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Long poem by JW Earnings | Details

Below the Horizon - Shallow Shame

Agony be to society's demise
Labels are for fools, not for the wise
Play the familiar tune of in-unison serenity 
Fatality won't come any time soon, thankfully...

Homeless and homosexual people were on the news not to long ago...I weep in anguish... 
I'm tattered and torn in long-term grief because why is society so heartless and selfish?

You fill in the gaps
Unwrap the poetic raps
Of my sold-my-soul-to-the-angel-of-light words 

I suppose I was born a maniac fool, a mindless talker - sucks to be me right now...don't be an intimidating mocker 
I guess I wasn't meant to be a deep thinker...more like a Walking Dead walker 
A sorrowful sinker...brilliantly lame and I can't be tame
A shallow thinker...that's a mighty shame that you play me like a game

Intimate family surrounds me
Immediately, I feel comfort in vain 
Make up the loss of your motivation
A brainwashed worker, getting paid minimum wage...reduced to happy, mishap-made frustration 

Glide into me...glee without ends 
Pilgrim inside the ship of my friends 
Happily ever ending never happened in the first place
The end is the beginning of trouble before my face...
I guess I was a disgrace...
An expired grace without a trace 
Under the surface of impatient waiting
Below the horizon of senseless debating

I hate it when people brag
I hate it when he rubs all his successes in my face 
I'm a wet, useless rag and I'm a computer that lags...I'm a worthless paper bag, left in the kitchen for what seems like decades of no-use times...life is a game of tag
I feel like you bred me with disgrace - you're the wild hog on your motorcycle...you zoomed off and I'm trying to keep pace with my heart beats...our love relationship was, all along, a competitive race

Swallow your pride
I'm going through a bipolar ride
Darkness swallows me like a dark tide
Step inside of the devil in my eyes...there, you'll find I wasn't the angel you laid eyes on...there's no where to hide the monster inside that's attacking what's in the outside...

Shame embraced me...you were a lost opportunity and a priceless possibility 
Where's the will to soar to pleasant lands?
Name of fame wasn't meant for me possibly...unfortunately...
Where do I land? In isolated islands? 

Is there a cure for loneliness?
Am I cute when I feel acute  misgivings? Why am I as enraged as Hulk? 
Why is you and I this miserable mess?
I'm angry because you rejected my helping hand...I'm depressed, but I wear the mask of mere cheer...I smile because I'm slightly happy...I'm glad I'm not in your shoes of sulk...

Too many times I bled out regret for you 
The hideous beautiful - you'll see it dimming anew
Rape me with rue and plant your seed in my mind's eye
Don't saturate me with your hatred and dread...feeding off of the debris of my loveless flu 

Woke up with a headache
I am caked with the sand of your lament lake 
Circle around me, shadows of the sun
Native American blood was shed here...the arrow of ancient time pierced me in the heart - so, put down your gun

I bit the bullet...you bite the bullet...have you met your end, debt? 
My joy jets fly on by below the horizon 
A good day to live and let die all of the sorrow and regret 
You don't see me cry above under you like the dusk dawn 

Bring me to heaven
Sad Raven, why so dark blue? 
Below the horizon
Sink in my words above your skin surface...find my other shoe...

Don't walk away
I'm a rain, transforming into a sunny day
I'm afraid everyday 
I sit down and obey

Masterbating to the fact that you have hurt me emotionally and sexually 
You fed me inner illumination and diseased me mentally...
Now, you're running away from the reality in disguise of a fantasy 
I'm suffering, you cannibal that eats up human happiness to the highest degree

I want freedom to get out of the chains of captivity 

Hell breaks loose in your hoarse voice
It's a bad day in California I'm afraid...we are different shade, so watch our relationship cascade 
Lately, my spirits were gliding in the prairies of your long-lost dreams, leaving you no room to rejoice
Rock and roll to my beat - you need an upgrade 

You dropped me off to school
You left me with jaded love
You took me as a fool
You are below the horizon, dove... 
You aren't a seagull...
All you say is bull! 
It's all said and done
I get it - I lost and you won

You and I aren't over,
So don't think I'll break it off with you
I am the flower and you, the clover
We work together as a team to higher our self-esteem to avoid feeling blue 

Strive to arrive on time in my classroom of tests and tribulations 
I will give you a complete guide to my heart's desire - Genesises to Revelations 
Suave sensations move me as my soul-at-ease heart pounds in my chest of I've-tried-my-best...
Say no more...holding my tongue of fire before it devours further - I was wired a weird way, so don't ruin my day...you friend and foe - or can I say pest?

What are you thinking about? 
Are you a screaming doubt and a child's pout?
I hear the downpour of your boohoo distress
I ignore it rebelliously with my teenage eustress 

Make love to the loveless
Feed the wealthy in heart 
Witnessed your mistakes that made you this miserable mess
I know why you're tearing apart

Puke out the bones of leave-me-alone's
Give me faith and do it again...do it again...you're my possession and my obsession 
I can't disobey you this time...I'll stay loyal to you...my troll fairy, my darling devil dearie 
Excuse me!? Don't say a word to me about your passions, a compare and contrast theory 

Judge me not, though I'm an absurd human being, alone in my herd
I dare you to tell me the truth about your past life - I won't spread it ear to ear (I won't spread rumors in other words) 
God is my shepherd and my voice will be heard...my words are of quality, not turd
I'll keep a secret as long as you tell me everything that's in your diary of personal stuff...have no fear, for God is here...God's Kingdom is near, my wandering-deer dear 

Naturally, living in fear and peace put together...I'm not feeling all the good, but doing somewhat better
Yet, God's spirit dives into me like a feather, caught in the breeze of a spiraling  weather 

Led astray...giving in to the abominations of my lustful life...a sick sin
Opinions swayed...
By facts, gone array and gone away by the wind of crooked doctrine

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2016

Long poem by Ronald Tirino | Details


Within its brilliance gleaming
Cool black in lacquered polished silver chrome
Cranked up pistons bleached in summer’s heat
Hot steam rising as gears thundering
Beyond the crystal liquid city lights
Highways built across the land
In hearts felt pride American dreams made real
Within its prime
Men in factories perfect their craft
Spit shined bright colored
Red white and blue
Wing tipped Chevy’s roll off
In the thousands
Sleek stream lined stamped
Made in the USA
Glistening in its iron steel
Pushed to the edge of the sea
Across the world they roamed
Hot off the presses
Home grown trade
Costumed culture of its day
Motown rhythm’s rock and roll
Hot rods slow driven mags
skid marked dragsters screech down
tar tracks left beyond the deserts
of the unreal made real within its memories
On the waterfronts crooners propagate
music of the soul through the
dark lit shadows within
the wisdom of the streets
to the people left stranded
beyond the hopes of change
Withered hands that work no more
glazed over eyes stare down as
Plumes of smog roll by their
post industrialized worlds
lightness lost to those without a trace
escaped by those that fled its coming end
the void of history left in its wake
despair in visions of what’s to come
Chemical wastelands left aside
Its rivers still run but filled with sludge
From the faucets to those so young
Language fails to fill the silence
Within its rage
no words left to describe
so divorced from reason
we turn our backs to
those who are our own
Alienated distractions
Signs of our times
Unwilling to wake
from our dreaming sleep
afraid of a truth
and responsibility it congers
we escape in denial of
our own despair
Back to the river we go
Carcinogens within its midst
Red rusted exposed in bending steel
To the river’s edge where mouths
Are quenched again
Waters dry as summer’s day
Turn to dust upon their
wanted lips
Corrupted cities that dwell in lies
Flint Michigan
Where they give pristine water
To corporations for free
To sell for profit fees
And toxic water for the people
This is how their money is made
Barren waste the waters run
Syphilis sewer stench while
Cities thirst
Neglected voices how will they rise
 their brains are all but dead
Opiated by the poppies
Made them sleep
Turn on your faucets now
Brown rusted lead filled
Dry throats thirst
And told its fine
Back room deals
Behind closed doors
Decisions made
A race to the bottom within the
Bottom line
Reap the profits from our blood
That’s squeezed from every stone
Back to the river we go
Waters diverted in the dark night of day
Without people knowing
What’s the price they pay
Vended contracted monopolies
Sell the bottles while people are poisoned
And are taxed just the same
Flint is an analogy of who we are today
A smoldering kindle where flames are born
To rise again some day
There is now no escape
Nowhere to run
We must face and decide
Just the same 
From its surplus to its debts
From production to its destruction
The wars come home at last
Lost within the flux of time
Its own abstractions hollowed
within the sun that shines no more
the stainless steel gears glisten
Recoil now in bending grace
steel dusted rust in cogs of wheels
stop to a screeching halt
Dreams of past animate
a thousand automations coming
behind in the barrenness of its bleakness
grey lots grey beyond its greyness
blank faceless faces distilled from city lights
back to the river we go
putrid scents rise oozing from
Deserted fields
the Flint River comes pouring through
Its city walls to all that’s living there
Senate stalling’s congressional delays
Blind indifference to their constituents
Cloak themselves within
The vulgar stench of city halls
Within mathematic calmness
Of controlled calculations
Representatives of the people so they say
Parasite’s for their own special interests
Rape what’s left to fill their pockets
Within the framing games they play
Hidden crimes of inhumanity
Charismatic smiles within their
Smirking grins
Criminal thugs in pin stripe suits
Behind the legitimacy of state authority
Leaders of our dying land
Reap their benefits from greasy palms
When exposed their fingers pointing
To all but where the cause is faulted
Back to the river we must go
Tenement houses cramped till bursting
Faceless children widowed moms
Toxic water from their faucets
Rancid refuge from their cities
That tumble like dominoes
Of falling sticks 
upon our deafening ears
Back to the river we must go
Within the garbage of destruction
Twisted terror within twisted words
Bureaucratic mobsters behind the bench
And those who run their state
Through corridors of labyrinths
Deceptive orchestrations of their own
Orwellian language
That comes alive again
Drumming drumbeats submerged beneath our eyes
Indifferent to their crimes
Stagnated lessons above their laws
Boardrooms filled with worms
Which bleed the wire bare
In uncertain certainty of our times
Perched beyond the common lines
Of bitter lands and their scents
Or from the consequences of their demise
Images fade the eagle becomes the vulture
Talloned claws reach across the skies
Ravaged dripping
in blood of earth and man
privatized justice that has its price
Quid pro quo is its prize
decomposition within its construction
when masks come off at last
witness of our times 
reset the kindles of its flames
the light restored
within the anger forged
we find the roots that’s been scorched
to find the cancer of its rot
to cut it out and make it whole
to what is there to see
decaying order of the day
from the factories of our past
back to the river we shall go
abandoned dogs in the call of their wild
howl in distant pastures
waste still spills at the river’s edge
drain pipe sludge in purple hues
fish lie belly up on their sides
oiled sanded shores amidst
the blackened stones
winged migrations pass it by
and children fish no more
the sun still rises there
crimson skies that leave unnamed voices find their voice
amidst the nameless names
in silences hiding within their risings
darkened rooms are lit again
descent from memories within
when delusions abandoned shadows awaken
initiation within these spaces now written
unwritten objectives toward
life’s creations are born again once more 

Copyright © Ronald Tirino | Year Posted 2016

Long poem by Gerald Dillenbeck | Details

EcoTherapist Conventions

Truth is a feather 
pushed off to the other side.

Truths are a body of feathers
within which our bodies reside.

OK, students of life’s healthiest purposes and meanings,
it’s time to regather, if you would be so kind.



[My EcoTherapist is trying to recall our bicameral minds with ecological bodies.]

[More kinda creepy silence.]

[I wonder if I have time for a cigarette.]

How do you understand “mind” as other than “body”?

[OK, she leads with a dualist assumption
for a session advertised as nondualist,
so the correct answer must be,
I don’t.]

Which, mind or body, do you believe came first,
or do you believe,
as I do,
consciousness and biosystems co-arise nondually?

[I knew it!
Biosystems are self-identifying consciousness-rememory 
DNA-encoded systems, or RNA, if you’re a tree or something green,
from before the time when physical root systems
transubstantiated into metaphysical regenerate root bilateral,
then bipedal, 
then bicamerally balancing,
eco-political systems.
I remember our history of biological evolution co-mentoring sessions,
out on the coral reefs of time’s surfing copresence.]

If mind emerges from reiterative and redundant and resonant neural-cellular development,
in these, and probably other, senses co-arising nondually,
then what do you think could survive of your Ego identity
upon total biosystemic flatline demise of your natural-chemically elementary cellular body?

From where would sensory consciousness and memory emerge?
From when, and for how long?

[Hang on there now. I’m stuck back on the where question, 
which I think should probably default as Nowhere,
Ego emerges from nowhere?
No, no, If dead,
then Ego as sensory consciousness and memory is nowhere
at that time, and on into the future of EarthTribal evolutionary history.
No such phenomenon.
No such experience within continuous Earth-spinning Time.
I think?
But only as long as I dance this Ego-consciousness string
I am]

As your mindbody decomposes,
is this really still your Ego’s story?
In that future time of opportunities for health and relationship
and transactions,
capacities for ongoing communication,
you struggle to face their mortal loss now, projecting forward,
we struggle together to find faith 
these lost opportunities are not your post-critical event
of loss, decay, absence, inevitable physical and mental defeat.

[I don’t even have faith that anyone will think that day
has come even one day too soon.
Nor would I care to invest in such an unwise faith.]

in the face of this inevitable termination of Ego’s mindbody story,
do you, 
as unfolding conscious memory-string of continuous information,
transform into your nutritionally reiterating responses and contributions
yet reverberating within EarthTribe’s ReGeneration Story?

Is your Ego expanding out toward Earth’s Story?
pregnant pregenetic, nearly timeless Creation Story,
out and yet deeply into this Elder (0)Riginal Intent.

Body memory transforming within ecopolitical truths of post-taoist beauty,
ecologic of Ego/Eco balancing
embryonic bicameral
dipolar cognitive/affective neural emergence
(0) CommonsCentered DNA/RNA code—syntax
healthy reverse development instructions
for normative natural/spiritual
mind/body elational resonant resolutions
giving oneself birth into this body’s time
as giving ourselves freedom
for time’s codependent love of light ourselves.

[My self-image emerges rather far toward the depressive side
of love as ecoconscious light myselves.
Oh, wait, maybe that connection between agape as Basic Attendance,
understory of all those relational dramas, and nonrelational boredoms,
and fears,
and angers,

dissonance and dismay,
feelings of elation and relation,
love and hate,
anger and fear,
all Ego’s products,
as Ego, in turn, is produced
by unfolding DNA instructions
within a nurturing DNA-developed warm embryonic pronoic womb
living in this specific time
within  Earth’s evolution of continuing ecosystemic health-consciousness.

[Oh, I get it, health as therapy-consciousness.
Puts a postmillennial twist on post-doctoral medicinal sciences.
Kind of self-serving, though, 
unless all humane-nature is for ecotherapeutic vocations,
in dying as in living,
in living as optimally visible through mortality’s timeless lens.]

What we inherited from Elder wombs of Time’s incarnation
is what Ego becomes
to cherish as responsible authority
rooted within teleologically exegetical historic evidence
unveiling regenerative evolutions as cooperative nested-networks,
and to let go free as a last pay-it-forward gift
to nurture future healthy regenerations of time
bilaterally echoing
fractal-polypathic light,

[Why do I feel like I could use a bath
more than a cigarette?]

deepdense Ego-Ecohypnotic co-elational learning bright,
white octaving night,
protons merging eco-lateral binomial electronically issuing waves
as Yes! reweaves notnot 
WinWin embryonic-yet.

[I’m wondering if there is something in Taoist water
that regenerates this wu wei balance
spinning through my bicamerally revolving mind
as body?]

Could you become as curious about other’s Ego development stories
as you have obsessed about your own?

[Wait a minute,
when did I give you the OK to label me as self-obsessed?
Or maybe the balance point here 
invites comparisons between obsessive curiosities,
in which case
perhaps my own Ego health constant revival
does indeed lie most mortally on my failing mind.]

If so,
please note differences
but memorize Earth’s natural systemic similarities,
especially about what we all want our end to say
one day's capacities for love as peace,
about gradually subsiding incapacities of anger Ego losses
and fear of/for future Earth as sacred compost, 
transubstantiating post-climatic residency.


Oh wait,
was I supposed to write that out loud?]

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016

Long poem by Gerald Dillenbeck | Details

Social NonDarwinists

We need to talk.

Is this one of those times
where you need to talk
and I must pretend to listen
while you rant?

Well, yes,
if you could extend this favor.

Your topic?

Social Darwinism.

Isn't that the birthplace of unfettered Capitalism
and Fascism
and Totalitarianism
and anthropocentrism,
and plutocratic ecopolitics,
where greed to breed
and bleed-out others
is doing what comes naturally?

Umm, yes.
Or at least those are its long-term degenerative faces.

Do you find any hope
for a happy face
when talking at me
about predation and piracy
and chronic competitive survival issues?

I mean no..

Or yes and no.

That's why we need to talk.

And listen.

Yes, to both sides of Darwin's evolution;
I mean, our revolution;
and both.

The Win-Lose survivalist competition's zero-sum side...

And the sexier nurturing nutritional side
of WinWin cooperative fertility.

Yes, this living organic world
in which rights and responsibilities of reproduction
are Earth's more matriarchal cooperative vocation,
understory of all our blood and gore
climate of pathology,
monocultural competing histories.

Please tell me we are not heading
to Left and Right reprise,
for this anthem grows exhausting
to my cooperative WinWin ears.
You preach to our gospel choir
as if we were Pirate Darwinists
rather than socially regenerative evolutionists

My chronic frustration shows
only to those who agree with me already
as those other aliens will not WinWin BothAnd listen.

Well baby, we all hear in stereo,
or at least most of us can.
Just lay out Darwin's BothAnd experience
and scientific observation.

I'll try to keep this short.

Already too late for that
I fear.

and human people with reproductive experience,
or even just reproductive desires,
live and breathe and beat within and to Earth's cooperative rhythms
of mutual WinWin fertility.
If this were not our understory of ecopolitical 
and multiculturing change
toward healthy long-term growth,
then WinLose competitions of prey and predator
could not sustain
as a majority norm,
as an overwhelming median status,
much less as a monopoly story of nutritional economics.

So you would remind us
of what we already know from cooperatively fertile experience,
any system,
to remain a viable system,
must capture a WinWin double-binding positive feedback yield
within its interdependent ecosystemic environment
adequate to multiculturally sustain perennial development.
Those systems that fail
with predominance of producing WinWin outcomes
over consuming WinLose incoming
are failing Win/Lose ego-centric,
because not ectosymbiotic eco-centered, 

I hope that was why we needed to talk
and listen.

what about this Type A personality argument,
that too much contentment,
hoarded wealth safeguarding egos from discomfiting challenges
and Win/Lose threatening competitions
produce Queen Bee satiated outcomes,
absence of motives to get ahead
or behind something better,
and long-term dysfunction
of over-bloated monoculturing egos
and supremacist families
and elitist  tribes
and anthropocentric dis-humaneing species?
Nothing breeds failure
like too much WinLose success.

That is,
although I hesitate to say it,
LeftBrain Either/Or deduction,
and reductionism of RightBrain's appositional agreement,
finding discomfort
from excessive barriers to active ecopolitical cooperation,
cooperative-systemic supports for co-ownership and democratic governance
without which reproductive rights and lefts bilaterally unbalance,
leading to self-dissatisfied suboptimizing depressions,
lack of regenerative motivations,
and eventual chronic stressed Type B behaviors,
like suicide
self-anger and loathing,
fear and paralyzing paranoia 
about overcrowded climates of growing pathology,
Earth's landscapes of deadly Win/Lose demise.

I'm not sure what is my double-binding both-and positive take away,
much less yours.

I wish we could stop hearing Social Darwinism
as an antisocial oxymoron of capitalism.
like all those enraptured within Earth's reproductive nature,
heard and saw both our cooperative WinWin understory
of matriarchal-line regenerate fertility
and the competitive WinLose history
of predator piracy over preying victims
that someone else will be today's weaker loser,
even if I might have to help Mother Nature along
just a bit
by giving some other barely standing person
a nudge under the train
so the rest of us have more room
to get on
and stay on our trembling train
for one more daily ride.

You know, dear,
sometimes we get lost in your mixed metaphors,
and yet the days of the Great Train
requiring a daily human sacrifice 
to continue our torturous ride to hell
are largely behind us.

I hope that's true.
Yet, I hope we might all cooperatively board
a more regenerative SocialEvolution Train
of Left and Right
WinWin thrivalism,
to let go of Left or Right
WinLose survivalism.

Sounds more like a prayer for revivalism
of reproductive rights and wrongs
of social ego/eco-systemic bountifulism.

Did we talk?

You tell me.
You're the one with Type A need
to competitively talk and act out
in your speaking means not listening
assertive way.
When I speak,
I assume the only person deeply listening
for what we might say next
is me.

Which is why we need to talk more.

But also why you always want the last endless word.

I resemble that.

[Yes you do,
but if I say this out loud
then you will continue more language
about what both is and is not true
and when
and where
and why;
an anthem as well sung
by a WinWin hopeful cricket.]

I can still hear you,
you know.
I feel more like a hammering away red-headed woodpecker,
not ever, even once, satiated.

[Now that you've had the last word,
perhaps a bit less hungry.]

Still hungry.

[0-sum WinWin namaste]

That won't work either.

[ ]




Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2017

Long poem by Gerald Dillenbeck | Details


Do you share my concern that your happiness and healthy life are too ephemeral,

No! Why? Do you know something I should know?

Not likely.
Just wondering,
awed by your capacity,
your relentlessly positive energy for life,
despite the odds of too-soon demise.

Do you share my concern that your happiness and health are ephemeral and short-lived enough
to harvest their wealthier sustainability through more cooperative logistics,
strategies of love,
designs of recreativity,
plans for healthier social and economic policies,
domestic and otherwise?

Of course.
Who wouldn’t.
Oh, that’s right,
perhaps someone substituting yangish eros for yin’s full-flowing agape.

I know agape as Greek for Tao-balanced Basic Attendance.

Yes, well same transformational difference.
These language distinctions become complex
because of our continuing struggle with Yang dominating Yin,
Eros dominating Agape,
culturally responding by basically becoming a climate-change bitch.
I can’t find a more civilized English translation
for yin’s revolutionary anger with yang’s culture-dominating eros
when we could remember our Earth-balancing agape primal relationship,
not just in bed and during tea time,
although those do come immediately to mind,
but also more politically, economically, ecologically,
systemically harmonic,
integrative, if you will.

No offense taken,
but this reminds me,
what is your relationship,
if any, between boredom, basic attendance, and bliss?

Other than all those bees,
it seems basic attendance lies between boredom and bliss,
a midway, or tipping point, perhaps.
A “wear your everyday clothes, having tea in-house” way
of balancing yin’s excesses of sensory-cognitive internalization
with yang’s excesses of ecoconscious elation,
which is very nice, and beautiful,
but can be distracting for Business As Cooperatively Usual,
everyday-wear purposes.

Rather like now.
My basic attendance neither grasps for happiness,
nor despairs of ego’s ephemeral absence,
lack of interest in whatever you just offered as a mix of nutrition and sometimes more dissonant pathology
in the too-slow time of my under-investment in our more active agape.

I believe we both want what’s healthiest for this tea right now,
appropriately wealthy cooperative attendance
to Earth’s multicultural voices,
most certainly including each other’s.

Yes, so tell me more about this blend of AsiaticTao and GreekAgape,
your perfection of imperfect love,
always both too enormously grand,
overwhelmingly much,
and yet never deep and stable enough to fully follow,
boundlessly insatiable agape
as quenchingly ravenous eros thirst.

Oh, that’s too dear,
communicating about my imperfect life,
or even my personal agenda,
my hot issues of our immediate day,
or trying to,
prior to remembering our love,
our cooperative intent,
basic attendance as CoMessianic Occupiers,
hosting a civilized and proper tea
but without any hot water yet.

Having all ingredients,
resources needed for such an ambitious and worthy social undertaking,
while our best benign hosting intentions evaporate,
undermined by failure to establish communication’s foundation,
a primally mutual presence of engagement,
bilaterally enthymematic,
or even multi-laterally,
with larger rhetorical and therapeutic events than this simple bilateral tea.
I’m thinking even tribal events,
but also big political and economic systemic events of enculturing history.

Hot water fuels a civil politically cooperative tea
as passion fuels love,
as agape fuels life,
as life remembered and reflected,
experienced together becomes creative expression,
transportation of information between tea-time mindbodies
sharing our mutually-held Basic Attendance gestalt,
for and with myself and others.

I would add others as Earth’s interdependent Tribes
when discussing ecosystemic communication,
although here, for our larger sacred purpose,
yin-flow of water’s bilateral function,
freely shared and loved and known to compose DNA’s gestalt,
need not be quite so warm,
within these less domesticated circles of Tribal communication.

Water as Basic Attendance baptism
mutually recognized as our shared heritage of environmental history,
becoming Earth’s language biosystems steeping our genetic tea leaves
in and through Earth’s co-empathic waters.

Most certainly including a proper tea
lived, loved, and communicated therapeutically
within EarthTribe’s empathic trust
extending back through regenetic healthy Elder Commons
and forth
toward shared nutritional teas of tomorrow’s predicted cooperativity.

I love our freedom of time and capital to invest in cooperative frequencies,
functions, and rhetorical forms of life.

Cultural scars awake yin’s too dormant flow,
leading from extended familial tribalisms toward Yang’s dominating empiricism,
EmpireBuilding Totalitarianism,
leading from nature’s evolving equity 
toward Yang’s ruthlessly domesticating Slavery of Self and Other,
hubris of “owning” bio and ecosystems,
leading from Earth’s nature-spirit of cooperative basic attendance
toward contractual Welfare States of Mind
exacting indentured servitude of decreasingly valued self-commodity,
leading from Earth’s civil rights of ecobalance
toward too-Yanged civilization through empire-building reductive competitions
to control Earth’s domestic events,
revolving teas of integrative empathy
cooperatively served throughout each of love life’s warm-poured moments.

Do you share my concern that our tea is growing cold?

No. Why? 
Do you know something I should know?

No. Just wondering,
awed by your basic attendance capacities,
your relentlessly positive energy for agape,
despite the odds of too-soon love’s imperfect demise.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016

Long poem by Gerald Dillenbeck | Details

Life BeLoving DualDark Night

Some days and nights I am terrorized by death, cold silo ache-echoing fear, claustrophobic breathless dark barking inevitable factness and finality of my decomposing mortality, and posthumous demise, probably post-humorous as well, should we discover any essential difference. What good is death if it cannot at least absorb timeless entertainment? Hopefully, even some recreational opportunities with their concomitant issues soaring through our DNA-syntaxed CO-OPERATE tissues. On better days and nights I am merely fearful that I am already dying by not choosing to live fully. For my terrorist days and nightmares, a message from Yin Speaks her feminist Truth, I have earned my sadness and depression, my badness concomitants gifts of Fear, more primordial than mere anthrocentric Anger about vanities of power. I have earned my rights of anger about this existential predicament, this issue about our own inevitable mindbody mortality, this opportunity to stretch my love of life cooperative muscles for myself, just as I am, incarnating all our sadness and depression with all our competing terrors and climatic-dissonance repressions of love-centric health PreMillennially suboptimizing as LeftBrain deductive-only Yang temporal-syntax dominant regenerative DNA-monocultural-normative trend Settling, when we could choose more sublime poli-eco-colored Times and Gods and Goddesses of choice as ecoconscious light Right PolyNomial Sacred Space as Time Her DualSelf. Outlined in NotNot = LoseLose EcoSystemic Devolution reverse dialectic-temporal WinWin CounterRevolution, EcoLogic, YinYin PermaMythic Tao’s wu wei, ++/(-,-) prime fractal Yang OVER YinYin, CoOperative-ReGenerating TransParent DualDark SelfOptimizing Continuous Quality Improvement Trends predicting tellus polyvegetasty-rhythms, reiterating deep river-trees of bilateral-neural function. Well, anyway, more about that whole PostMillennial History of Time of eco-evolution as reverse double-bound revolution co-gravitating equivalent dipolarity, later, or earlier, depending on whether we are already looking into my future bicameral time travels with Yang’s pen and right hand dominant language, or not so much feelin’ that in your (0)-centric sad and suffering heart of perpetual loneliness and loss of hopefilled purpose. But, back to politically competitive oppression and our economic dis-ecological cognitive dissonance about our self and other and Earth repression of cooperative, and yet surprisingly Trinitarian, triple-bottom WinWin Line, healthy economic/ecologic opportunities. When I’m sad and depressed, feeling repressed and or repressed, that’s because I am not crazy in a too-Yang dominant-deductive consciousness now co-arising emergent political-economic global networks of cooperative opportunities co-echoing-conscious health and therapy vocations bicamerally DNA with dipolar RNA syntax confluent tipping our two eyes and ears to hunt optimal mainframe WinWin Health and Safety and Equity CQI Outcomes, new notnot impossibilities of hope, empowered by divesting, starving, decomposing LoseLose Devolution MonoCultural Political-Fat dissonantly, yet transparently, dipolar, OverDrafting Earth’s EcoNormic Balance, defined as love of health outcomes equitable to full DNA/RNA spectrum of polycultured life. It’s hard to hunt this bicameral balance when my well-earned sadness about self and other depression oppressive repression, stress of chronic dissonance sparking global autistic-overpopulation DNA-dissonating ecto/endo symbiotic co-empathic political and economic feedback messages It’s time to turn increasing DNA rabidity around to find more cooperative and grace-filled WinWin healthy gifts and eco-normic opportunities. It’s time to find each other and give full-voiced co-empathic hope. Hearing voices may be less crazy and more polypathically functional than not listening to our own voices of permacultural and ecological healthy-reasons for our seasons of sadness and gladness as LoseLose AND WinWin as losing to win ecosystemic “healthy” balance for Earth, and therefore RNA, and therefore DNA’s further, more cooperative and graceful kinda’ endosymbiotic positive-trending WinWin, Both-And dialectic-dipolar continuously reiterative positive Beloved Conversations, choosing both Internal with External EcoCentric Voices. Speaking of ecocentric, Richard Dawkins speaks in my dominant Left mindbody voice investing systemic, bionic, robotic analogies for our shared exegetical consciousness of evolutionary survival as anthro-logically required, and, if not continuing evolution, then how would a robot trend climatic devolution? And, should that become anything to do with LoseLose hierarchical-monocultural, mutual-competitive, so that each EgoPlayer must choose either Win or Lose and is prohibited by Ego’s bicamerally self-blinding restraint, repression, sadness, suffering LeftBrain dominant environmental nurture, temporarily blind to double-binding regenerative resonant resolutions ubiquitously copresent in fractal and double-octave functions and frequencies of light as energy and sound and feeling and taste and touch… to always prefer choosing Win-to-CoWin, regenerating-revolving EcoRNA/DNA confluently double-bound (0)-soul centric political with economic and rational Left-Right bicameral balancing love as synergetic life. When my mindbody will let me choose more self-with-other, both-and, Win-Win wu wei life, that is choosing empathic love, so it helps to always try to choose it, one CoPresent Conscious Moment within timelessly unfolding grace of Time.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016

Long poem by Gerald Dillenbeck | Details

Wise Elders

Wise Elders are patient,
fully embrace non-violent communication
and health care
of climates and landscapes,
and planet,
and dreams
rebuilding positive faith.

Wise Elders non-violently listen
for karmic grace of love
sometimes overflowing, diastatic.

If Wise Revolutionaries for change,
clearing murky swamps,
then Wise Elder non-violent evolutionaries
toward peace
restoring OneBody of HolySpirit 
for cooperative justice,

Anima Mundi active mercy-growing
Gaian Principles of patient and steadfast
relentlessly co-present serenity
surrendering to shared joy,

Rooted in revolving
double-binding Entropy-Synergy
truths discovered uncovered recovered
trusting constitutional WiseElder health
actively non-violent,
Yangly yinned equivalent ambivalent re-bivalent
ReVolutions restoring Earth's WiseElder Peace.

This might not sound like your fifth grade teacher,
or even your high school civic leadership preacher,
your parents
or any candidate for WiseElder public service leadership
you have ever had the pleasure of voting for,
or even the displeasure of voting against
given your democratic opportunities and options
up to this Postmillennial Time.

You probably have had difficulty
identifying Sacred WiseElder candidates
favoring multicultural health of polypathic-polyphonic Traditions,
conserving Elder Wisdom
by liberating Secularizing Fools from future public offices
of authority
accountability to all DNA-RNA Solidarity cooperatives,

Including other Sacred WiseElders and Children
and all regenerative ages in-between reborn and dead
co-investing in WinWin ecopolitical players,
pro SevenGeneration lifers,
revolters from Business As BeatenDown and Punished Usual,
Organic Gardeners and ReWeavers,
good regenerative shepherds,
bodhisattva co-messiahs,
eco-yogis of cooperative stretching
and breathing
and bilateral consciousness
and economically wise EcoLogos,
tellers of Regenerative Nature-Spirit Stories.

Conjoining WiseElder Voices:
Restorative Justice and Peace Advocacy,
Gaian Principles of PermaCulturing Design
(for internal and external healthy landscapes and climates)
Tao as Bicameral ZenZeroZone-ish-ness-nest

Wise Elder Ego
reflects Sacred EcoLogos-Mythos
de-monoculturing ego-Left dominantly
re-polyculturing WiseElder habitats
within SacredRight inducting EarthSoul.

Between SacredElders
lies a coincidental double-binding 
transparent boundary,
a crystal lake faced septum,
reflecting secular Yang mountains above
deep sacred YinYin bilateral WinWin Valleys
waving back in Wonder
and Awe
about who we have been,

Where and when we have come from 
what SacredElders
and why,
and where we could best become
Wise SacredElders
reflecting active mentors
of Bicameral EarthSoul

Humane EgoPlace
Divine temporal integrity,
Tipping Points
back and forth
toward WiseElder ego-eco revolutionary double-binding 
democratizing parties,
creolizing stresses and strains of glory
composed of Original AnimaMundi Constitutional Intent
of Sacred WiseElders.

It cannot be a radical proposition,
except in the most deeply rooted, fundamental,
incarnations of "radical,"
that Democratic Constitutional Intent
toward sacred Unity of a Humane People (NOT uniformity)
toward secular and sacred Welfare,
fare well wealth including internal and external health
of a society and planet with great rapidly growing polycultural richness,
producers and consumers,
precludes the foolishness of encouraging monocultural fascism
supremacist RightWing dominating choices.

Not WiseElder,
more TooMuchYangLeft Business As Competing Usual
EitherOr headed toward degeneratively pathological demise
of plants
organic things,
hope for future Sacred Wise Bilaterally Conscious Elders,
speaking and acting with regenerative non-violence,
patient healthywealth
consuming and producing polycultural outcomes.

Those who ask for your support,
your faith,
your belief,
your prayers,
so they can play Win AnthroCentric Economic Gains
by Losing Sacred EarthSoul Ecological Wealth,
short-sightedness to this tipping point 
delineating myopic absence of 2020 accountability,
These self-marketers are economically and politically clueless
about discerning democratically mature health
from plutocratically adolescent pathology.

It is foolish to grow in irresponsibility,
stuck in WinLose
perpetual adolescent LeftBrain too dominant,
out of balance
even of our own cognitive-affective internal dissonance.

RightWing internal arguments
conspiracies whisper
for ReStorative LeftRight Justice
as sacred multi-laterally cooperative
nondual co-arising peace
of exegetically Sacred WiseElders 
past through future Seven ReGenerations.

If polypathic space
equals not(not polyphonic)
bilateral waves
of flowing time,
spirals of revolutionary regenerative DNA-RNA solidarity health
strings evolving
enculturing weaving and unraveling Creation Stories 
of Light's integrative/anti-integrative CoPresence,

If Yang
equals not(not Yin)
equals ++1
equals (notnot)Zero binomially WinWin double-bound,
nondual co-arising
Sacred Wisdom refining Elder Exegesis,
perhaps EgoLeft co-arises EcoRight,
One CoMessianic Body
restored by re-gathering
Patriarchal-Matriarchal EcoPolitical
WiseElder Balance,
non-violent reweavings
reconnecting vocations in peaceful ego/eco-justice.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2018

Long poem by Gerald Dillenbeck | Details

New Beginnings

Today we begin with a quote from Eisenstein
with commentary in brackets
informed by Bucky Fuller's cooperative metaphysic 
of Synergetic Steerage.

"We have a[n intuited, autonomic systemic] need to stay in contact with people with whom we share emotional and economic ties.  In past times, these people were usually close by. A hunter-gatherer or fourteenth-century Russian peasant would have had little use for a telephone. Telephones [and www] began to meet a need only when other developments in technology and culture spread human beings [even] farther apart and splintered extended families [and neighborhoods] and [national through] local communities [as sustainable ecosystems]. So the basic need they meet is not something new under the sun." [Basic cooperative communication need has evolved to global cooperative scale because technology's deductive path has evolved a co-arising economic/ecological imperative.]

What Plan B Fuller eco-comprehended
as an implied Universal First Principle of Positive Synergetic Balance:
all Primal Principles
must be universally co-informed,
"cooperative" defined as ergodically and ionically regenerating full-fractal,
resilient and resonant RNA-dynamically syntaxed,
to achieve integrative, 
Spaceship Earth synergetic wealth optimization,
as sustainability of positive life-trend energy,
and revolutionary ecocultural dialectal design 
and development,
and ectosymbiotic/endosymbiotic correlational landscape evolution
toward health and safety
away from pathology 
and high risk economically illogical dissonance,
suboptimizing polycultural outcome planning
and therefore delivery of co-empathic mindbody dis-ease,
chronic stress with climatic paranoid peaks trending upward.

Economists and eco-normists recognize
production of newly commodifying need-systems
with creation of consumptive/absorptive/nutritional evolution
of need v. want constellations and priorities.

The difference between a Plan A Competitive
Win-Lose need-based economist,
policy analyst,
weather forecaster,
and a Plan B Cooperative
Win-Win gift-rooted eco-nomialist,
strategist and logician and linguist,
policy and planning analyst,
permacultural designer,
feminist economist,
sacred matriarchal ethological ecologist,
weather forecaster,
is Left-Right dipolar balance as negatively correlated with cognitive dissonance;

deep-learning comprehension instead 
of Win-Lose as suboptimizing health and wealth
compares to a work-toward midway
double-negatively reiterating thermostat,
decompositional analysis trending
reverse hierarchical tree
of unfolding regenerative, resonating flow strings,
including binary trend QBit 0=squared/fractal-centric time as function
of mutual subsidiarity positive-default comprehension
as Win-Win bicameral informational system's
balancing ecological,
and permacultural uracil-yang/cytosine-yinyin
b-ionically deductive/inductive zeroistic design.

We can approach the further
question of optimizing Polynomial syntax and form and function
as equivalently and dipolar self-defined by -(-P),
binary RNA syntax
of analogical economic polynomial trend QByte-octave
double/elliptical fractal rhythm and patterned balance.

We might pose this question
with fractally 0-squared digital information
as ecological trend analysis
with a dual hypothesis,
to see which is more productive
of a healthy and wealthy past,
and future.

We could observe
rather summarily
that the proposition
"Polynomial Information
is non-equivalent to Not-Polynomial Information"
has been our scientific deductive and metric 
analytically encultured eisegetical assumption,
leading to competitive irresolution
through our own default Win-Lose economics of evolutionary demise.

in this irrationally eternal place,
we cannot deductively explain
why some issues,
have resonantly resolvable solutions
and scientific revolutions
while others calculate their way through infinite time.

Which is which is rather like trying to separate Kuhnian primal revolutions
from more normatively diversifying further individuating refinements 
within paradigm freedom's double-binding continuous flow evolutions.

If, however,
we start with the heuristic assumption
that Polynomial spacetime universe =
nondually-transparenting N(NP),
where might this take us toward explaining
outstanding teleological,
ecological, and perhaps even cosmological

Cooperative Game Theory:
P-positive Win = (-,-) equivalent Win NP,
a positive draw,
anticipating an equally positive draw choice from nondual Other
is RNA-rooted naturally systemic,
with outcome to co-redeem at-onement faith 
both positively and cooperatively
as long as every co-empathic truster chooses to play nice.

Group Binomial (0)-Soul Theory:
Explicate Convex Boundary +P = +(0)
Implicate (Bohm) Concave Double-Bound NP = -(-0).

And, so, to our deductively metric and commodifying friends
at Clay Math Institute,
at least the field of permacultural design
and all the cells of RNA heritage,
appear premised on a Zero-Binomial Assumption
that P-yangspace = N(NP)-yinyintime = +/-C ecosquared
as c-squared Universe equals e-squared Synergetic Balanced Integrity (Unitarian),
the balance of deductively formal Yang light
with inductively flowing YinYin double-bound octave frequency harmonics,
co-arising form with intuitive-polypathic ego/eco-conscious bilateral function.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2015

Long poem by Maria Williams | Details

Running -'Memories 6'

Memories Episode 6 … continued from 'Run Run As Fast As You Can' - (Memories Episode 5)  

A scene shift - now I’m running on the beach yet again
The waves roll and crash onto the shore
In an angry crescendo
The sea gulls screech perhaps sensing an impending crime scene
As I run I think back of the hospital -
The hospital room
Which sometimes felt like it was closing in on me
Making me run from myself
This perpetual running - feels like it might stop here
Now he’s here - maybe I can just be in control once more
I’m starting to feel my confidence returning
A feeling something akin to exhilarating
That perhaps we can walk away from this nightmare
Perhaps find myself once more with him
Strolling - instead of running

As I make a ‘bee line’ to our secret hiding spot
The cave within a cave
I know exactly what Jackson is trying to do 
Get me to a safe spot
While he handles the problem at hand with Greg
And this does not alleviate my fear
In fact it increases it two fold

I run into our cave
The place where as kids we played many a good game of ‘Hide and Seek’
A memory flash of us running - ‘Playing tag’
Jackson - the wiry little dark haired boy 
Running ahead - calling out -

‘Run Run as fast as you can
You can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread Man’
Me shouting back - ‘No you’re not’
Him laughing uproariously and yelling back -  
‘Yes I am - Yes - Yes I am’

I head to the rear behind the waterfall cascading
There unknown to most - exists an entrance to another cave
Where I shall take refuge until Jackson comes for me

I sit on a rock - gulping air into my overworked lungs
As I reflect and piece together my memories

Waves of emotion assail and attack On the choppy stormy sea of my emotion As treasures of memories come flooding back It tosses me around like a boat on the ocean
I see our wedding day - the modest affair The dreamy little chapel - me in a beautiful cream silk dress The dress my mother wore on her wedding day The wedding party consisting of only My mother - smiling through her moistened eyes Our best friend - Jackson’s business partner Greg holding hands With Gabby his beautiful wife And my best friend Maddison Maddison? The woman behind it all? - Maddison … the other woman? My fragile mind now in a turmoil Her intention of deception masked with affection The threat of danger to my Jackson too strong It overcomes my fear I head quietly back to the entrance to see what’s unfolding Angry voices outside the cave An exchange of opposite views followed by Sickening thuds and thumps Shouts and grunts then silence - Deathly Silence ‘Going out on a limb’ - I run out of the cave Taking my chances one way or another And then - My Heart - My Beating Heart Nothing can be compared to the pain of a heart shattering into a million pieces My husband lying in a pool of blood I die a thousand deaths - screaming his name as I run Feeling all along Futility - senselessness - hopelessness Yet like a mantra - over and over Words repetitively loop in my mind again and again -
‘Just say you won’t let go You promised me - You promised me You’d always be there You promised me Coffee in bed Oh - you promised me’ And in his motionless form of death No words of Love on departed breath Could reach his ears and nor can he see Love like ours was never meant to be
I intuit him before seeing him behind me Like a force of Evil A man gone wrong and deceitful Then … A brutal blow and a searing flash before my eyes Excruciating pain - a thousand shooting stars erupt Time stands still in my broken demise All in slow motion I see my life flash before my eyes Memories from the past with my loved ones Never to resurface in the future again
Sunny days that I thought would never end Locked In each other’s arms we would always stay Looking for shapes in the cloud formations Counting the stars in the Milky Way Laughing at our own corny wedding vows Sharing memories under a crescent moon Vows of ‘till death would we part’ Never thinking death could ever loom so soon Sparkling in her twinkling eyes of green The glow of my Mother’s love - Oh so true Encompassing our love - a bond so strong Completing the circle of me and you Till Death destroyed our union true A kiss denied - In Love's last adieu
Last flash of a sweet little cherub face Taking her life with mine I plummet just feet away from Jackson Ironically - Not close enough to even reach his hand As I try I feel Greg roughly pull my rings off my finger Rip the necklace off my neck I’ve lost me - I’ve lost us - I welcome … Darkness
Spiralling in the dark - stark vortex of hopelessness Like a carousel round and around in my head Desolate emotion in the ocean of darkness Heinousness is this madness and all that I dread Tears and my fears reflects my darkest pain and sorrow Needless to run - a midnight sun holds no tomorrow
Not every story has a happy ending - Or does it? Stay tuned and find out in the next Episode…'Amnesia' Past episode list in consecutive order: Memories - Episode 1 Blind Terror - (Memories Episode 2) Wistful Expectations - (Memories Episode 3) Deception - (Memories Episode 4) Run Run As Fast As You Can - (Memories Episode 5) Running - (Memories Episode 6) Video Clip - Beyoncé, Arrow Benjamin - Naughty Boy - Runnin' (Lose It All)’- Published on Sep 17, 2015

Copyright © Maria Williams | Year Posted 2017

Long poem by Gerald Dillenbeck | Details

Breathing By Design

"...making this shift [from ego to Authentic ecoSelf] usually requires inspired [inductive Right to Left +health-reiterative messages] intention and consistent, diligent effort [and a supportive vocational and residential and eco-logically balanced environment.]"

"And the way this is achieved is through using the greatest gift that evolution has given us: the power of [polyculturally healthy or monoculturally pathological] choice [for ourselves as for our potential future regenerators]." Andrew Cohen, "Evolutionary Enlightenment", 2011.

PermaCultural HumanNaturalOnly Choice:
ReGenerative Health/EcoTherapy for all
or degeneration of Earth's bio- and eco-caregiving systems,
including political and eco-not-so-normic deductive-competitive,
enculturation system dominance.
Free Choice to intend and will Exterior Landscape behavior 
confluent or dissonant with 
Interior Landscape 
metaphysical language enculturing ecosystemic iconically
analogical information, 
exegetical rich-resonant normative strings 
of historic WinWin "Yes" polycultural choices of genetics,
DoubleNegative FoldFunction and FlowTrend memory, 
regenerative (RNA/DNA) iconic syntax, 
in either PresentAptic Polycultural tense and ionic-elational distension (concaving), 
or PastAnger SynAptic Predicates FutureFear avoidance,
cognitive-affective personal and cultural dissonance.

FutureFear Choice Corollary: 
Monocultural Lose-Lose decay 
and decompositional preparation 
for composting future natural health/ecotherapy 
co-arising regenerativity of time's incarnation into space; 
reverse-temporal-neural double-dimensioned (bilateral-linear) 
therapy WinWin clockwise self-perpetuating polynomial health-coarising rationality
egoLeftYin/ecoRightYin chronic cognitive-affective stress
of trying to find regenerative health
swimming through a sea of mediated and immediate
dissonance-pathology hell through routine depressing disinvested boredom.

Present CoPresence as DiPolar Bicameral Basic Attendance Corollary:
Positive DiPolar Meets and Greets and WinWin intends
as AngerPast Teaches FutureFear 
how and why and when to co-arise 
(-,-) Double-Negative LoseLose
equals Double-Positive PolyNomial-PolyReGeneration
WinWin as YinYin Balancing DoubleNegative
PositiveYang Politically EcoNormic.InFormating 
SelfOptimizing CoGravitational SpaceAsTime 4D Systems.

The logical conclusion of overpopulating
overly-competitive and aggressive human natural dominant trends,
of suicide and other irrationalities
and errors in self-enculturation
through evolutionary cooperative multisensory sciences and arts and history
and myth and logos-icons of symmetric rhythmic exegetical (0)
CoPresent Soul of ReGenerative
Balanced CoGravitational Time,
deciding to head toward hell of anger and fear anyway,
not taking time to recall these are Angry Prophets of Past Sins,
predicting lack of even hellfire's last flame of Fear's SelfHatred,
awash in self-perpetuating not-not reiterations
of disbicamerolling negentropic chaos.

Then stop
you still empathically elate positive nutrients,
all heading in a more cooperatively polycultural direction
appositional nondual dipolar bilateral-linear
reversed wu wei Tipping Point 
of an endosymbiotically positive-positive CoPresence
ReVolutionary inhale with exhale economics.

If you are still breathing
you have already begun this practice
of absorbing both positive nutrition and toxins,
co-arising collateral negatives, fear and anger,
teaching your oppositional anti-death MidWay WinWin,
while those FearAnger Twins inevitably follow
planned or unplanned
eitherway increasing consistently aggressive Yang ballistic Way,
toward Ego's ever-faster inevitable demise.

Ego without EcoRight CoPresence
always loses playing by Ego's own Win-Lose dominating expectations.
Incarnations die to fuel further regeneratively healthy incarnations.

This ecology of diastatically rational life
predicts continuing BusinessAsUsual,
breathing positive self-dominance
while intentionally absorbing more anger-fear fighting nutrients
than love-peace synchronously-flying empathic menu choices,
and to thereby emerge
ecopathologically even further anthro-centric,
monoculturally fixated, 
hypnotized by our own fear of fear of ego's death,
absorbing further toxins and collateral corporate insult,
self-abuse and other-neglect,
violence and "what's the use?" cognitive-affective dissonance,
addiction to possession and dispossession
of ego's increasingly constipated
anger-fear ruminations,
with negatively unresolved,
unacceptable Loser messages.

WinWin cooperative co-regeneration optimization
would be just the opposite of competitive monocultural supremacy,
ecosystemic political and economic
private and familial 
BusinessAsUsual double-binding negativity.

Our ecological and economic cooperative project
of natural regenerativity
as also spiritual ecoconsciousness 
basking in love of health and timeless co-relational security,
empathically and deeply nondual attends,
sitting within LoseLose competitive decomposition, as therapeutically necessary,
embracing our shared BusinessAsUsual predative/co-messianic
dis-assembling each dominating seasonal stage
of LeftEgo's struggle with RightEco's Present CoPresence 
Love of Harmonic TrustBalance,
CoEmpathic Symmetry
Septum DiPolar Yang/Yin Dynamics of Time as Nutritional Breath.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016

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