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Crying Mother Daughter Poems

These Crying Mother Daughter poems are examples of Mother Daughter poems about Crying. These are the best examples of Mother Daughter Crying poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Crumbs
We ate our bread with many tears
Laden with guilt and many fears
Bread crumbs fell off all around
Our small dog licked them off the ground 


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Categories: mother daughter, bible, faith, fear, heartbroken,

Premium Member Daughter of One
For the day had come
that the daughter of one,
now the cost of her love
mothers youngest born son,
would declare her unfit 
as a parent and mother

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Categories: mother daughter, abuse, betrayal, children, grief,

I hate packing suitcases
It reminds me of when mama left
She hastily packed her suitcase
Just before she quit the door, she looked at me
As though she...

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Categories: mother daughter, appreciation, forgiveness, happiness, health,

Premium Member The Marvel Legacy
I don't know when it happened,
But on that day it changed everything.
I realized I had hours missing.
I woke up in the morning and,
I have bruise's...

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Categories: mother daughter, beautiful, fantasy, inspirational, love,

The Train Ride
Ruth and her six year old daughter Annie, were moving along the countryside by Train. Ruth was reminiscing.  She was staring deeply into her...

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Categories: mother daughter, anxiety, jewish, love, mother

They Call Me Baby Here
I am just new here
Everything looks strange
Even the language unfamiliar
I can't even keep my steps

I have been in dark world
It had been years I guess

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Categories: mother daughter, birth, child, family, imagination,

Premium Member I Always Loved You, For Maria
To my dear daughter...
I loved you, in your sweet Mary Janes.
In all our travels that were fine and plane.

You cannot remember how I pulled your...

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Categories: love, mother daughter,

Its Raining On Your Grave, My Child
Its hailing on your grave my child, a loud and deafening sound.
I want to be there, Its pointless I know for after all its just...

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Categories: mother daughter, christian, conflict, daughter, death,

My Greatest Blessing
My life my daughter
The most cherished moment is,
when I first saw you crying,
with a chubby pinkish face
Now you are just four year old
Still remember when...

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Categories: mother daughter, angel, baby, hope, how

like a dog with a bone,

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Categories: mother daughter, anger, angst, betrayal, daughter,

Premium Member Backhand

You have turned me
inside out, cut open
like a tennis ball
I used to beat backhand
along with the racket
hard against the garage wall

To make sense of it...

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Categories: child abuse, mother daughter,

Premium Member The Formidable Gambit
"The Formidable Gambit"

calculated and distinct

conspiring with rules
plays within the 
confined squares

of a strict and
ruthless mind
preying on all moves


in the opening move

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Categories: mother daughter, courage, dark, faith, love,

The Girl With Red Hair, Freckles and An Upturned Nose
I met a girl once; more like noticed her I have to admit.
A girl with red hair, freckles and an upturned nose.
The girl with red...

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Categories: mother daughter, death, love, mother, mother

No Other Call
No other call, could bring in more love,
Through a baby’s crying tears, than a mother.
No other call, could erase with ease,
A child’s first manifesting fears.


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Categories: mother, mother daughter, mother

Premium Member A Child's Cry To Her Mother

Mommy,Mommy, who took you away?
Don't you know I need a warm bath and I so want to play?

Where are you, Mommy? You were not even...

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Categories: mother daughter, death, heaven, loss, mother