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Rhyme Rain Poems

These Rhyme Rain poems are examples of Rain poems about Rhyme. These are the best examples of Rain Rhyme poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Blue Rain
I never knew the Blues could rain so hard 
on such a clear and sunny day  

Look’s like the Pain in my heart brought...

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Categories: rain, blue, heartbroken,

Premium Member Singing On A Rainy Day - Nursery Rhyme

How I love singing songs in the rain
with my big red umbrella held high
and my thick rubber boots buckled up
splashing puddles while I'm walking by.


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Categories: happy, nursery rhyme, rain,

Premium Member THE RAINY-DAY BUTTERFLY collab
Squinting bush brown fertility
depends upon the rain.
Bright-eyed with possibility,
a vigorous refrain.


The eyespot-wings are glorious
with great downpour of storms.
They’re heartier, victorious -
This leading male performs.


Collaborate With...

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Categories: butterfly, nature, rain,


Under summer’s rain, we smiled in God’s showers.

Aqueous, holy, droplets, baptized our warm bodies

We, two, were satisfied, tall,sensual, love towers.

Honesty, wholeness, integrity, nothing shoddy.


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Categories: lost love, memory, rain,

Rain and Wind
Like drops of rain in clouds of gray, 
even rough winds may mean a blessing. 
You think that rain only cause disarray,
but rain may rouse...

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Categories: rain,

Premium Member Panning for painful metaphors
It's still flowing, never stopping to change direction 
Cuts are made without sharpening, perfection
Behold the pain, beholden the bastard
This river's banks always see the last...

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Categories: rain, deep, extended metaphor, metaphor,

Premium Member Refreshing Rain
When you are unwell
And your body is weak
Worries hang over you
When it's solace that you seek

No matter how hard you look
For quietness and peace
Your jangled...

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Categories: rain, 10th grade,

Today I again
Took shower in the rain
Sitting far alone
Throwing up the stone
None was all around
Except I and heavy rain sound 
Lost in my thought
Missing her...

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Categories: rain, heartbreak, love hurts, pain,


Shouldn’t you manacle villains?
For a villain should be in chains 
You might be laboring in vain
With one often using his brain
And dreaming to derail a...

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Categories: rain, change, character, evil, wisdom,

Premium Member Heaven's Water Wombs - Virelai
Roaring thunder booms
Inky shadow looms
Soft rain
Angry lightning fumes
Smoky vapour plumes
Wet lane
Heaven's water wombs
Harsh downpour assumes
Throb strain

Pit a pat refrain
I hear the campaign
Of sky
Pounding on my...

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Categories: blessing, rain,

Premium Member Quincerra and Lancelot
Quincerra queen of the white horse had a full load today
But she made an exception when she heard of the lost foal.
She said, I can...

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Categories: fantasy, rain,

Premium Member Max was Stamping in the Rain
Max was stamping in the rain, stamp stamp stamp
His eyes were getting cold, and his clothes were damp.
His mother let him play, she was happy...

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Categories: rain,

Dance in the Rain - Virelai
I danced in the rain
Defiant chicane
Cloud nine
Some may fear insane
Relinquish the pain
Liberty does reign
I must break the chain
The sign

Better than sunshine
When I draw the line

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Categories: rain, anxiety,

Premium Member Rue The Day
Mounted on a Missouri mule,
All my possessions in a sack.
The scorching sun, oh so cruel,
Sweat running down my back.

On the way to Kansas City,
To visit...

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Categories: angst, journey, rain, sun,

Rain rain washing over making things new 
reviving you in the beautiful blue rain rain
a fresh start cleanse your soul lost in the surrender
of letting...

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Categories: rain, joy,