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Middle School Free Verse Poems

These Middle School Free Verse poems are examples of poetry about Middle School Free Verse. These are the best examples of Free Verse Middle School poems written by international poets.

Premium Member MISS MATTHEWS

I met her my first year of middle school.
My first impression was, she's too young.
The voice in my head was so confused,
she's a teen, how...

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Categories: appreciation, character, how i

Song for 24
Here it is, another Monday to pass
a compass, a compassionate compass
appear in my possession
a far-fetched wish but please materialize in my palm
bring a friend if...

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Categories: age, anxiety, growing up,

Incorrigible Recalcitrant Doppelganger mine
Incorrigible Recalcitrant - Doppelganger (mine)

Ala Goofus and Gallant 
highlights my diametrically 
divergent alter egos
always the reserved 
obedient docile boy
afeared to stray outside narrow

circumscribed comfort zone

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Categories: 11th grade, 12th grade,

A Wonderful Life
Life is a beauty
From the day a baby starts
Everyone who knows about them 
Keeps them in their hearts
And when a baby’s born
There are tears of...

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Categories: baby, baptism, beauty, children,

Premium Member Do Not Worry Son It Will Grow Back
Week before middle school
Twelve and shy
Sent to get haircut
With three dollars
Clippers were brought out
I was too scared to look
I had never had a store-bought haircut...

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Categories: 6th grade, 7th grade,

When once I sat and pondered the definition of heartbreak
I realized mine changed almost as quickly as I matured.
My toddler heart broke when Rover stole...

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Categories: anxiety, depression, heartbreak, heartbroken,

Premium Member tried and convicted child

innocent child
on a homeless street
with abandonment
and disparity
is found guilty…
to life’s fear
that today
will become
and tomorrow’s
will become next 
what the hell…

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Categories: abuse, child, high school,

Premium Member Never Argue With A Child
never get into an argument with a child.
never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever
because they always win.

they have nothing to lose,
and you do.
you lose...

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Categories: middle school, parents, perspective,

Premium Member Poor Kids Rich Kids
I did not know there were rich kids
and poor kids, and they would separate
themselves this way until I reached Junior high school.

Middle school I think...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Ode To My Middle School English Teacher
ode to my middle school english teacher, who
taught me that even though you have a voice, 
it's better if you don't use it 

ode to...

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Categories: anger, poetry,

More about me
I love to cook, I love to sing, heck I even love, dancing. I start my morning, With a good cup of coffee, in my...

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Categories: appreciation, friendship, motivation,

Premium Member A Thorn In Their Sides
She did not know she was the worst kid 
in middle school
until the teachers turned
on her.

It only took one
teacher, and then
it was two, 

and then...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member The ParaTOTALLYNormal
The problem with trying to prove clairaudience, clairsentince, out-of-body, and Near Death Experiences to a Mudblood is not as simple
as it could have been.
Is it...

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Categories: adventure, cute, emotions, encouraging,

Premium Member Thanks to FaceBook
Marigold Oger grew up without a mama, this pretty girl with eyes of greenish blue.
Because her mama died unexpectedly in the middle of a dark...

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Categories: for her, friend, friendship,

Premium Member Show Them You Care
I did not choose my vocation; my vocation chose me.
I was volunteering twenty-five hours a week in a middle school, teaching students.
One day I was...

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Categories: encouraging, faith, hope, inspiration,

Premium Member When the Mamas Come
The mamas send their best.
They don't keep the good ones home to school themselves.
It's my job to love them, take care of them, protect them.

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Categories: bullying, middle school, school,

No Bigger Than A Baritone Horn - part I
Round about nineteen 1971-2, yours truly bid adieu 
to Henry Kline Boyer Elementary School 
   (situated at crossroads – then beau
colic rural routes...

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Categories: growing up, hilarious, life,

No Country Mas
There's something so unsettling about nails on a chalkboard.
I cringe whenever I hear the tapping of pencils.
As obnoxious as loud breathing.
As disturbing as a bad...

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Categories: music,

Premium Member The In Between

The In Between

Oh, Middle School child
you “in between”
shackled to the horde
like a cartridge to a gun,
to trifle, loiter in halls,
and elicit mordacious slurs to
wizened eyed...

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Categories: childhood, school, teenage,

C'est la vie, Billy
C’est la vie, Billy!

   His cheeks a deep scarlet, 
     His jaw tightened in an eerie grin,

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Categories: boy, middle school,