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Short Shed Light On Poems

Short Shed Light On Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Shed Light On by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Shed Light On by length and keyword.

Star is S-tar
That’s Sky tar
Sky is tarred with stars
To shed light on Angles to walk right!

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Categories: shed light on, creation, sky,
Form: Blank verse

Mental Corolla Enrichment
chicories in the
morning -- the many eyes of
God analyzing
our virtue's readiness to
shed light on others' petals....

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Categories: shed light on, imagination, introspection, life, nature, uplifting, visionary,
Form: Tanka
After Reading Some Chinese Poetry
Wandering freely,
Cheerfully pacing the void,
Coming and going --
Even candles in the wind
Briefly shed light on the path.


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Categories: shed light on, life
Form: Tanka
I Have Made My Vows
have found
light at the end of the tunnel
have made my vows
only one
truely love
shed light on me...

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Categories: shed light on, imagery, imagination,
Form: Free verse
The Last Words
The Last Words

Pain and death
To shed light on

5th Place in They Know Not What They Do"( Luke 23:34) KJV Contest
Contest Date:  6/30/2010 12:00:00 AM 
Sponsored by: john freeman

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Categories: shed light on, faith, forgiveness, hope, inspirational, love, religion
Form: Lanterne

Choosing a faithful woman to fulfill this fate
to bring forth a baby with a loud scream;
sweet cry so innocent piercing air and soul,
touch him tenderly: he is the fruit of our seed!
May his faith shed light on doubt and darkness...
let's hope that his deeds and words will be fine....

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Categories: shed light on, character, child, hope, love, pride,
Form: Sestina
Rememberance of Alex
As I go
this sorrow
should not overshadow
the message that is sent for all to borrow
no goodbyes, only tommorrow
see you later 
death leads to a better life
you have shed light, on others lives
look up to the skies 
close your eyes 
I am here
I am near
through memory and spiritually
as you carry on my legacy...

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Categories: shed light on, faith, happiness, inspirational,
Form: I do not know?
A great person is...
Anyone can see the bad in someone.
Sadly most people focus on what is easiest to find.
It takes good to find what is good in others.
It will take a good person to seek out and find good in someone else.
It's alot of work finding something good in everything
but, it takes a great person to always shed light on any given situation
so, that something positive comes from it.
That's just what friends do.
A great person is:  A friend!

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Categories: shed light on, friendship, love, uplifting,
Form: I do not know?
If There was Another Me
If there was another me
I would walk, and hold her hand
Let her know, I understand
"Can I get through life?", "Yes you can!"

If there was another me
I would be her shoulder she can cry on
She'll come to me, so I can shed light on
Tough situations that are going on

If there was another me,I would tell her
"Yes, it'll be hectic", I'll tell her
"But, you can do this", I will say
"You're going to get through this"
"Go get it, you got this"...

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Categories: shed light on, friendship,
Form: Rhyme

I don't fight for the rules. Fools fight
For the right to use tools. Cool nights
Might cause fright for ghouls. Jewel light
Gives us reason for fuels. Cruel sprites
Shed light on shimmering pools.

I do fight for the roles. Politicians pursue
Unsavory goals. Technicians knew
They sold their souls. Conditions grew
Unfavorably for polls. Admissions accrue
Unsavory agency for tolls. 

Shattered dreams
In the souls of dead purists
Rest in peace

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Categories: shed light on, america, how i feel, political,
Form: Haibun
Premium Member Silver Slivered Moon
Sliver moon hand in the sky at night

nighttime fixtures of stars burning bright

to light the darkness and

shed light on a dream

of times, when I slept in a crib and a mobile

donned down on me

snuggled in my comforter

now, grown-up though

the snow on the ground comforts the earth

like a comfortable comforter

he who sleeps besides me comforts me

as I long to dream

now the dream comes

is it scary to want to marry the universe?

By Susan J. Mills...

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Categories: shed light on, naturelight, light, universe,
Form: I do not know?