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Go Away Rain Poems

These Go Away Rain poems are examples of poetry about Go Away Rain. These are the best examples of Rain Go Away poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Singing On A Rainy Day - Nursery Rhyme

How I love singing songs in the rain
with my big red umbrella held high
and my thick rubber boots buckled up
splashing puddles while I'm walking by.


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Categories: happy, nursery rhyme, rain,

Gazing into the water’s depth, I see not fish or stone,
I only have eyes for what is my own
My form and face, both grace the...

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Categories: rain, 12th grade, beauty, hate,

Don't go away
Rain, rain, don't go away
Come back again soon, okay?
I want to stay inside and read all day
Come back again, for a while: stay

Rain, rain, is...

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Categories: rain, books, flower, garden, happy,

Rainy Days

Rain, Rain, don't fall continuously.
Go, Go ,go away instantly.
Too much raining can cause flood.
Living creatures can die and lose blood.
Sometimes rain can give happiness.
Sometimes it...

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Categories: earth, rain,

Premium Member Rain in December
rain rain go away
snow and ice to come instead
this mixed up weather

December 30, 2021
Karen Croft...

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Categories: rain, seasons,

Premium Member Summer Rain-N

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Categories: rain, autumn, seasons, summer,

Hearing the whispers and hisses of a dreadful day
Without a word to say
Only the voices of winds howling "look how they sway, sway"...
Puddles It ruddles...

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Categories: rain, feelings, for him, lonely,

Premium Member O' RAIN
As I was coming down the hollows
Mix in the hills and valley ways
I stood under a tree
Oh, rain
As the clouds began to spray
Those birds nesting

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Categories: rain, analogy, appreciation, conflict, fun,

Premium Member Pondering on a Rooftop
Her hose were not keeping her warm on this roof
But in one second her dreams had gone up in a poof
The only comfort was the...

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Categories: rain, 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member A Sad Rain Gonna Fall
I meander along lonely as a cloud
with nowhere particular to go,
when the chill of a wild southerly
rushes with purpose over the brow
blows me north to...

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Categories: rain, weather,

Premium Member A Tearful Heart
"A tearful heart is like a rainy cloud"

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Categories: cry, feelings, heart, rain,

The Rain
the rain,
like melted grain
of ice
to be,
that, maybe,
loving will be we,
or, maybe, not,
but it just falls
in the gray day
of the wet fall.
the rain,
that we all must...

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Categories: autumn, rain,

Rain Rain Go Away


Go away

And don't come back another day...

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Categories: rain, slam,

Here comes the Rain
Rain ! Rain!! 
Come again
Never ever go away
A good harvest is what we pray (repeat 2 times)

How can I
with my lips
motion the rain
to stop drumming...

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Categories: rain, farm, happiness, nature, nostalgia,

Rainy Day
I woke up this morning
To a very dark, gray day
And the aches and pains
That I wished would go away

It's dark and it's cold
And everything is...

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Categories: encouraging, inspiration, rain,