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Short Gelid Poems

Short Gelid Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Gelid by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Gelid by length and keyword.


Gloomy gelid day, 
Though snowflakes seems to be white-
Napping sun like owl....

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Categories: gelid, cool, dark, day, nature, sun, winter,
Form: Haiku

silvery skies gaze gelid air swims through warm breaths quiet vapor soars

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Categories: gelid, weather,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Frosty Ice Cap
a frosty icecap
left to her own devices
in the gelid blue of the subzero cave
added ambiance to the stalagmites

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Categories: gelid, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, winter,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Wintry woes
fragile limbs somber
wedded in dank gelid air
once graced with life
bared to face wintry hardness
a stalwart tree stands proudly...

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Categories: gelid, courage, nature, winter,
Form: Tanka

this dusky Jewel does of my heart
a mares nest make, sweet mercenary pomps
and fine gelid limbs these eyes ensnared, a frigid waste her love for me....

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Categories: gelid, lost love,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member December Magic
Frost crisped, the lawn remained
beneath the frozen dew.
Water dripped to ice as gutters drained.
The cardinal bids the day adieu;
the winter storm has left a gelid view.


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Categories: gelid, nature,
Form: Quintain (English)
^*^ Niveous pristine Sculpted stiff mount crystalline Scorching,perspiring ! Gelid mound earth thaw Deity's paragon - " BLUE " Enticing milieu ? ^*^ ===jun-jun villanueva=== july 08,2012

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Categories: gelid, nature
Form: Haiku
Premium Member View to a Chill
View atop a mountain – ageless, timeless – seductive mistress with frigid fingers crisp, cool, caressing, chilling, corrupting. Winter’s beauty, stealing each gelid breath.
12/31/2020 ...

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Categories: gelid, cool, environment, mountains, nature, time, winter,
Form: Tetractys
Winter never looks cloudy and gloomy
when I recall spring meadows
as green as Anna's happy eyes;
days could have no sun in gelid January,
nights could have no tremulous stars,
and yet her gazes imparted many joys....

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Categories: gelid, mother daughter,
Form: Rhyme
Gelid Winter Winds-WS
Gelid winter winds
are creating drifts of snow
The perfect time for sledding

Trying to keep warm
I bundled up in woolens
And... played for hours in the cold

January 13, 2023
Winter Sedoka Contest
Sponsored by Charlie Messina

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© Lin Lane  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: gelid, snow, winter,
Form: Sedoka
Holocaust's Nameless Victims
Bright yellow badges proclaimed their faith
Paraded like nameless cattle
Counted and cooped as poultry
Numb and gelid they lay
Only thing alive
Was A desire
For a smooth
Kiss of

Written On:04/24/2017
Contest:'Form N' by Broken Wings...

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Categories: gelid, holocaust,
Form: Nonet
Hunger, gelid, frigid, no nighty,
In a long coldly winter night,
Needy for a so big woodpile 
In dark, solo I had to chop
Details are good chop --
sticks chum pal up --
marks  choc-ice !!!
Choppy choosy !! 
Wood not woo !
Cook not coo !
fire up,  

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Categories: gelid, adventure, cool, food, winter,
Form: Free verse
If your love were a flame
I'd allow it to blaze through me
and singe the edges of my heart
with it's sweltering fierceness

but your admiration
is a thick-headed icicle
shaped to weather any firestorm
ignited by adoring hands

how gelid it is
to be loved by a man
frozen with incompetence,
too cool to burn 

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Categories: gelid, love
Form: Free verse
Luna's Fostering Figure
sublime eyes etching
on mystic magic
sans moaning macula
crushing canorous coda
lips lurching labium
made from megalomania

skin sans sore
like delicate draws
nocturnal nature's call

body melting mist
of gelid gift
choice callous clipped

all fiddling features:
Luna's fostering figure.

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Categories: gelid, beautiful, beauty, friend, friendship,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member THIS RED SKIN
This red skin, whipped by the harshest wintry wind,
feels colder than the snow of Iceland; 
wry thoughts on a gelid night 
won't relieve my plight!
don't disagree!
Running and panting
to avoid an avalanche crumbling,
I take giant steps to avert danger... 
while this red skin burns deeper than my anger!...

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Categories: gelid, fear, winter,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Ice on my Igloo
Ice on my igloo
  roads frosted over
Cursed, cutting cadaverous cold 
  deathly chill from Calais to Dover

Thought it was nippy
  but my fingers are numb
Arctic algidity all around
  winds whistle, envelop my town

Why must we endure
  gelid, glacial Siberian air
Is warmth only comprehended
  when to harrowing cold it's compared

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Categories: gelid, wind, winter,
Form: Rhyme
so far from the sea this gull flies
he skimmed this gelid air
on a gossamer breath
ascending then descending 
adrift like my wishes

perhaps he was lost
like i in my unspoken thoughts
just wanting to be anywhere
other than where he should be

i closed my eyes
on his wings
aloft on dreams
as i spiraled
into the arms
of your love


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Categories: gelid, bird, dream, love, ocean, sea,
Form: Free verse
Whispers Of The Stars
In the darkest hour, Of the coldest night When the Heavens deign To open wide And e’en Angels Take startled flight From eerie sounds And silvered light The Cosmos converses In Cosmic verses and is Softly scriptured, the melodies The stanzas…the bars In the gelid Winter’s night… And would’st one lend a careful ear, Perhaps the Gods… would grant him hear …The whispers of the stars…

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Categories: gelid, beauty, creation, introspection, nature, sound,
Form: Ode
Winter Blues
The Manzanita clacks in 
gelid breezes
like the clap of clacking bones. 

Reddish painted branches 
reach their grey, bent shadows 
on stone from

hulking, brewing
drifting welkins.

Peeling, crackled, weathered 

grasp,  grind and intertwine
gnarled fingers as they rasp and clonk.

Silhouetted by the yawning flame  
dipping low, 

dances the macabre branches, 
on a stage glacial white with 
winter snow. 

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Categories: gelid, blue, dark, feelings, solitude, winter,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Lilac Dusk
In dusk's umbral mist
phantoms hover 
across August's white embers,
humming their pale lilac chant
through bare trees
chiming with fledgling icicles.

Fields of vestal amethyst
splay past frozen fences
and sepia skeletons
of summer grass.

I listen
to diaphanous lyrics 
of a mauve moon
from my gelid porch,
throwing coffee
from my hot cup
to watch it freeze
in mid air
and fall like rhinestones
on the waiting ground....

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Categories: gelid, color, imagery, winter,
Form: Ekphrasis
The Winter of My Discontent
The gelid wind is a knife, ice to bone
As Demeter decries Persephone's moan
I too shed a tear, crystalline nature
In the pallid winter of my discontent.

Downy flakes fly in my woods, this glacier
melts slowly, apart from everyone ashore
I die a little more each day I bore
Holes, In this winter of my discontent.

No ode to my urn shall abide tragedy
Created in frolic architecture, majesty
Denied grace in art, I cry a little more
In the frigid winter of my discontent.


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© Tim B  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: gelid, introspection, life, winter,
Form: Rhyme
Nobel Autumn
Nobel autumn.

Rustling winds expose your frame,
To cold, damp and dreaded name.
Wind scars slash at dying summer,
Rain re-echo’s the little drummer.
Middle aged gnarled to aching spur,
Boorish zephyr chills a dreaded allure.

 Stooped, naked, shamed to despair,
You gather your strength. Send a flare.
Of gold, ochre, saffron flames of red,
A last stand, against the gelid dread.   
As Cu Chulainn fought to the bitter end,
You flicker gleam my autumn friend. B© 2012.

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Categories: gelid, autumn, autumn,
Form: Couplet
On a cold night
Maybe when  the ways
fade hopelessly on
a cold night,
I chase the north breeze
peeking in my window
It has the gelid of 
morn dew in Autumn
and the tales of 
voyages, whispering to me,
Relishing in the chirp
Of a nightingale and cicadas
-I gaze up at the night sky,
near to the shivering moon,
I chase the Saptarishi,
seeking to the Pole star-
I lead to the melodic shore,
far away from the wailing cities
the ocean recited me a poem,
the boulders croon along with her...

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Categories: gelid, emotions, environment,
Form: Free verse