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Food Free Verse Poems

These Food Free Verse poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Food. These are the best examples of Free Verse Food poems written by international poets.

Morning delicacy


I see the sunrise and it is delicious,
an early morning delicacy served
at the horizons edge

tempting to my palate, 
comfort food
in citrus colors

Cereal is merely sugar

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Categories: good morning,

Entwining ropes,
parchments unfurled
upon fertile ground;
opaque pendants
caress the vine;
a burden
earned in the
effulgent sun rays.
and bejeweled fields,
of concord
Mother Nature’s 


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Categories: appreciation, beauty, food, fruit,


     Poet feeds
     of illusions
     that's why he is always

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Categories: allusion, analogy, metaphor, poetry,

libby morrison
there was a lass named libby
who was from bonnie ayr
she walked a thousand miles
with her flag in the air

marching the streets of glasgow
with thousands men...

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© davy young  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: christian, faith, god, hope,

The Lion's Heart
The Southern Cross has
exorcised all princely
sanitised shrines to mass
consumption oblivion
has crawled back
into the Atlantic
English bakeries are spinning
and weaving the heart
of the hearth so tirelessly
The joyous...

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Categories: beauty, celebration, community, culture,

Premium Member The Drop
The Drop

I put tissue in my purse.
Lens cleaners for glasses,
a half handful of suckers.
a kid’s book, colors and even…
a doll,  and small train set.


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© Ann Foster  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: adventure, appreciation, atheist, drug,

Premium Member Sunshine in the park
The freedom bell rang but the bullets still flew

I remember when death was all around, I remember the dark rain in the air as my...

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Categories: absence, children, death, destiny,

Premium Member In Poetry I Find Salvation
In Poetry I Find Salvation
It has saved me
from the
depths of despair
that emanate
from living
in this world

It has taken me
to a higher level
where I live
in freedom, happiness

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Categories: happiness, life, poetry,

Premium Member Charity in the act of kindness
he stood there beyond the counter
mixing ketchup with water
as i stood in line for food
his downcast eyes avoiding stares
as the manager told him he needed...

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Categories: hope,

Premium Member How Many Fingers Does A Sandwich Have
Sandwiches don’t have fingers but
A finger sandwich has many those you eat
Try and finger that one out
A Giraffe is tall and can see over a...

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© Bobby May  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: children,

Premium Member The Owl and the Pussy Cat
The owl’s wings are silent
The cat has no wings
The owl knows everything
But the cat has a tail and a tale to tell

The owl can turn...

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© Bobby May  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: children,

The Greatest Failure
Perhaps the greatest failure of all time
occurred in the last 100 years,
with no fanfare or remorse
and little discussion in high places.

The possibility for the human...

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Categories: food, health,

Premium Member Place my head upon my breast
Don’t ask me why my head needs your headrest?
A women’s breast are so comforting and amazing
Food maybe for a baby
Because men don’t have them

Because we...

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© Bobby May  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: body,

Premium Member We Take and Never Give Back
The Sun takes away the Stars
The moon gives the Stars back to us
The Sun gives us heat
The Moon gives us chills

The Earth watches the Sun...

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© Bobby May  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: earth,

If I Earn Two Paisa
If I earn two paisa
I'll buy bread with a single paisa
and by the other, I'll buy poems

because in my life
the poem is the best flower

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Categories: poems,

I see you.

You’re in the cup holder of a truck 
driving down a busy highway.
You’re in a thermos that should 
be full of coffee.

You think...

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Categories: abuse, drink,

Courtesy viz gnatty Thrip Pest
Courtesy viz (g)natty Thrip Pest...

This client (Matthew Scott)
availed himself at behest
of following counselor
who bares his chest
to Stephanie Dodds
(maid 'n USA name)

taught technique to minimize
ruffling feathers...

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Categories: 11th grade, 12th grade,

Premium Member STREETLIFE
I’m on my way into the grocery store
when I see him huddled near the shop doorway
In his outstretched hand
an empty coffee cup
I throw in a...

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Categories: environment, society,

Premium Member My Brush With Serrano, that time of year
This year I planted organic Serrano Peppers
Great red darlings perfect for heat-seeking foods
Looked long and hard for the best seed seller
And lovingly coaxed them into...

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Categories: abuse, conflict, fire, food,

The Lord is my provider
I didn't have a home
But His care was the roof above my head
I didn't have food to eat
But His promise kept me full
I didn't see...

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Categories: hope, jesus, religious, spiritual,