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Long Shooting Poems

Long Shooting Poems. Below are the most popular long Shooting by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Shooting poems by poem length and keyword.

Cymbric Vale
I believed that I was rural … that I lived in country style,
where the city was close handy … that big distance was a mile.
Trains and buses ferried daily; a freeway ran close by …

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Categories: shooting, holiday,
Form: Rhyme

Be of Good, Compassionate Courage
They flutter, now I see
Fiery lions…
They're dancing with me
Come out and shine down 
Shun out my darkened frown

I am the infinitesimal stars in the tranquil, terrestrial night
I am the scars minutes before the sunlit dawn...

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Categories: shooting, confidence, courage, encouraging, endurance, hope, muse, passion,
Form: Free verse
An Uppercut I Remember
Dad hit me only once, an upper cut to the solar plexus. It nearly lifted me off my feet. I was 17 then and already fairly tall, 6’1.” He was 48 and of medium height,...

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Categories: shooting, father son,
Form: Blank verse
Sunday Evening Spree
I see people moving, but going nowhere
I see people moving with their hands thrown in the air
I see people moving but they have nothing to share
Bags and pans, old kettle, and old man
The scavenger, the...

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Categories: shooting, betrayal, community, cute love, education, encouraging, faith,
Form: Narrative
The Back Burner
I heard you calling my name in an echoing whisper 
I saw a bird take wing in the whirling wind of disaster 
I put my weary head on your broad shoulders
The moment we touched, I...

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Categories: shooting, deep, depression,
Form: Lyric

The Bartender
Twenty two years had passed  by

She blinked, and a lifetime had passed

She started this job as a lark

She never thought it would last

Two husbands and rehab were part of this bar

The husbands...her clients all...

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Categories: shooting, america, community, family, heart, society, strength, wisdom,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A Taste of My Varied Genres
A Sample of some of the genres I write it...Nature, family, depression...just a taste...just a taste. These are all reposts and can be found along with these titles:

The Sound of His Breathing (Written about my...

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Categories: shooting, poetry, , cute, , Lullaby,
Form: Epic
Visit To Antietam
Alone I arrive, walking from Frederick
over the gaps, across gentle hills
out onto a knoll
overlooking this burnished landscape.
Before me I see countless writhing rows
of indiscernible shapes gathered
in terrible rituals mid fire and smoke
darkening the sun.
From distant...

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Categories: shooting, america, conflict, history, together, war,
Form: Ode
My Spirit Animal
The soul of the earth is wrapped up inside
And the spirit of God is walking beside me
The universe rests upon my shoulder
And I can feel its power moving all over
embracing the soul of man
And causing...

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Categories: shooting, 8th grade, blessing, character, encouraging, environment, faith,
Form: Narrative
One Day
One day not so long ago 
I walked
Never alone
For the world 
Is always my home

It was a late
Spring snow
Yet I felt
Invisible red roses
Offering sweetest perfume
To my nose and soul

There’s such warmth 
In snow-filled winter
No bitterness

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Categories: shooting, humanity,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Blitzkrieg : a Kookaburra Laughs
“Now behind the eyes and secrets of the dreamers in the streets rocked to sleep by the sea, see the titbits and topsyturvies, bobs and buttontops, bags and bones, ash and rind and dandruff and...

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Categories: shooting, dark, destiny, dream,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Smooth Big Cat
"Smooth Big Cat"

He was one of those guys you just knew would be a dud. "Be nice", she said to herself.

She met him on the upswing from the abyss of a dismally closed final chapter....

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Categories: shooting, adventure, muse, mystery, romance,
Form: Narrative
Be Embarrased By Arms
Be Embarrased by Arms

The right of a person to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed upon when in a
well-regulated militia necessary for the security of a free state. In other words, if 

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© James Horn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: shooting, encouraging,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member A Poem For My History Teacher
I wanted to write
 The best slavery poem   ever written—
Perhaps win a Pulitzer or Faulkner. 

I had every intention of conforming 
To the standards 
Of modern verse and composition, 
Lyrics fluidly written, 

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Categories: shooting, assonance, forgiveness, history, holocaust, humanity, memorial, slavery,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Growing Up, La - Part 2
- - Chapter 2: Adult Responsibility (With Some Breaks) - -     

By ten years old, no weekends off, 
Or Saturday cartoons, 
Although I did have cash to spend, 
I felt my...

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Categories: shooting, life, , cute,
Form: Rhyme
Forever Forgive Me
Forever forgive me
For my one and only iniquity
Please forgive me
With forbearance eternally

Lots of anger and lust
Got a hold of me…
So, I must...oh, I must…
Set my soul free

Forever forgive me
Determine my footsteps to the light
Emotionally unhappy

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Categories: shooting, courage, emotions, encouraging, endurance, hope, longing, solitude,
Form: Rhyme
Sandy Hook Poems 1
Sandy Hook Call to Love
by Michael R. Burch
Our hearts are broken today
for our children's small bodies lie broken;
let us gather them up, as we may,
that the truth of our Love may be spoken;
then, when...

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Categories: shooting, children, school, student, usa, violence, war, youth,
Form: Verse
Poems About Eros and Cupid

These are translations of ancient Greek poems about Eros. Eros was the Greek counterpart of the Roman god Cupid. While today we tend to think of Cupid as an angelic cherub...

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Categories: shooting, cute love, desire, god, heart, love, lust,
Form: Epigram
The Adverse World
I sing my songs with rageful joy in mind,
Forgetting the past struggles, aches and sorrows
That intertwine with my mind’s eye, leaving all of me behind
Forgiving others of their wrongs for better tomorrows

You know who comforts...

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Categories: shooting, angst, emotions, endurance, feelings, pain, passion, strength,
Form: Free verse
A Perfect World From a To Z
A perfect world
From A-Z…

Actually addicted attitude apologetic they assume while I'm angst in my room
Bold not blameless but blame shooting out like bullets
Critics just quit it, calculated moves, claim to have your back until you...

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Categories: shooting, addiction, adventure, beauty, perspective,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Ending In a Deadly Minor Key
So here's my question for this dawning day,
like a WinWin ruminating message in a bottle
floating through a LoseLose climate sea
felt still foggy from last night,
some mysterious how now;

One of many
health related strategic WinLose issues
tuning out...

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Categories: shooting, anger, anti bullying, dark, fear, green, grief,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Cooperative Pirate School
Students conservative of body-health care
invest as necessary
in bowing and submitting subservience
to orthodox heterosexual vampirate mentors,
fundamentalist badnews evangelicals
sucking on pre-meditated rapture
of Heavenly bloodsucking EarthNatures.

To meet conservative RightWing
LeftBrain patriarchal 
student membership classroom requirements
of monoculturing monopolistic
indoor health-safety classrooms,

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Categories: shooting, care, education, green, health, heaven, school, society,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member The Twin Towers Disaster Or a True Friend Part 1
Touching my hand was a wet doggy.
Whatever my fate was going to be,
My dog, my hero would be with me,
If he was in terror it did not show,
I was the weak one that I know.

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Categories: shooting, poetry,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Unquotable Quotes: L 50 - Tongue-Teasing Epigrams
UNQUOTABLE QUOTES: L (50) - Tongue-Teasers

The « early bird catches the worm » only because the worm has not woken up yet.

« I don’t love you ! I hated your father ! » - must...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: shooting, art, humor, irony, women, word play,
Form: Epigram
Premium Member Eternal Recurrence

“I am certain that I have been here as I am now a thousand times before and
 I hope to return a thousand times after.”  GOETHE 


Once upon a time, 
The Lord...

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Categories: shooting, future, life, , atheist,
Form: Epic