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Do you share my concern that your happiness and healthy life are too ephemeral, short-lived? No! Why? Do you know something I should know? Not likely. Just wondering, awed by your capacity, your relentlessly positive energy for life, despite the odds of too-soon demise. Do you share my concern that your happiness and health are ephemeral and short-lived enough to harvest their wealthier sustainability through more cooperative logistics, strategies of love, designs of recreativity, plans for healthier social and economic policies, domestic and otherwise? Of course. Who wouldn’t. Oh, that’s right, perhaps someone substituting yangish eros for yin’s full-flowing agape. Hmmm? I know agape as Greek for Tao-balanced Basic Attendance. Yes, well same transformational difference. These language distinctions become complex because of our continuing struggle with Yang dominating Yin, Eros dominating Agape, culturally responding by basically becoming a climate-change bitch. Sorry, I can’t find a more civilized English translation for yin’s revolutionary anger with yang’s culture-dominating eros when we could remember our Earth-balancing agape primal relationship, not just in bed and during tea time, although those do come immediately to mind, but also more politically, economically, ecologically, systemically harmonic, integrative, if you will. No offense taken, but this reminds me, what is your relationship, if any, between boredom, basic attendance, and bliss? Other than all those bees, it seems basic attendance lies between boredom and bliss, a midway, or tipping point, perhaps. A “wear your everyday clothes, having tea in-house” way of balancing yin’s excesses of sensory-cognitive internalization with yang’s excesses of ecoconscious elation, which is very nice, and beautiful, but can be distracting for Business As Cooperatively Usual, everyday-wear purposes. Rather like now. My basic attendance neither grasps for happiness, nor despairs of ego’s ephemeral absence, lack of interest in whatever you just offered as a mix of nutrition and sometimes more dissonant pathology in the too-slow time of my under-investment in our more active agape. I believe we both want what’s healthiest for this tea right now, appropriately wealthy cooperative attendance to Earth’s multicultural voices, most certainly including each other’s. Yes, so tell me more about this blend of AsiaticTao and GreekAgape, your perfection of imperfect love, always both too enormously grand, overwhelmingly much, and yet never deep and stable enough to fully follow, boundlessly insatiable agape as quenchingly ravenous eros thirst. Oh, that’s too dear, communicating about my imperfect life, or even my personal agenda, my hot issues of our immediate day, or trying to, prior to remembering our love, mutuality, our cooperative intent, basic attendance as CoMessianic Occupiers, hosting a civilized and proper tea but without any hot water yet. Having all ingredients, knowledge, resources needed for such an ambitious and worthy social undertaking, while our best benign hosting intentions evaporate, undermined by failure to establish communication’s foundation, a primally mutual presence of engagement, bilaterally enthymematic, or even multi-laterally, with larger rhetorical and therapeutic events than this simple bilateral tea. I’m thinking even tribal events, familial, but also big political and economic systemic events of enculturing history. Hot water fuels a civil politically cooperative tea as passion fuels love, as agape fuels life, as life remembered and reflected, experienced together becomes creative expression, articulation, transaction, transportation of information between tea-time mindbodies sharing our mutually-held Basic Attendance gestalt, for and with myself and others. I would add others as Earth’s interdependent Tribes when discussing ecosystemic communication, although here, for our larger sacred purpose, yin-flow of water’s bilateral function, freely shared and loved and known to compose DNA’s gestalt, need not be quite so warm, within these less domesticated circles of Tribal communication. Water as Basic Attendance baptism mutually recognized as our shared heritage of environmental history, becoming Earth’s language biosystems steeping our genetic tea leaves in and through Earth’s co-empathic waters. Most certainly including a proper tea lived, loved, and communicated therapeutically within EarthTribe’s empathic trust extending back through regenetic healthy Elder Commons and forth toward shared nutritional teas of tomorrow’s predicted cooperativity. I love our freedom of time and capital to invest in cooperative frequencies, functions, and rhetorical forms of life. Cultural scars awake yin’s too dormant flow, leading from extended familial tribalisms toward Yang’s dominating empiricism, EmpireBuilding Totalitarianism, leading from nature’s evolving equity toward Yang’s ruthlessly domesticating Slavery of Self and Other, hubris of “owning” bio and ecosystems, leading from Earth’s nature-spirit of cooperative basic attendance toward contractual Welfare States of Mind exacting indentured servitude of decreasingly valued self-commodity, leading from Earth’s civil rights of ecobalance toward too-Yanged civilization through empire-building reductive competitions to control Earth’s domestic events, revolving teas of integrative empathy cooperatively served throughout each of love life’s warm-poured moments. Do you share my concern that our tea is growing cold? No. Why? Do you know something I should know? No. Just wondering, awed by your basic attendance capacities, your relentlessly positive energy for agape, despite the odds of too-soon love’s imperfect demise.
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