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Social NonDarwinists
We need to talk. Is this one of those times where you need to talk and I must pretend to listen while you rant? Well, yes, if you could extend this favor. Your topic? Social Darwinism. Isn't that the birthplace of unfettered Capitalism and Fascism and Totalitarianism and anthropocentrism, and plutocratic ecopolitics, where greed to breed and bleed-out others is doing what comes naturally? Umm, yes. Or at least those are its long-term degenerative faces. Do you find any hope for a happy face when talking at me about predation and piracy and chronic competitive survival issues? Yes. I mean no.. Or yes and no. Exactly. That's why we need to talk. And listen. Yes, to both sides of Darwin's evolution; I mean, our revolution; and both. The Win-Lose survivalist competition's zero-sum side... And the sexier nurturing nutritional side of WinWin cooperative fertility. Yes, this living organic world in which rights and responsibilities of reproduction are Earth's more matriarchal cooperative vocation, understory of all our blood and gore climate of pathology, monocultural competing histories. Please tell me we are not heading to Left and Right reprise, for this anthem grows exhausting to my cooperative WinWin ears. You preach to our gospel choir as if we were Pirate Darwinists rather than socially regenerative evolutionists already. My chronic frustration shows only to those who agree with me already as those other aliens will not WinWin BothAnd listen. Well baby, we all hear in stereo, or at least most of us can. Just lay out Darwin's BothAnd experience and scientific observation. I'll try to keep this short. Already too late for that I fear. Darwin, biologists, and human people with reproductive experience, or even just reproductive desires, live and breathe and beat within and to Earth's cooperative rhythms of mutual WinWin fertility. If this were not our understory of ecopolitical multigenerational and multiculturing change toward healthy long-term growth, then WinLose competitions of prey and predator could not sustain as a majority norm, as an overwhelming median status, much less as a monopoly story of nutritional economics. So you would remind us of what we already know from cooperatively fertile experience, any system, to remain a viable system, must capture a WinWin double-binding positive feedback yield within its interdependent ecosystemic environment adequate to multiculturally sustain perennial development. Those systems that fail with predominance of producing WinWin outcomes over consuming WinLose incoming are failing Win/Lose ego-centric, because not ectosymbiotic eco-centered, systems. Yes, I hope that was why we needed to talk and listen. But, what about this Type A personality argument, that too much contentment, hoarded wealth safeguarding egos from discomfiting challenges and Win/Lose threatening competitions produce Queen Bee satiated outcomes, absence of motives to get ahead or behind something better, and long-term dysfunction of over-bloated monoculturing egos and supremacist families and elitist tribes and anthropocentric dis-humaneing species? Nothing breeds failure like too much WinLose success. That is, although I hesitate to say it, LeftBrain Either/Or deduction, and reductionism of RightBrain's appositional agreement, finding discomfort from excessive barriers to active ecopolitical cooperation, cooperative-systemic supports for co-ownership and democratic governance without which reproductive rights and lefts bilaterally unbalance, leading to self-dissatisfied suboptimizing depressions, lack of regenerative motivations, and eventual chronic stressed Type B behaviors, like suicide self-anger and loathing, fear and paralyzing paranoia about overcrowded climates of growing pathology, Earth's landscapes of deadly Win/Lose demise. I'm not sure what is my double-binding both-and positive take away, much less yours. I wish we could stop hearing Social Darwinism as an antisocial oxymoron of capitalism. Darwin, like all those enraptured within Earth's reproductive nature, heard and saw both our cooperative WinWin understory of matriarchal-line regenerate fertility and the competitive WinLose history of predator piracy over preying victims that someone else will be today's weaker loser, even if I might have to help Mother Nature along just a bit by giving some other barely standing person a nudge under the train so the rest of us have more room to get on and stay on our trembling train for one more daily ride. You know, dear, sometimes we get lost in your mixed metaphors, and yet the days of the Great Train requiring a daily human sacrifice to continue our torturous ride to hell are largely behind us. I hope that's true. Yet, I hope we might all cooperatively board a more regenerative SocialEvolution Train of Left and Right BothAnd WinWin thrivalism, to let go of Left or Right EitherOr WinLose survivalism. Sounds more like a prayer for revivalism of reproductive rights and wrongs of social ego/eco-systemic bountifulism. Did we talk? You tell me. You're the one with Type A need to competitively talk and act out in your speaking means not listening assertive way. When I speak, I assume the only person deeply listening for what we might say next is me. Which is why we need to talk more. Maybe. But also why you always want the last endless word. I resemble that. [Yes you do, but if I say this out loud then you will continue more language about what both is and is not true and when and where and why; an anthem as well sung by a WinWin hopeful cricket.] I can still hear you, you know. I feel more like a hammering away red-headed woodpecker, hungry; not ever, even once, satiated. [Now that you've had the last word, perhaps a bit less hungry.] Still hungry. [0-sum WinWin namaste] That won't work either. [ ] Closer. [...] [.]
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