands
delivering powerful hammer blows,
beating glowing red steel 
into submission.
Sparks illuminating
magnificent artistry.
Fiercely wielded
in the name of Odin.
Tales heralded it's glory.
Unearthed, virtually unscathed.                                     ...Read More
Categories: history,
Form: Free verse
The Utopian One World State
--Evil starts as germinated seeds,
noxious weeds of social infestation,
spreading and suffocating human diversity,
pushing all freedoms into extinction,
the loss of Liberty's creed,,
--Men-Women birth their offspring,
but raised by the State,
alienated offspring grow into bastards,
by design to this fate,
no-longer is Family an understanding,,
--Started...Read More
Categories: history, fate, fear, freedom, humanity, truth, wisdom, world,
Form: Rhyme
One sided minds telling Leave Dumb
Remain arguments focus on the future
Worst case not yet real what suits ya
 economic decline like 2008 9 

hand over control to be wealthy 
who controls your wealth 
must be mentally unhealthy 

until bad times please 
I plead help me...Read More
Categories: history, england, political,
Form: Free verse
God Pty Ltd

Ancient sinister fires dwell in the savage creator's eye,
Soon his fire starter will be coming for a second try,
Choosing to believe, that which cannot be seen cannot be rude,
A cloak and dagger God who spies on the prey but is...Read More
Categories: history, 10th grade,
Form: ABC

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