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Depression Free Verse Poems

These Depression Free Verse poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Depression. These are the best examples of Free Verse Depression poems written by international poets.

Where had my smile gone?
I all this alot.
It was stolen from me;
I wish it were not.
My frown always saddens me;
But I can't seem to stop.

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Categories: emotions, grief, pain,

I choose to be alone, which makes insanity a must
Breathing to live, but dying to trust
My soul years to love, but my heart disagrees
My mind...

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Categories: abuse, anxiety, care, cheer

A Defective Mirror
The mirror is not my friend today,
just like it wasn't last week.
The reflection I see when my eyes peer in
makes me cringe with each sob,

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Categories: anxiety, depression, emo, mental

Lost in the mist
Feeling lost is the worst feeling in the world and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.
It feels like I'm walking around not being able to...

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Categories: anxiety, confusion, cry, depression,

Olive Twig
I was feeling like I was beginning to forgive
I had started to make peace

So, I decided to reach out
Test the waters
Extend an olive twig

And within...

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Categories: crush, depression, heartbreak, love

Premium Member 5 cent 25 Four Quarters and A Dollar Hollar Recession-
If a nickel's worth a quarter and a quarter a fourth of a buck I have a dollar do I have any luck, did I...

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Categories: allusion, confusion, depression, money,

Tomorrow Ill grow
When the world gets too loud
I can’t see past the crowd 
Or decipher the voices
And choose what’s allowed

At the mercy of sinners
Not even the winners

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Categories: abuse, anger, anxiety, depression,

Premium Member Wolfgang
Wolfgang sits alone in a Berlin bar 
Plying drink to drink's still darker state,
Depressed, alone, and full of hate 
For what he has become.

Young backpack...

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Categories: angst, depression, drink, hate,

Premium Member Black Diamonds and the Benefits of Ylang Ylang

"Black Diamonds and the Benefits of Ylang Ylang"

The prescription
was to write

black diamonds
against the pale 

cutting glass
precisely, words
gargled slowly

she bled

and the benefits 

of Ylang Ylang

Feeling all...

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Categories: color, freedom, muse,

Made For Humans
We all have our dark side
Secretly aching for love 
Wanting to be needed
We all want to be rich
Shining like diamond in the thick dark night

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Categories: heartbreak, heartbroken, humanity, longing,

Summer's Fog
Morning is not here yet
I cannot see
The sleeping town in front of me.
A refreshing air comes from the west
Palm trees stand in the fog

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Categories: depression, dream, emotions, loneliness,

I loved you
I love you so please don’t slip away 
I love you so please don’t let these things take you away 
I love you so please...

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Categories: dark, depression, drug, hurt,

Forbidden Song
"But love's a malady without a cure."
-"John Dryden"

Forbidden Song

The jury sits, pallid and grave,
well versed in the ways of "society" and "correctness",
he appears, drowned in...

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Categories: angst, anti bullying, depression,

Premium Member I Care Not
Clawing out of myself
Disregarding pieces of my face 
As she cracks into large crevices.
Losing the façade of retaining my youth
Fighting for nothing
Caring not
Giving up now

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Categories: depression, grief,

Lost in a box
Yesterday's direction's have swiftly taken flight like a blue jay's flight.  Turning to the right to find my way out I became 
bewildered. ...

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Categories: depression,