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Love Free Verse Poems

These Love Free Verse poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Love. These are the best examples of Free Verse Love poems written by international poets.

Premium Member I Live Only To Love You

Inspired by Glenn Hughes song “So much love to give”

The sparkling dawn lights up 
My heart’s horizon of longing 
Spreads the sunburst colors 
On the...

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Categories: analogy, love,

Daddy's Hand: Images
Big hands of this man 
Who I remember as a child? 
Growing up in and at a time, 
When real men were fathers then. 

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Categories: celebration, dad, father, memory,

Kill me
Be my End

Be my end
Be my End
Kill me

Kill me
Destroy me
Enjoy my death
And live with me.

Be my queen
Be Queen
I need
I need your power
On me

By my End

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Categories: evil, life, love,

Premium Member She Rides with Lions

"She Rides with Lions"

That Queen rides like God
She rides with Lions 
like she could harness the Sun 
Her many arms throw fierce Durga destruction 

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Categories: i am, love,

To Mary
To Mary

Dear Mary
I love you

I need you
I need you
Your heart

Understand me

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you my life

Thank you for your life
I love you
You gave me...

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Categories: life, love,

Another poem about love
Love how can I describe you?

I’m like seven blind mice 
You are a colossal elephant
I feel you but do not know you
Let me traverse every...

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Categories: father, god, jesus, lost

Premium Member Love Laced By Lunar Lure Ephemera

The silver orb of the luminous full moon ascended,
slithering silent on the satin slope of sapphire sky.
Enticing cadence of the dancing sequins sensual
pulsated through the...

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Categories: analogy, lost love, memory,

Heart says Mind says
Heart says "But I want to know" 
Mind says  " Its time to let go."

Heart says "I can't take this ache"
Mind says "Ypu always...

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© Neha gehi  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: angst, desire, heartbreak, heartbroken,

The Heartache of Farewell
The heartache of farewell
Comes in layers and degrees of torment and suffering
Some good and Bad, some may say it is all good in the end

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Categories: farewell, goodbye, heartbreak, loss,

Construct or Not
Pulling and pushing and dancing up and down

Like monkeys no one is watching but the behaved crowd
Who paid to expect what they came to see...

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Categories: conflict, culture, fate, freedom,

Destroy my life
Destroy my life

Destroy my life
Don’t live my life
I love you
But you haven’t a life

I need you
I want you
Beautiful singer
Be my life

Be my feeling
Be my impression

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Categories: evil, life, love,

Jumbled Thoughts of a Midnight Drive
I haven’t slept much recently, 
You of all people understand late nights
It’s not my fault when I can’t close my eyes
Even when my room’s as...

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Categories: best friend, emotions, friend,

Da Sarig ko Sirig
Da sa maninai na da sa balakesan
Na lumangkap so tenggao,
Na imanto a gagawii na singayo akn so gagaw
Ogaid na di patot oba pangampit.

Kataya a tentengan...

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Categories: love,

Dear Jesus
Dear Jesus, in this world of challenges and trials,
Your grace sustains my fragile life.
In moments of joy or deep despair,
Your presence, Lord, is always there.


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Categories: jesus,

May God bless you all
May God bless you all time around 
Alike the love-owned leftover redundant 
Creating the consciousness of conscience 
And growing the powerful confidence 

If you are...

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Categories: care, confidence, encouraging, fate,

Book: Reflection on the Important Things