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Life Quatern Poems

These Life Quatern poems are examples of Quatern poems about Life. These are the best examples of Quatern Life poems written by international poets.

Premium Member While You Lay Breathing Quietly

Each night, while you lay breathing quietly,
I wander like a wraith through empty rooms
A phantom in both life and memory,
the ghost a long abandoned oath...

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Categories: loneliness,

Premium Member Don't Quit Your Daydream
Don't quit your daydream, whispers soul
We're free and unbound, as heart knows
Though seeming hemmed in, play life's role
Blissfully, in the boat God rows

Beauteous is, joyous...

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Categories: dream, life, muse, spiritual,


  Dormant  Desires

   Drinking dreamy desires in core of heart.
   Trying my best to fulfil dormant dreams.

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Categories: depression, dream,

Premium Member Pushing the Boundaries
Children are so precocious and precious
Especially toddlers, learning about the world,
Every experience is novel and a bit anxious
As new life adventures are rapidly unfurled.

We adults...

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Categories: childhood, children, education, growing

Premium Member Take Me To Nirvana
Take me to Nirvana . . . but wait.
There’s still so much to do right here
in this place, my earthly estate.
To finish, I’ll need one...

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Categories: life,

Premium Member His Song
His song rises across the skies
Where love for Him is instinctive
His eternal light whispers hope
Peace and joy, infinite, sincere

With feelings stirring poetry
His song rises across...

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Categories: christian, god, gospel, inspirational,

Premium Member Sweet Grace
Breathless silence shadows the grace
Poured out on those who know His ways
Poetry -  joy sighs, soft calming
Caressing away tears and fears

Promise of peace abides...

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Categories: appreciation, hope, inspiration, inspirational,

Premium Member Hint Of Change
When leaves in whispers say goodbye
With a hint of autumn’s sun rise
Once of vibrant life to mutate
In combat with the chilling eve.

Soon to waltz within...

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Categories: nature,

Premium Member Ice in the Wind
Fall begins with ice in the wind
A light shiver inside and out
As if the summer breeze has sinned
And lost it’s heat to blow about

Cooling your...

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Categories: seasons,

Premium Member An Epiphany
    An Epiphany 

     An Epiphany is brightened.

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Categories: appreciation, dark, light,

Autumn on Its Wings

Leaves fall off the trees,
Some long for days as these
Cold wind blows at night,
Hope hides from the light.

Sombre notes sing their keys,
Leaves fall off the...

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Categories: autumn, inspirational, nature,

Premium Member Seeing Life's Colors
"At any moment in life, we 
can change or stay the same."


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Categories: change, introspection,

Premium Member Autumn Breeze
Autumn of our life’s sunset years
Time to replay moments gone by
Each throb of joy and our dark fears
Looking back, do we smile or sigh

Our weary...

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Categories: autumn, god, life,

A cup runneth over surely prevails
Above dining table midst angst of dearth
Oh, bountiful supply that never fails
Since God pours always blessings with grace-worth.

Evidence of miracles’...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, faith,

Premium Member Center of the Circle of Life
At the center of the circle of life stands
The great I Am of all that has ever existed,
‘Tis true the best our lives s/he commands

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Categories: perspective, spiritual, uplifting,