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Death Free Verse Poems

These Death Free Verse poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Death. These are the best examples of Free Verse Death poems written by international poets.

Eternal near
For I am here
Come to say goodbye
I must no longer shy
Tearing glare
Afraid to care
Selfishly holding you there
Not willing to share
Decomposing all that has...

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Categories: angst, bereavement, death, eulogy,

Premium Member The 4th Part of Life
A time of which 
Has not yet 
Come to pass
Destiny of life
Unknown to man
Each movement 
In our own time.
Often we plan 
Our fortune will...

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© Bobby May  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: birth,

I am almost to an end;
I feel so exhausted and empty.
My heart wants to foget;
I want to take a rest.

Fortunate are those who lay in...

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Categories: 12th grade, fear, mental

Premium Member The Tribute
There are not enough words to describe
The devotion and compassion this poet's eyes beheld.
It was a plain room arranged for safety, comfort, and care.
A fine...

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Categories: allegory, bereavement, death, father

Premium Member Wailing
Before reaching the destination
it falls into the abyss of death

In the blindness of worldly jokes
Breathing survives in toxins

In tune, the conch makes a sound
The deceptive...

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Categories: life, world,

Premium Member A Child's Vigil
The stillness of her sleeping form
Outlined against my bedroom wall.
The feather tic for additional warmth
Lay tossed in restless sleep,
Blocked my access to the doll I...

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Categories: bereavement, child, death, devotion,

The end of a life
Is a far horizon.
The beginning of a life
Is where we begin.
The path of life
Is a ray of light.
The path of death

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Categories: death, inspirational, life, light,

Premium Member That's the way it is

Thoughts of growing old
To turn witherd and grey

Though it isn't now
It will happen some day

Does the idea of death scare you?
If so it does to...

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© B L Smith  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: conflict, me, poems, poetry,

Poetry for Ruqiya Binti Wuliullah
To my dear Ruqiya(Bu Bu),
Up in heaven
Happy hunting ground
And we are all sending our prayers.

To my dear Ruqiya(Bu Bu),
We all miss you today
You're not dead,...

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Categories: death, death of a

Premium Member Our Quantum Leap
I have several quantum's 
In my sleep
Some short others long 
I leap one to the other
One could bring fear
The others tranquility
When awoken, some
I cannot remember

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© Bobby May  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dream,

Premium Member Like a Funeral Pyre
Like  a funeral pyre

By the middle of October the piles were growing.
Gangs of kids, foraging, dragging on
Prams and carts to the chosen place,
Booty of...

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Categories: autumn, childhood, death, fire,

Premium Member Tongue of Death
Sounds coming from thy mouth
Bring death and destruction
It is not man that kills but the tongue
Who orders man to a war of death

Sharpe as a...

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© Bobby May  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: wisdom, words,


Lakers, a basketball team where fighting for honor begin.
A friend who is brave as lion extinct.
The death of a famous basketballer,
Brings rain in this sunny...

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Categories: appreciation,

Premium Member Death Comes in Threes
Shivers went up my back
At the sound of the long drawn out WHOOOOOOOO
Death? Despair? Or Wisdom?
Does it depend on the kind?

I search for it in...

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Categories: animal,

I Create
"Every story I create, creates me. I write to create myself.." 

I create;

Memories a hardback of signature moments
Bliss to bottoms, lust to love, 
Heartache to...

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Categories: imagery,