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EcoTherapist Conventions

Truth is a feather pushed off to the other side. Truths are a body of feathers within which our bodies reside. OK, students of life’s healthiest purposes and meanings, it’s time to regather, if you would be so kind. Namaste. [Silence] [My EcoTherapist is trying to recall our bicameral minds with ecological bodies.] [More kinda creepy silence.] [I wonder if I have time for a cigarette.] How do you understand “mind” as other than “body”? [OK, she leads with a dualist assumption for a session advertised as nondualist, so the correct answer must be, I don’t.] Which, mind or body, do you believe came first, or do you believe, as I do, consciousness and biosystems co-arise nondually? [I knew it! Biosystems are self-identifying consciousness-rememory DNA-encoded systems, or RNA, if you’re a tree or something green, from before the time when physical root systems transubstantiated into metaphysical regenerate root bilateral, then bipedal, then bicamerally balancing, eco-political systems. I remember our history of biological evolution co-mentoring sessions, out on the coral reefs of time’s surfing copresence.] If mind emerges from reiterative and redundant and resonant neural-cellular development, in these, and probably other, senses co-arising nondually, then what do you think could survive of your Ego identity upon total biosystemic flatline demise of your natural-chemically elementary cellular body? From where would sensory consciousness and memory emerge? From when, and for how long? [Hang on there now. I’m stuck back on the where question, which I think should probably default as Nowhere, Ego emerges from nowhere? No, no, If dead, then Ego as sensory consciousness and memory is nowhere at that time, and on into the future of EarthTribal evolutionary history. No such phenomenon. No such experience within continuous Earth-spinning Time. I think? But only as long as I dance this Ego-consciousness string I am] As your mindbody decomposes, is this really still your Ego’s story? In that future time of opportunities for health and relationship and transactions, capacities for ongoing communication, you struggle to face their mortal loss now, projecting forward, we struggle together to find faith these lost opportunities are not your post-critical event of loss, decay, absence, inevitable physical and mental defeat. [I don’t even have faith that anyone will think that day has come even one day too soon. Nor would I care to invest in such an unwise faith.] Or, in the face of this inevitable termination of Ego’s mindbody story, do you, as unfolding conscious memory-string of continuous information, transform into your nutritionally reiterating responses and contributions yet reverberating within EarthTribe’s ReGeneration Story? Is your Ego expanding out toward Earth’s Story? pregnant pregenetic, nearly timeless Creation Story, out and yet deeply into this Elder (0)Riginal Intent. Body memory transforming within ecopolitical truths of post-taoist beauty, remembering—revolving—rewinding—reweaving ecologic of Ego/Eco balancing embryonic bicameral dipolar cognitive/affective neural emergence (0) CommonsCentered DNA/RNA code—syntax healthy reverse development instructions for normative natural/spiritual mind/body elational resonant resolutions giving oneself birth into this body’s time as giving ourselves freedom for time’s codependent love of light ourselves. [My self-image emerges rather far toward the depressive side of love as ecoconscious light myselves. Oh, wait, maybe that connection between agape as Basic Attendance, understory of all those relational dramas, and nonrelational boredoms, and fears, and angers, and….] Memories, knowledge, thoughts, comprehension, dissonance and dismay, feelings of elation and relation, anticipation, innocence, ignorance, love and hate, anger and fear, all Ego’s products, as Ego, in turn, is produced by unfolding DNA instructions within a nurturing DNA-developed warm embryonic pronoic womb living in this specific time within Earth’s evolution of continuing ecosystemic health-consciousness. [Oh, I get it, health as therapy-consciousness. Puts a postmillennial twist on post-doctoral medicinal sciences. Kind of self-serving, though, unless all humane-nature is for ecotherapeutic vocations, in dying as in living, in living as optimally visible through mortality’s timeless lens.] What we inherited from Elder wombs of Time’s incarnation is what Ego becomes to cherish as responsible authority rooted within teleologically exegetical historic evidence unveiling regenerative evolutions as cooperative nested-networks, and to let go free as a last pay-it-forward gift to nurture future healthy regenerations of time bilaterally echoing fractal-polypathic light, (0)-TaoWombTime. [Why do I feel like I could use a bath more than a cigarette?] Time, dualdark deepdense Ego-Ecohypnotic co-elational learning bright, white octaving night, protons merging eco-lateral binomial electronically issuing waves as Yes! reweaves notnot yinyin WinWin embryonic-yet. [I’m wondering if there is something in Taoist water that regenerates this wu wei balance spinning through my bicamerally revolving mind as body?] Could you become as curious about other’s Ego development stories as you have obsessed about your own? [Wait a minute, when did I give you the OK to label me as self-obsessed? Or maybe the balance point here invites comparisons between obsessive curiosities, in which case perhaps my own Ego health constant revival does indeed lie most mortally on my failing mind.] If so, please note differences but memorize Earth’s natural systemic similarities, especially about what we all want our end to say one day's capacities for love as peace, about gradually subsiding incapacities of anger Ego losses and fear of/for future Earth as sacred compost, transubstantiating post-climatic residency. Namaste. [Namaste. Oh wait, was I supposed to write that out loud?]

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Date: 7/6/2016 4:00:00 PM
I love how it is like a session...I felt inspired!
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Dillenbeck Avatar
Gerald Dillenbeck
Date: 7/6/2016 4:06:00 PM
Yeah, thanks so much.