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Mum Poems

Mum Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about mum. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for mum.

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New Poems


All things can tempt me from picking up my pen,
but the most demanding is housework and men!

I sit at my desk, I’m all geared up to write
Son begs please wash my jeans, I need them tonight!

I grab dirty clothes, pile...Read More
Categories: mum, house, humorous, mother son,
Form: Rhyme

Happy John
Happy John
John was brought up by his mum
For 2 decades with love and care
She provided for him
Got him all he ever needed
A happy home life

Good schooling at a top school
And a decent job with a top firm
But there was something...Read More
Categories: mum, funny, gender, mother, satire,
Form: Verse
I woke up for the 6th time tonight to the cry of the babe sleeping in our room
The mum tired, sleepy turns to breastfeed this lil monster

When I was in campus, the word companionship came without any responsibilities
It meant holding...Read More
Categories: mum, family, marriage,
Form: Free verse
If he still had a voice
The day the angels came, i didnt then know why,
Untill i saw my fathers eyes, as he began to cry,
I had to tell you dad, that i was not alone,
My family that had passed, just...Read More
Categories: mum, angel, bereavement, children, death, devotion, funeral, sympathy,
Form: ABC
Relationships VII
Love is a beautiful thing. Love is believed to be the most powerful emotion in human beings and many of us still have no idea what love truly is. The word love has been given wrong meanings, abused and used...Read More
Categories: care, crush, cute love, friend, me, mum,
Form: Personification

Premium Member Good bye
Certain memories are etched in brain,
And there shall for ever remain,
Like the day, dad bid good bye,
Never to come back again!

Life events rushed by eternal chain,
No hand shall restore or regain,
Smiling at mum the child slept,
Never to wake up again!

Old...Read More
Categories: mum, bereavement, death,
Form: Rubai
If he still had a voice
(a friend of mines son died some years ago while out with his dad working on the rubbish truck)..

The day the angels came, i didnt then know why,
Untill i saw my fathers eyes, as he...Read More
Categories: mum, child abuse, cry, dad, death, goodbye,
Form: Quintain (English)
We had dreams of being who we wanted to be
I still remember we playing around the backyard and riding bikes 
Imitating our various superheroes and everything seemed possible
Strong and happy we were and we fought through every day fiercely 
In...Read More
Categories: mum, africa, allusion, death, fear, feelings, sick, tribute,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Lost Child
My lovely girl has been taken away!
Does anybody care?God! Even care?
And today is my darling's 14th birthday,
please someone! bring back Claire! bring back my Claire!

She promised to be home early today,
She is very pretty with auburn hair,
Her friends saw her...Read More
Categories: mum, 11th grade, 12th grade, anxiety, depression, heartbroken,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Saucy
When we stirred the pot
Mum pulled out the wooden spoon...Read More
Categories: mum, conflict, mom, sister, word play,
Form: Epigram
I want to be good he said, I want to be the best..
So I told him to keep playing, and that endurance is the test.
So he played and played until his fingers would bleed..
Every day, every night he just wanted...Read More
Categories: mum, child, encouraging, family, feelings, inspiration, love, mother
Form: Rhyme

Poor Paddy's wife thinks he is cruel 
Because of his strict leap year rule
No leap year   - there’s no gift
It's caused many a rift
But Paddy says he is no fool!

His wife gets no gifts for three years
She’s fed...Read More
Categories: mum, birthday, humorous, relationship,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member A day with mum
He held her finger to help cross the road,
At age of thirty mum was getting old,
They went across to buy her new glasses,
She finds it hard to read in her classes.

The shop was large like a sports stadium,
They even had...Read More
Categories: mum, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, boy,
Form: Narrative
Men bleed a river before they cry
A knife stab on a man
Hurts as much on a kid

He has to remain mum
A brave face to cede

A woman on his side, on the other a son
Two souls to shield, emotions never freed

He has strength to lift a tonne
And...Read More
Categories: mum, cry, family, loss, lost love, love, love
Form: Rhyme

Gnarled fingers yearn to touch those keys
and perform Moonlight Sonata
Young supple hands once played with ease
mum had memorized Toccatta 

She hasn’t played for several years,
gnarled fingers yearn to touch those keys 
Mum can’t hold back her anguished tears -
her hands...Read More
Categories: mum, age, home, moving on, music,
Form: Quatern
The senselessness of war
The senselessness of war

As you waved your goodbyes.
Tears swelled up in my eyes.
As I feared what  all parents dread.

You left full of life.
Leaving a son and a wife. 
And you ended up getting yourself dead.

Now the battle is won....Read More
Categories: mum, war,
Form: Free verse
Son And Heir

She whispered in my ear of neon lights, my mother,
life long actress,
waning star in sick bay,
zany bird nest hairstyle on display,
lock and tress erect,
skin-fold ripple eggshell pallor,
mothball end play flutter from the wings.
The voice that once enthralled a thousand hearts...Read More
Categories: mum, creation, deep, emotions, engagement, feelings, inspiration, uplifting,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Christmas Letter
Little Ben picked up an ink pen,
To write a letter to his father,
Sat at his little table and chair,
In his mother’s bedroom up stair!

He started with salutation ‘Hi’!
Which at writing was his first,first try,
He followed it up with list of...Read More
Categories: mum, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, child,
Form: Narrative
Cold and Lost
She sits alone on the cold, dirty pavement
looking despondent and lost
her small voice request pleadingly 'any loose change miss'
I see her most days on my way to work
wonder at her age, her history and ask myself 'where is her mum'?

The...Read More
Categories: mum, age, death, humanity, loneliness, lost, memorial, snow,
Form: Free verse
Mum told Me
Mum used to tell me
the bible contradicts itself
and that's true
but is it like a riddle 

waiting to be solved
the bible says 
God created man in his image
so God should look like a man

But then it goes on 
to speak more...Read More
Categories: mum, inspiration, international,
Form: Narrative

I visited mum today 
as I do almost every day

She greeted me with open arms

And then says

‘I didn’t think you’d come ...
I thought you had fallen out with me’

Yesterday everything was fine
and it was fine the day before
and...Read More
Categories: mum, memory, mother daughter,
Form: Free verse
Weighing, stirring, mixing
Making pancakes for tea
It's the first time I am fixing
These for Mum, Dad, Sis and me

All went well and I felt swell
Until the tossing of the cake
The pan gave a twist as I tried to resist
The mess it...Read More
Categories: mum, 10th grade,
Form: Rhyme
My Family
My family is my everything..
My world, universe and soul.
Without them I am mere human..
They make me complete and whole.

I have the same personality traits..
Mostly good and yes some bad.
But I wouldnt change a thing..
I'm a genetic product of Mum and...Read More
Categories: mum, birth, family, growth, love, parents, tribute, uplifting,
Form: Rhyme
I inherited my eccentricity from my father
amongst all the other things 
but sometimes I wish I hadn't 
so I do not feel it in my bones when my sorrow sings

Sometimes I wish I did not pen down
All this sadness in...Read More
Categories: dad, mum,
Form: ABC
Soldier on my Son
Soldier on my Son

If not for me 

Then for your Mum

For you are the bread winner now

The Man of the House

Our Family Rock...Read More
Categories: mum, age,
Form: Free verse