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Be of Good, Compassionate Courage

Dandelions… They flutter, now I see Fiery lions… They're dancing with me Sunlight… Come out and shine down Moonlight… Shun out my darkened frown I am the infinitesimal stars in the tranquil, terrestrial night I am the scars minutes before the sunlit dawn You are extraordinary like the terrain in the sky of delight Sweep away the darkest rays tonight and invite in cheery company of delightful, beautiful enlightenment, bright and zealous as a knights' might, but nevertheless, brought forth by His son Lord, before I was born, You did marvelous miracles in disguise again and again I’m a fire within, so torn Due to stressed-out resentment and impure, untamed sin Tame my everlasting fires of wild desires… They’re insane without a good name, a dried-up grain It tires me out, burns me out like wildfires That ignite in my once-mild brain, hard to truly attain… Terrified and petrified By being with you I was horrified and cried, Being around you too, Darkness deep down, draining me so more or less With daunting, damaging distress, left me hopeless It drowns me drastically, Way too complicated to merely express Freedom acted like captivity… Reality got confused with fantasy I guess Lord, You are my cure From these impure sins I commit everyday Must say, I will endure These waves of emotions and dangers today Who knows, who really knows Where the wicked wind blows Who knows, I may never know Where the blessed breeze will blow But, I know for sure…that, you know, I will come to completely understand The sun above will glow and grow Like dandy lions, bravery almost at hand Who knows, who really knows Where the wicked wind blows Who knows, who will ever know How the shows of faith shall show In the eyes of a benevolent believer… Have faith, be not deceived The future will return no longer a blur Sorry, I feel you, I grieved The rain from clouds overhead Will shower upon us pressure and dread The gravity might leave us dead But, He will see us through and cut off doubts' thread He will give us gracious evergreen to roam in instead Wish I can be free, immediately The desert knows how I feel immensely The cloudy lake sparkles in bliss ecstasy I need to rejoice to reveal radiance to many That, I will do and He'll make it happen gladly The stars that twinkle, shooting triumphantly Wish I prayed more to be mega-motivated vigorously Lord, You look after me… So grateful for Your watch that illuminates me most assuredly Your very vigilant vitality Your quietude is my spiritual interlude that latches on to me Shadows and reflections Taunt and haunt me with several battles and afterwards, harsh rejections There are some exceptions I have been appreciated, accepted and loved with all kinds of affections You wander in my space of my embrace You ponder what went wrong in the first place It was all because of your rapidly difficult race, Needed to overcome, being last place in disgrace Your silhouette sweeps away the sorrow You motivate me to move on till tomorrow Fade away the hours spent on worrying and grief Dread drove me to bed, brought me a lack of relief Entrenched in embarrassment, engrained in impulsive, inner-core glow Because that inner glow can be as precious and ebony as a plum; although, I believe that positive affirmations and notion-inspired memories that flow Like a river of deliverance, reflecting radiant candlelight since forever ago I adored you, but not as much as I did before You were my body, from outer layer to core You rubbed my weary, hardened temples to paradise, genuine with no hidden lies You felt me all over by your sensual gaze until we saw each others' beloved eyes We are dandelions… We are champions… In our own silent wars I need His cure for these scars.. I bear unbearably and terribly…. Tension-tainted passion, possibly, Will disappear without a trace of horrendous fear I cried myself to sleep, so I won’t let fall my tear Vanish, oh anguish of awful scarce hope A change that is of childlike, clever cheer – I need that to draw near and to hold me dear All of these hardships, I find hard to cope We are chickens, unchained from crowded factories We are the feathers of a billion birds that flutter at ease Release me from the cell that I know of all-too-well Dance with me, brave and bright lions, In this den of dandelions and daisies in which we dwell I find it swell that we remained champions Sway with me and stay with me for a while and might as well Grow and glow like iridescent and elegant shine I often wish, wholeheartedly, you were mine Oh, it wasn’t meant to be Unfortunately; however, maybe, One day, I’ll come to see My soon-to-be love of sincerity Perhaps, she would totally uplift my mood Uplift me when I feel madly misunderstood Actually, it would be good to be understood Instead of being taken advantaged of, No, that’s no good…one day, my love Will explore with me in the wondrous woods joyfully And will share with me adoration in exuberant ecstasy And, lastly, give me everlasting encouragement genuinely That special day will come When I will meet that someone That will appreciate all of me For who I am and will be entirely Yes, I'm clearly not the only one Lonely without hardly anyone Except you, acceptance in my mind While my heart is gravity-bound, weighed down, Once ascending and one-of-a-kind My delicate smile will never, ever be an ugly frown We will be as one sun with His son There's a great chance for everyone Maturity in me Will grow exceptionally God will maneuver dreams to reality No longer shall we be like lambs that rove aimlessly… I am a dandy lion in my Father's garden that I fancy Lazily lying with the sheep of weep-no-more Reap remedies of relief from shore to shore According to God's plan for us, eventually in store So, drifting away will not be our problem anymore Solutions soar….. Climb up the uplifting stairs, Leading to an open door Of opportunities and possibilities with no worries or cares that were wretched barriers before broken down in order to have unlimited unity with our future freedom, flaring-up with fervor flames, scorching aflame more and more with splendid satisfaction, like airborne clouds above, unleashing passionately bespangled rain that will perpetually pour – have no fear, my dear, for our faithfulness flourishes forevermore I am the strength-thriving dandy lion, brazen-sent, Brutally resilient and never bewildered and oblivious Someday, I’ll be more courageous and magnificent I won’t end up as a scorpion, vicious and temerarious I am dynamic, floating dandelion, ruthless on the contrary Caught in the wicked wind of wonders of prosperous significance I could be brutal if threatened, but oh so bold, I must admit Behold, I am incredibly legitimate with a bit of vivacious wit

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 10/4/2021 9:16:00 PM
Wow! Such a long and beautiful poem. Great dynamism of various aspects is brought in.
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Date: 6/19/2020 1:02:00 PM
Nicely penned
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