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Depression Free Verse Poems

These Depression Free Verse poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Depression. These are the best examples of Free Verse Depression poems written by international poets.

I am not Crazy but Desperate
I just want to go the brink of death
To those last moments,to those few milliseconds
To that last fraction
Before going to place from where there is...

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© Glam Air  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dark, dream,

i used to try harder

i used to search for opportunities

but the opportunities were always out of reach

and the support was nonexistent.

i used to try to...

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Categories: anxiety, dark, depression, dream,

the dark

i can't sleep, so i don't

i pace the room instead

like a caged animal.

there's nowhere to go

i go to my closet, sit there in the silence.


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Categories: angst, anxiety, dark, depression,

these days the lights are too dim for me

these days my skin looks too dark in the mirror

these days the world is not crisp enough.


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Categories: angst, anxiety, change, confusion,

Premium Member Lost, Yet
Once ...
Yes, once, but not now ...
I am not IN the world anymore -
so far gone, is that state of quixotic and callow carelessness ...

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Categories: analogy, confusion, depression, hope,

My stalker
Imagine him,
As a dark, 
Shadowy figure,
Who follows you around,
All day, 
Every day,

He controls,
Your every move,
And every thought,

You can’t run from him,
Nor can you hide,
No matter...

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Categories: depression, emotions,

Is Anybody There
Every day it's harder to get out of bed
To find the person I used to be
The person I am meant to be
Where is the talkative...

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Categories: anger, depression, loneliness, pain,

I didn't want to live
I didn't want to live this year
The mirage was different this year
My life was taking from me in a 
Flash. I gave everything and in

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Categories: abuse, anger, deep, depression,

howl of despair
howl of despair
iron gate swinging shut
’til but a crevice remains.
life obscured
mourning that

sorrow unheard
forgiveness unspoken
darkness enshrouding
death without dying
howl unvoiced

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© R.F. Lathe  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dark, depression, howl, loss,

Recurrent Depression
I think I’m sinking,
Into a dark hole

I don’t want to go back,
I can't take it anymore.
It’s cold and dark and lonely,
Please don’t let me go.


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© Haxer Ling  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dark, depression, grief, meaningful,

I write poems on flashcards in chem lectures
do you know what it's like to not Create?
to watch without expression your fate?
my Time has been stripped 
by a System that's dipped
in a false...

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Categories: angst, anxiety, career, corruption,

Old Friend
Goodbye old friend. I'll miss you the most. Don't blame my cold shoulder. My Heart needs to pull away to give you all you need....

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Categories: angst, anxiety, betrayal, break

Premium Member NO ONE SEES HER

    her essence
flickers in the shadows.


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Categories: addiction, dark, depression,

Self Loathings Song
I am applauded for my supposed talents and works.  Can’t they see the talents and works are nothing more than self-loathing’s reign over me....

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© Amy Parady  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: anxiety, depression, emotions, loneliness,

Premium Member A Lack Of Answers

Depression comes in all its guises,
including suicide.
And you entertain a multitude
of sad and bewildering emotions
that fester away
in the back of your conscious mind.
Somehow your soul...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Poet Lost
The flame of the poet...
Has burned out...

I have nothing to say...
I have been silenced...

Until the future......

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Categories: 12th grade, depression, life,

Premium Member He Was Homeless Junkyard
Stained yellow teeth, decades of mistreatments;
Tattered worn hair, mustered stare...
Worn torn shoes just vagabond, dementia rusted mind;
Seems he's been here before, open spaces relics;

My yard...

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Categories: analogy, bereavement, corruption, depression,

Untitled 1
The brain is constantly rotating. My heart and soul is beaten down. My hands have turned as cold as stone. Caliust rough to touch. My...

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Categories: angst, anxiety, dark, deep,

I sometimes wonder, am
I the only one to see
That there's a monster who lives
on the inside of me?
One who tends to only grow
stronger with the...

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Categories: depression, forgiveness, growth, inspirational,

A Gift Such as Her
Without her-there's no 
 tellin' where I'd be
I'd be tossed by waves &
 forever lost at sea
Self-destructive & barely 
 clinging to life
My spirits turned...

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Categories: blessing, deep, destiny, for