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Long Mother daughter Poems

Long Mother daughter Poems. Below are the most popular long Mother daughter by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Mother daughter poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member Open Oceans
"Open Oceans"

Kneeling on pearls
wisdom preys


hungry hearts
count the days 

wasting away
in all that preying 

for prayers 
to be answered

children become

strange words

themselves puzzled

genuflecting to a deity
they do not know, nor wish to

mouths closed,

swallowed hole
in the...

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Categories: journey, love, mother daughter,
Form: Epic

Poems About Mothers
Poems about Mothers

Mother's Smile
by Michael R. Burch

There never was a fonder smile
than mother's smile, no softer touch
than mother's touch. So sleep awhile
and know she loves you more than "much."

So more than "much, " much more...

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Categories: child, children, love, mother, mother daughter, mother
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The True Mother
“The True Mother”

What part of a heart
in another could one trust
when betrayal comes
like a silver bullet, words and deeds
sharp piercing to burrow 
bleed out Life’s dreams 
rust crumbles to dust

Virulent apathy spreads 
Betrayal’s destruction 

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Categories: betrayal, imagery, love, mother daughter, psychological, symbolism,
Form: Free verse
Otomo No Sakanoue No Iratsume Translation
To a Daughter More Precious than Gems
by Otomo no Sakanoue no Iratsume
loose translation by Michael R. Burch

Heaven's cold dew has fallen—
and thus another season arrives.
Oh, my child living so far away,
do you pine for me...

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Categories: mother daughter, child, childhood, children, daughter, girl, mother, mother
Form: Tanka
Premium Member Yvonne's Swan Song
Yvonne was very, very, very happy.
She loved her mother.
She loved her brother Phillip.
And she loved swans.
Oh, did she ever love swans!

She loved the way they looked
With their smooth, fluffy feathers,
And colorful beaks of orange, yellow...

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© Mark Toney  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: anti bullying, bullying, children, courage, mother daughter,
Form: Narrative

Premium Member Backhand

You have turned me
inside out, cut open
like a tennis ball
I used to beat backhand
along with the racket
hard against the garage wall

To make sense of it all
as a child, the grief stolen
all too swiftly and replaced...

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Categories: child abuse, mother daughter, strength,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Christmas In the Cathedral of the Forest Deep
"Christmas in the Cathedral of the Forest Deep"

The silent heart is found 
embedded in the 
Cathedral of 
The Forest Deep

The lost jewel
shines in the dark
see the reflection of emerald eyes
endless hazel woods scried

On Christmas Eve

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Categories: christmas, love, mother daughter,
Form: Epic
Premium Member The Dance of Salome
The Dance of Salome
Herod bellowed out the night's festive orders..
"Bring the torches, bring the tables..
more wine, that we may rejoice,  
for tonight we revel in kindred friendship."
Herod strolled onto the terrace, nearly stumbled in...

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Categories: dance, daughter, moon, mother daughter, night, sin,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Chapter 24 -- Dolly Damian Friends and Family Part Ii
The fifth floor was decorated 
With fancy art work. Molly 
Rang the bell. After a few
Minutes an attractive older
Woman answered the door.
She threw the door wide Open 
After she saw them 
with Damian. "Hello Hello...

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Categories: mother daughter, confidence, family, feelings, friend, friendship, growing up,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member Chapter 68 -- Damian Delilah Mallory Damian Junior: the Teenage Barbecue Takeover
The festive furious festival of
Fifteen and fourteen year olds
Had functionally formed the
Teenage takeover brigade. 
The boy and girl gladiators they
Were everywhere. And DJ had 
His girlfriend there somewhere,
Ready to Introduce her to the 
Family. Although...

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Categories: best friend, clothes, creation, home, mother daughter,
Form: Alliteration
Mommy Why
Molested the first fifteen years of my life. My mother remained silent the whole time. As the molesting continued all those years. Forced to live a pretend life all my childhood. Beaten and punished every...

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Categories: mother daughter, mother, child, house, school, god,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Conceits

Such conceits
as veils between 
our windowed worlds 
torn torrential incomplete

mayst thou watch and learn 
the one I spawned, 
strength beats weakness
carried soft and harsh

one direction or the other
strength and weakness
both carried soft and harsh
ego and...

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Categories: love, mother daughter,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The White Lady of Skipsea
"The White Lady of Skipsea"

Last night I dreamt 
I dreamed of you
a kind of dream 
within a dream

my soul escaped, 
this firmament,
my immaculate heart
held hands, my fingers 
did entwine with 
handsome Morpheus

Crystal radiate
twin gossamer...

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Categories: mother daughter, dark, fantasy, gothic, history, horror, mystery, romance,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Chapter 79 -- Damian Delilah Mallory: Birthday Party
Dolly woke first kissed Damian 
On his cheek. He was still asleep.
Today was July 27th  Dolly 
Thought, "Oh my Goodness."
"Today is me and Molly's 
Birthday. Justin and 
Jordan turned 10 in April. Now
Me and...

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Categories: mother daughter, birth, confidence, dance, devotion, family, good morning,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member A Daughter's Heart On Mother's Day
Mother, sometimes memories are fraught


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Categories: emotions, hope, mother daughter, mothers day,
Form: Rhyme
A Story My Mother Told Me
someone always told me this with tears in her eyes...

(for Lata Sethi's late-mother, who was my mother’s ‘sister’ and who took us all into her heart, and for Lata and Ravi Sethi of Defence Colony,...

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Categories: mother daughter, forgiveness, freedom, friendship, grandmother, hate, history, holocaust,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member The Formidable Gambit
"The Formidable Gambit"

calculated and distinct

conspiring with rules
plays within the 
confined squares

of a strict and
ruthless mind
preying on all moves


in the opening move
the long-legged fly
is caught in the web

silvery and slippery 
life remains...

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Categories: courage, dark, faith, love, mother daughter, strength,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Unicorn and the Sticky Asphalt Jungle
"The Unicorn and The Sticky Asphalt Jungle"

Bedtime stories
now walk through fog
The Unicorn skips 
on lines of sticky Asphalt

The father writes his play
The mother seen as absent
becomes deus ex machina
she will be the only one 


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Categories: freedom, love, mother daughter,
Form: Free verse
Honoring You In Living Color
Kitchen counters alive; the vivid colors of red, green, purple and yellow glass jars. Your garden flourished.
Pickled beets mingle boiled eggs; a pretty periwinkle purple.
Yellow and purple tinted fingers; dandelions and elderberries distilling; musty aroma...

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Categories: mom, mother, mother daughter, tribute,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member That Is Your Job
That is your job, the mama tells us at school.
We feed her child breakfast, lunch, and an after school snack free of charge.
We give her child a safe place to be, while she has seven...

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Categories: children, mother, mother daughter, mother son, philosophy,
Form: Prose
Premium Member Tell Me Something Beautiful
"Tell Me Something Beautiful"

You could write me 
something beautiful
to leave me 
when you are not here

Someone told me 
the dead don’t speak 
they just listen 
I am reading you

I am always 

I am front and...

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Categories: love, mother daughter, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Conversations With a Daughter: Creeps
"Conversations with a Daughter: Creeps"

Time creeps
my beautiful, clever, daughter 

Weirdos are us 

There's that beautiful laugh,
that beautiful smile

Who wants to 
belong here 

they keep you on 
the outer edge

that’s cool, 
take all the time...

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Categories: freedom, love, mother daughter,
Form: Free verse

She lay in bed alone at night 
and wonder why she's here
In a world that's so uncool
Where people just don't care

She do so much for everyone 
But her heart's still so sore
Just a little bit...

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Categories: absence, age, birth, family, identity, mother daughter,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Blue Highway At the Cross Roads
"Blue Highway at the Cross Roads"

When the child 
finds the imprints,
the child will place
its feet firmly

in the 
for the child alone

brick walls 
along the 
Blue Highway 
to be smashed

like teeth -
to be 


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Categories: love, mother daughter,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Unquotable Quotes: Gals, Dolls, Bitches and Broads - Xxxvii Part Two
Unquotable quotes: Gals, Dolls, Bitches and Broads – XXXVII

An adulterous couple soon make lying, cheating and downright treachery (not to mention their role as carriers of germs within the orbit of the family) the principal...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: girl, mother, mother daughter, mother son, nature,
Form: Epigram