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Short Privately Poems

Short Privately Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Privately by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Privately by length and keyword.

Come mortal man 
Comes creating co-creating cautiously 
Competition cleverly contained

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr © 2020...

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Categories: privately, analogy, appreciation, creation, humanity,
Form: Alliteration

Premium Member Persnickety Phoebe
Persnickety Phoebe parades pompously
Privately, we make fun where she can’t see
We are kind of mean
Think we are unseen
But Karma comes back indubitably


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Categories: privately, 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Precariously Personable
Precariously personable 
Privately peeved
Parading pompously
Pronouncing pretty paragraphs
Possibly pretending pompousness
Poetic permanence 

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Categories: privately, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, word
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member No Second Chances
will be
not in churches,
but facilitated online,
celebrating Christ's victory over death
must be done privately, given that none of his devotees can hope to emulate him....

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© Beth Evans  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: privately, celebration, christian, death, jesus,
Form: Fibonacci
Premium Member Strange Bedfellows
The avocado and the orchid
Together seem a little awkward,
But it has been stated
The two are related -
"Privately", so I am assured.*

*According to Mark Forsyth, both names are derived from their likeness to the testicle!...

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© Beth Evans  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: privately, flower, fruit, men,
Form: Limerick


Heaving grey heaven
Dragged over the rooftops 
Like a sullen stale duvet
Beneath a stillness beyond still
Whispering privately 
‘The grey returning’

This time of feeling 
So familiar
Same world, altered mind
Grey sky drifting

©dbyrne Aug 2014 

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Categories: privately, analogy,
Form: Free verse
When utilities 
Are privately owned 
We are prisoners
Caught in a web of avarice
Capitalism gone viral

On the opposite wall
The sun shines bright and summery 

When I speak 
I get lost in the fog of words
When alone 
I can see forever 


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Categories: privately, culture, freedom,
Form: Tanka
Launder privately
In your home
Never outside
Don't ever discuss
Of wedded life with people
The compassion might feel soothing
But your story suddenly grows wings
Wash linen privately, mom always says

Written on:07/24/2016
Contest:'Etheree' by Kim Merryman...

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Categories: privately, life, marriage,
Form: Etheree
My Love
My best friend
That is what 
I call him
Within in his
I call him
Much more 
My Love
but always
From afar
Always dreaming,
Ever hoping
That one day 
He would 
Return my
But 'tis
A dream and nothing more...

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Categories: privately, angst, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Spiritual Brothers Love- -
If I could love you; I would With just only sincere Brotherhood; If I could pray for you I shall; Openly lien privately withal; I do my best I shall not digress; With God for you only I shan't; That I shall love you oy as a godly brother
4/22/20 Written words by James Edward Lee Sr 2020 ...

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Categories: privately, brother, caregiving, character, friendship love, inspirational,
Form: Free verse
Public Places
Alone, yet in a zone, consumed by it all. People forget, as if, they are human at all. Voices, making choices, spoken without thought. People regret, saying or displaying, they are human at all. Publicly, they whisper. As if the place would forget. Privately, they pray, for redemption, being human with faults.

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Categories: privately, humanity,
Form: Free verse
sabotage of eternal promise
strange arrangements

promising faith but

is feeling different privately

breaking that

is it natural

the right way about it to remain mono

yet so guilty for shattering such things

"what are you thinking?

is that my business?

would you if you weren't with me?"

is overcoming the urge enough

to overcome the shame

R'Thom '10...

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Categories: privately, confusion, dedication, love
Form: Lyric
Dear Mother He Sang
Time was once a letter sent
A thinly packaged salutation
Revealing reads and rushes
A content discourse situation

Story lines entwined grapevines
Most privately complicit
A baton passed a relay cast
Too confidential to elicit

Artistic flair in swirling script
Stylish prose self styled emphatic
A photographic written pose
Of diatonic scale chromatic...

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Categories: privately, allegory, happiness, mother son,
Form: Couplet
My Reply - Make Their Jaws Drop contest
This dance says it all, hatred and anger, 
Because Every Breath You Take I’ll stare, 
I’ll sing it while i dance so you remember, 
That before you sexually abuse, you tare. 

Tare into yourself if you have to, go on, 
Accept humiliation privately or else suffer, 
Derision publicly with glares from everyone, 
Who put me up somewhat with their confer. 


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Categories: privately, abuse, assonance, character, child abuse, song, time,
Form: Quatrain
insideout feeling
hate, like flames in someone's eyes,
anger which  makes you want to hurt,
vexation provoked by fury,
and fury held inside.

The state of being annoyed,
displeasure arouse by grievance,
a taste of bitterness caused by outrage,
and outrage  internally kept.

maddening violence
aggravated by exasperation,
indignation evoked by irritation
and irritation born privately....

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Categories: privately, confusion
Form: Lyric
Missing You
 The feelings for you makes me lovesick sometimes,
missing the lovey-dovey we had.
Remembering the passion of our past times.
UHHH! Makes me go mad!
The dreamy eyes of yours,
leaves me in an infatuation.
It's like you break all my doors,
and conquer my nation.
Your attractiveness gets me so captivated.
The romance you showed me privately,
is just overrated! ...

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© Yoni Abai  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: privately, blessing, desire, emotions, feelings, lust, romance, sensual,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member New Poem Old Poet
New Poem Old Poet

I stand again facing the eternal west.
I am an old dude now and,
I miss the western sunsets on Hoover Street.
Those bright orange never-ending endings,
Presenting themselves again like hovering waiters,
Carrying trays of bottled heart-quenchers.
Life is the hat check girl in little orange cap.
When the lights are low,
She steps away privately to dance.

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Categories: privately, life, , western,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Hugs ARE Squeezed to Contain BURSTING Joy
SOME thoughts are daggers
as others are kisses
while hugs are squeezed
to contain BURSTING
joy; privately confessed 
delusions -->.  God pleasure return
my m i n d \.  THESE pesterous
Cherubs sending L oVE 
air mailed / i delightfully collect
their stamps for the golden saliva
by cherubic artist can visit me
post return of my comatic brain.


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Categories: privately, art, imagination, joy,
Form: Free verse
Know the Truth
Know the Truth

Know the truth, I am not alright
I am stuck in the dark of night
Smile and laughter on the outside show
Hiding the pain inside I privately know
Words left unspoken of the things I need to say
Grief in my heart to bare I just can’t find away
My soul is gripped with sadness
My heart filled with despair
How and where do I began to make the repair


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Categories: privately, dark, day, grief, hurt, truth,
Form: ABC
Premium Member WEASEL WORDS
Why for we seem so wise
yet act so foolishly;
Why so we create laws
for others to follow
saying,look I know best
forb those other fellows;
It's for your greater good
shape up,hera what I say,
It's much the better way;
I've given this some thought
(but not as much as I ought);
What about me, you say?
What I do privately
is,not for you to see;

Why for we seem so wise
yet act so foolishly;


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Categories: privately, life, people, political
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member A Most Majestic View
The sapphire blue of the sky
Beyond the mountains, reaching high,
Is mirrored in the lake below.
A serene view to the beholder's eye.

An abundance of blooms surround
The mirrored lake, so still and sound.
The tranquil scene invites us stay.
A most meditative place we've found.

Majestic beauty God has created,
Free for all, not privately gated.
Relax here and give nature praise.
Free your soul to feel elated....

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Categories: privately, natureurdu,
Form: Rubaiyat
Tattered Old Mr Teddy Bear
In my bed, my childhood teddy layers next to me.
Absent mindedly I trace his now tattered seams,
And his matted brown fur from years of tears and hugs.

Even though I'm old and gray, privately we talk.
No, I'm not feeble-minded as some might think.
I talk to Teddy of my thoughts I had that day.

As long as I can speak, my Teddy is my guy.
He's my greatest listener where so many are not.
If he begins to talk, they'll surely take me away....

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Categories: privately, humorous, memory, nostalgia,
Form: Verse
Time: Foe or Friend
Borrowed facets privately reach.
Seashells collect along the beach
Echoes words we long to teach.
Ask Alice!
Is it too late?
Is it too late?
Catching that important date.
Whatever for?
No time to say "Hello."
A "Good-bye Smile."
Is it late, forevermore?
God's Gifts.
Our imagination
New dawns glisten.
 Polished,sequel, foot-prints.
Dylan's: " Ocean without a shore."
Ask an Alice's locket, a caressed Heart.
Time: foe or friend?


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Categories: privately, blessing, fantasy, heart, inspirational, sea, spiritual, teacher,
Form: I do not know?
Where my largest (the last time)
  expressive feelings are

everywhere you are
  expressive being of bliss!

all life must confess privately
  our desires and fears

heart beats  so quietly matched
  by majestic belief in love!

come!  even weakness proclaims
  divine rights as you and then
sometimes even me -- adoration
and respect for my lady

  will then, you now shall have
met love and mostly by many 
souls it goes unnoticed.

:: 03-01-2016 ::...

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Categories: privately, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Enter My Mind
Enter my mind
A sea of hope
A wasteland of despair
A valley of death

Enter my mind
See the pain that's been inflicted
Through promises broken
And words spoken cruelly

Enter my mind
See the hope that's sparked
By words spoken privately
Watch as it slowly fades

Enter my mind
View the many things
Happy moments lay scattered
Sparkling for all
Love burns brightly
For all those held dear

Enter my mind
And you can be the judge
Is all understood clearly
Or am I truly crazy...

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Categories: privately, confusion, imagination, introspection, teen, words,
Form: Free verse