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Madah is a type of Urdu poetry that has been written to praise patrons, royalty among others. The word Madah comes from the Arabic word Madh, the Sidhi transformation to mean “praise.”

This is an important part of the cultures of Urdu which got its pinnacle under the British Raj. This is also a performative and recital poetry which has undergone many significant changes. However, its popularity among the masses remains unaltered.

Just like most poems out there, this one is also drafted around a specific style or theme. So this one also has a rhyme and has a meaning behind every word. Sometimes this poem is merely an image or an understandable concrete visual. Madah not only reads well but also has certain modern-day verses. Poets handling this type of poetry usually expand on the topic while they control emotions. 

A Madah is a type of Urdu poetry written in praise of royalty, patrons, etc. Madah is the Sindhi transformation of the Arabic word Madh, which literally means "praise".

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