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Be Embarrased by Arms
Be Embarrased by Arms The right of a person to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed upon when in a well-regulated militia necessary for the security of a free state. In other words, if you are either in the national military, state National Guard, state police or a local police you are entitled to bear arms to provide for the common defense of our Nation. There is nothing mentioned about weapons being for personal use. When the British are coming, we will need a weapon to protect ourselves with provided by a nation, state or local supported form of government. Our Constitution and Declaration were prepared in 1776 almost 240 years ago. We are now living in the hear and now. Those three new entities are for us to be used to provide common defense with. We now survive in the local supermarket. This is where we now do all of our hunting for food in case you haven't noticed lately. Killing wild animals to survive is no longer a necessity. So why do people still live in the past and feel like arms and weapons are necessary for their existence? Only people who are not properly mentally balanced need defense mechanisms along with being paranoid and psychotic. I hope that you don't fall into any of these categories. If I was a knight of the round table or protector of the crown I would have a need for weapons. I would be entitled to bear arms consisting of lances, sabers and shields. I had complete control; of my weapons. I never heard of anyone being killed by a stray arrow, lance or saber before. I had to perform a deliberate act with a specific purpose in mind as well as more than likely pre-planned. My castle had a moat around it. I controlled everything coming into and leaving my castle. I could account for everyone and everything I had. Then the world started to expand, become more complex and go into oblivion. We now have no fly zones and tariffs along with weapons of mass destruction. We now do carpet bombing caring less of what we just blew or burned the hell out of. Come on now. We now have a constructive way of doing any and everything. We can play a video game or watch a TV news program or a movie. We no longer need weapons anymore. The National. State and local entities all have more then enough weapons that we would ever need. So now I hear the terrorists even had target practice before they killed all of those poor people. I sure would be suspicious of two people like that coming up to me who wanted to target practice. The three entities I previously mentioned should have complete control of weapons including their accountability and control. Look at what is required for you to check out weapons and ammunition in the military. You need a weapons card for the specific weapon assigned to you including the rack and position number. You have to be authorized to have a weapon and have had prior training regarding said weapon. The same applies to NBC equipment, grenades and ammunition. It all must be accounted for at the end of the training. So what method is being used to account for all weapons and ammunition in the civilian world and who has them? Amazing what all of the military is put through yet the terrorists can easily get away with. Truly amazing. What happens when weapons are out of the control of those three entities? It is either a five letter called CRIME or nine letter word called ACCIDENTS and not PUNISHMENT like in the title of a book I once read. I have to dust off its cover when I want to read it. I even remember a Police Officer who was an Officer in our local National Guard Unit. He came home from work and left his loaded revolver on the dinner table. He came home from a weekend drill. He was standing near the railing in the back yard when his step-son shot him three times. Another time while at Fort Lewis, WA on weekend training an officer mis-aligned a howitzer. The round landed next to the roadside and killed five soldiers who were on weekend training. I was in the military for 30 years before retiring. What do I have left to prove it? I have ringing ears and headaches from having to hear weapons being fired. The best weapon I know of in peace time is the one that is locked up and properly accounted for. Promote guns and you promote gun violence. The more you increase the amount of weapons and the more you increase the potential for someone to be shot by a weapon or commit a crime while using one. Why is it that crime and hand guns seem to go hand in hand. Put weapons and hand guns into the hands of those who are either psychotics, psychopaths or terrorists and you can guess what is more then likely to happen. Something that you don't want to. When Adam was born, he wasn't born with a weapon in his hand. Humans created weapons originally meant to kill animals and for survival. The more sinful was our nature, the more we had a need for weapons. Weapons are directly correlated with vice which isn't very nice. Not only that, weapons have become one of our vices according to the way I see it. How about you? New addition.God will be my Guide and on Him I should have relied?. I never saw Christ carrying a weapon. God shall be my sword and faith in Him will be my peace. Guns are good for shooting holes in things and killing. God is good for removing the holes and saving our lives from sin. In God we are supposed to be trusting in and not a weapon. We trusted in God and survived each war. All of those people you mentioned did not depend on the Lord and only on themselves and guns. They are now in hell and someday I will die and go to heaven. If God wanted us to have a weapon He would have put Adam on earth with one. Humans had to create guns and weapons as material objects to ward off their adversaries and sins with. God is a god of love and compassion and trust who we are to have confidence in and not a weapon. God said that if you live by the sword you will die by the sword. If God is a gun advocate, why would he have said that. Jim Horn
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