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Depression Free Verse Poems

These Depression Free Verse poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Depression. These are the best examples of Free Verse Depression poems written by international poets.

2 Decades
Nearly after 2 decades
And She was back!

Warm welcome,
And she greeted you.

Had She left any memories,
That you could have remembered her?

She had started again,
Made you feel,...

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Categories: betrayal, blessing, break up,

Mentally Drowning
She cried her heart out in the shower this morning 
Desperate, anguishing tears
Uncontrollable, convulsing sobs

Anxiety within was strangling her
Clenching and crippling
Incarcerating her into a frozen-like...

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Categories: anxiety, courage, dark, depression,

Broken mirrors curse
Seven mirrors broken when I was seven,
longing for the day of lifted depression,
mournful memories collide in cacophony,
journeys thru faded tapestries taunt and please,
a practiced facade...

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Categories: change, fate, growth, perspective,

I could die right now and I wouldn't mind.
Sooner or later you would find, for so long,
I've had this death wish of mine....

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Categories: depression, mental illness,

Mixed Feelings
What causes me grief
Is also what gives me relief...
A bog of tears is what makes me think
It has all disappeared,
My glasses fog because of the...

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Categories: depression,

Premium Member uplifting
she pushed the button …

seventh floor I want to jump

but the door would not open

the countdown began

all exits unavailable

maintenance in progress

a symbol of her pain


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Categories: depression,

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but about the people who have the negative voices that tell you everyday that you are not wanted and...

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Categories: depression,

What is love?
How many people ask this question? What are the answers we get? Love is work, love is worth it. Anyone would do anything...

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Categories: confusion, depression, emotions, love,

Burning: a dream in madness
Burning snow falls quietly on
cold rusted wire and brittle bone.
An ancient creature looks to the horizon 
feeling is body built of razor wire and old...

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Categories: allegory, creation, depression, dream,

a narrow road I
Walking on a narrow road 
leading no here, 
wanting to roam 
with nothing in sight 
dark clouds drift 
across my path
slicing rays of sun 

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Categories: abuse, allegory, anger, dark,

Premium Member Fearlessly Going Above And Beyond
I was interested in what will happen.
In the endmost fate of this debilitating dimness. 
An insightful major established man advised me:

It will be a time when...

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Categories: analogy, change, character, courage,


Of stained glass
of Sunday,
how to conceive the pain
hidden... If only the
glass moans,
if we listen...
Sad sundays
bouquets of hours
 all sundaysI do,
while the bouquet
of live flowers without

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Categories: allegory, allusion, depression, extended

Your thoughts are like darkening liquid 
that undulates in deep currents 
of hidden seas flowing through 
secret vaults within the rivers of infinity,
objects of history,...

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Categories: art, dark, deep, depression,

Cat Scratch
Once upon a time, there was a girl who had a cat. 
He was a long haired siamese, with eyes of aquamarine and strands of...

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Categories: animal, cat, depression, heartbreak,

Few odd kilometers now
In this short walk.
The feet all sore
And the mind, sulk.
"Who knows where the park is
Or when the time to bed is?"

The brain...

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Categories: age, depression, feelings,