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Nature Quatern Poems

These Nature Quatern poems are examples of Quatern poems about Nature. These are the best examples of Quatern Nature poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Yearn
Oh, how I yearn, blossoms of spring
When nights are mired in wintry freeze
And days shudder, as zephyrs zing,
Where fall decayed in frozen breeze.

As meadows ache...

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Categories: nature, spring,

Premium Member Spring Goosebumps
Gray skies and heavy fogs
Gusty wind with hovering calls
Downpour of cold raindrops 
Soaking wet oak treetops

Swaying meadows of hilltops
Delighted deer grazing on grass
Green pasture and...

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Categories: nature, spring,

Now that we’re here, let’s do the best
Optimizing diligent zeal
For work well-done to the fullest
Yielding labour fruits of blest seal.

With the Lord's strength as girding...

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Categories: blessing, christian, encouraging, faith,

Premium Member Kestrel
What seems an impossible feat
of forte and noble resolve
to boldly face the bitter gale,
a smallish bird feathers the wind.

His wildly beating wings afford
what seems an...

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Categories: bird, environment, flying, food,


              WELCOME ...

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Categories: appreciation, autumn,

Premium Member The Moment Before Release
Just before release comes a surge of adrenaline
A high that accompanies the accomplishment
In some cases, that moment can harbor clues
As to what the perpetrator of...

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Categories: emotions, passion, perspective,

Premium Member Mystifying Things
A few things that have always mystified me
Why must something as exquisite as a diamond
Or a towering, majestic oak take so long to be,
What’s it...

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Categories: mystery, nature,

Hint of Autumn
Time is precious do not waste it.
I watch the swifts circling to leave,
the rhythm of nature moves on
and evening is drawing quickly. 

There is a...

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Categories: august, autumn, eve, nature,

Nature’s handiwork God designed
Showcasing wondrous color blends
Foliage of amber, crimson, brown
Radiates transformation grand. 

Evoking awe for masterpiece
Nature’s handiwork God designed
Midst pathway carpeted with gold
Welcomes blessings*...

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Categories: appreciation, autumn, beauty, blessing,

Premium Member Hint Of Change
When leaves in whispers say goodbye
With a hint of autumn’s sun rise
Once of vibrant life to mutate
In combat with the chilling eve.

Soon to waltz within...

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Categories: nature,

Premium Member Footfall Of Fall

Faint hint of autumn I descry, 
as cloud fleet slowly floats away 
across end-summer’s ashen sky, 
beguiled birds bathe in the blue bay. 

As the...

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Categories: autumn, nature, summer,

Premium Member The Hint of Autumn
The hint of autumn leaves in breeze
As northern states begin to chill,
When August morning frost in trees
Drapes canopies o’er sylvan hill.

As summer waltzes her last...

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Categories: august, autumn, color, romance,

Premium Member A Hint of Autumn

A hint of Autumn I can feel
in August when it starts to cool.
It's a small pup at my heel -
not too noticeable – yet real!


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Categories: seasons,

Autumn on Its Wings

Leaves fall off the trees,
Some long for days as these
Cold wind blows at night,
Hope hides from the light.

Sombre notes sing their keys,
Leaves fall off the...

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Categories: autumn, inspirational, nature,

Premium Member Memory of Autumn
I miss the change of Autumn leaves
I've moved to the land of the palm
My heart of Autumn often grieves
For those leaves of color and calm


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Categories: autumn, memory, nature,