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My Spirit Animal

The soul of the earth is wrapped up inside
And the spirit of God is walking beside me
The universe rests upon my shoulder
And I can feel its power moving all over
embracing the soul of man
And causing destruction upon the land
We have witnessed this over and over
Man is walking in his own shadows
He cannot be contained 
and he cannot be maintained
The order has no use because 
He always has something to prove
And he is always on the move
I walked in the kitchen at a quarter to three
 to get a cup of tea and take it easy 
but something  mystical starts floating around 
igniting a powerful sound all around
“Dòngwùyuán”(zoo) the voice shouts out
Without hesitation I got dressed and walked through the door
I boarded the bus outside the main gate
And the driver gave me the directions to the zoo
I had no intention to go there but the call was loud and clear
It wasn’t close to the town and the afternoon was winding down
I took his bus to the other side of town
And changed to another bus going to the zoo
I had no clue what was happening there 
But the Spirits wanted me there 
and the message came loud and clear
I have not been to the zoo for almost twenty years
This might sound ***** but I have to go there
The journey on the first bus was quite long
it sailed through the big city then end up on the rural side of town
We drove on the big dusty road surrounded by farm lands and irrigation 
The peasants stood humble selling their food in the local market
I could see people working in the fields
 and traffic moving quickly in the busy street
The bus wheeled and turned throughout the little town until we
enter the big wide road that’s where I was bound
The driver dropped me of at the corner of the big road
And for a split second I felt deserted and lonely
No bus stop, no traffic lights, and a massive construction was insight
At first I was taken aback but in a few minutes the connecting bus arrived
The driver told me that the zoo was closed 
and he almost discouraged me from completing the journey
I insisted that I was going and told him a strong word in his language
He said that he has not been to the zoo for ages
and he doesn’t know what goes on there
we went under the bridge and ended up on a winding dusty road
Then cross the path until we reached another big road
I wasn’t thinking about anything I just left my mind wide open
I was curious about this side of town and kept my eyes stead fast on the road
We drove passed newly constructed houses and high-raised apartment building
And I even passed the defense training facilities and many government properties
Tall trees shooting up in forest and the green vegetation scattered over the land
brought freshness in the air, It relaxed my mind and ended my curiosity 
The journey seemed never ended and I kept looking out the window until I reached my destination
I arrived at 4:30 and people were already leaving, I thought the zoo was closed
I couldn’t have reach so far and left without nothing so my faith kept me going
I bought a ticket for 20 Yuan and went in search of the animals 
I didn’t have much time to walk about so I went exactly to the place where I was led to go
The timing was perfect and the place was quite many people were not around 
And some of the animals were inside but others were still walking around outside
I walked past the chimpanzee and baboon swinging on bars
Playing the same old antics and playing their folly tricks
I remember this from my childhood days but since then nothing has changed
Its man against himself and man against beast
North east, south east, the vengeance resides in the Middle East
And the tensions has decreased
The wolf was hiding in his pen and the lion was resting in its den
It came out briefly and wagged its tail and went back to its cage 
In a few minutes it was fast asleep
The tiger was resting too it looked a bit sedated
 And there was not one sign of imminent danger
No disaster will come to you all your wishes and desires will all come through
The black bear wandered up and down looking at me with a terrible frown 
our eyes met for a brief moment  and in seconds it suffers a terrible defeat 
Then walked slowly back to its cage and suddenly fell asleep
The leopard was standing guard too looking at me and you
with piercing eyes and subtle smile as if it was ready to strike 
I penetrated its entire soul touching everything deep and bold
I looked into its fierce eyes and our spirits connects and
Interlocks with each other tendering to the human inside
Our soul bears the spirits of animals
You cannot deny the truth, it exists from the very root
Our spirits are wrapped in the soul of animals
 we and them are one in one 
The leopard stared at me as if it had known me
It has a higher power that can release all over the universe within an hour
The lion is the king of the beast but they all come from the same family
And I will not stop until I complete this journey
And those who continue to stand in my way will have to face the Gods some day
For some it is about peace, for others it is about power
But money, peace and power are wrapped up in everything
The ocean and the land are all in one that’s where everything begins
How can you all deny this evident truth
Blood and water doesn’t mix
The soul and the flesh intermix they are hard as brick
The spirit of mankind is entwined with spirit animals
The  whistling birds were making music all around
telling me that the evening is winding down
I went back to the gate and a group of working women
suddenly joined me they were filled with excitement
We all walked back to the main gate laughing
and talking together as if we have known one another
They asked me the same questions over and over; “where are you from”
We reached the big gate and everyone SPLITand went their separate way
Our heart carries the soul and spirit of animals we and them are one
The day’s work has ceased and the journey is complete
My spirit animal is walking beside me 
and no one can harm me.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 3/2/2018 3:31:00 PM
How super impressive. Reminds me of when we stayed in the Animal Kingdom Lodge at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. It is a whole world of its own. We had animals walking right outside our window we saw came out every day and go back in at night. Great experience.
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