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Urdu Poetry from Famous Poets: Experience the Richness

by Adeel Zaidi

Urdu poetry is written in a rich language which has a great treasure of literature. Urdu language is basically the language of poets. This language has depth in it words and uses beautiful phrases to form the poetry. Urdu poetry was the origin to the poetry world in modern literature. There has been so much contribution to the poetry from Urdu poets in the past.

Even though Urdu poetry is very complicated subject which exhibit itself in many different forms it yet attract many lovers. Urdu poetry has many features added to its literature. This poetry takes many different forms like Ghazal, Shayari and many more. These are beautifully written with deep meanings attaches to the words. Urdu poetry is full of emotions and feelings.

In Urdu poetry each verse comprises of multiple couplets called as Ashaar. The lines of the Urdu poetry are framed so elegantly that it will surely attract the reader's eye. There are many Urdu lovers who look for different genre and topics from this poetry. Generally Urdu poetry is written about topics like love, attachment, grief and such emotional concepts.

You can say Urdu poetry is the best way to express and spread the eternal emotions of self to others. It is undoubtedly the best way to bring out the hidden emotions and feelings for your loved ones. Every Urdu poet describes his each and every line in the poem in a beautiful manner by expressing all his feelings and emotions. It is the work of art as the reader feels the depth of words written in the poetry.

Many of the great Urdu poets have devoted their entire lives in creating such poetry for the Urdu lovers worldwide. They have also put tremendous efforts to enrich and promote the experience that as a poet of Urdu genre they experience. Today there are many people who love Urdu poetry. These poets have taken out such a beautiful collection of poetry that can appeal people of all ages.

However, youngsters today, no longer are interested to spend so much of time on long sittings in these events which are held to exhibit the great work by the famous Urdu poets. They opt for easy and time saving way yet enjoy all the poetry work of their favorite Urdu poets. They prefer to share their love for Urdu poetry through Urdu forums or websites that are available today. These forums are a common meeting place for lovers of the language to discuss their love for the language and Urdu poetry.

Now days, you don't need to drive down to the books shops and libraries ether to read Urdu poetry. Lots of resources have come forward with the huge collections of Urdu poetry online. You can enjoy all the written work as well the videos from the events held for this poetry. So it is now possible to have track about your famous Urdu poets and their great work without even attending such events in your busy working schedules.

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