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Music Free Verse Poems

These Music Free Verse poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Music. These are the best examples of Free Verse Music poems written by international poets.


Machete pecks
cycle through a staccato lied.
The music is Jurassic,
a tune rattled in the throat
of a feathered lizard –
the genetic code
of jackhammers.
Apart from the tock-tock
of beak...

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Categories: poetry,

Stone Cathedrals of Glenwood Canyon
Stone Cathedrals of Glenwood Canyon

Stone cathedral spires rise sharply from freely flowing waters -
 Birthing renewal through eternity’s eyes -
Lifting up to the eternal

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Categories: life, mountains, music, nature,

True Destiny
“A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.” – Jean de La Fontaine
Trials amid tribulation
failures, gradual adaptations

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Categories: art, destiny,

Sonora Sunrise
It's the way she looks at midnight
not worrying about her hair
shines like stars above us
but she'll never disappear

she's wind and sun and water
a gift of...

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Categories: love,

While riding a paisley tiger

I collected the kinetic swirls
of differing shades
in the dizzying reflections
of how you made me feel

Whirling affects
blurred in calliope sonnets
and brass ring reachings
while riding a paisley...

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Categories: heartbreak,

The Rainforest
If God was a hideous orchid
The rainforest would be his shrine
A glittering mechanical green capsule
Of spirals, patterns, sets of organizing energies
A thousand focused sunlight lasers

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Categories: 1st grade, allegory, allusion,

Premium Member unbidden love - CA
"the anguish of grief leaves me with an appetency and yearning for peace . . . "

the allure of love was enchanting
the promise between us...

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Categories: lost love,

Pounding heart, swiftly reminiscing in music of love,

Crave for touch, as of when well carved face lingered,

Glistening eyes, with thoughts of how they belonged,

Novelty of...

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Categories: deep, emotions, hope, longing,

Premium Member Muddy Water's Gramma gave us licorice
Muddy Water's Gramma gave us licorice

I walked the old Kenwood neighborhood with my twin little brother and sister in tow,
'hold there hands and look both...

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Categories: blue, dark, fish, halloween,

Silent Piano
My late father 
    played gorgeous music 
on his Steinway 
Debussy, Ravel, Beethoven 
    along with his own compositions

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Categories: father, memory, music,

What it feels like to be free
birds tweeting,
wind whistling,
mud trekking,

I've forgotten what,
it means to be free,

one lane roads,
windows rolled down,
music unbearably loud,

I've forgotten how,
i missed this....

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Categories: feelings, freedom,

Vanilla froth of the sea milk shakes 
Rising and falling with my jumps, in motion with the rest of the crowd 
All shimmering with sunscreen...

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Categories: beach, beautiful, culture, happiness,

The seldom branch
Takes a glance
As it waves at me

The cottonwood trees
Through the breeze
Applaud me

And as the motions
Comes and goes
Something you should know

God has made the...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, inspirational, introspection,

Premium Member The Listener
Start at the start
ask your questions
Although I’m no priest 
I will hear your confession
Divulge your sins
no judgement or correction
Within my skeleton closet
I have my own...

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Categories: angst, courage, flower,

artist next door
Next door to me there is an artist with parted hair and painted jeans that look like the feeling of forgetting you exist in the...

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Categories: allegory, anger, angst, art,

Premium Member Levitating Leviathans-CA
Acquisitive anguish arising within my acceptant abyss

The creatures that lurk within the deep 

Are without hope and sustenance

I awake aimlessly with thoughts that have gone...

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Categories: deep, desire, longing,

Premium Member Best Day Ever
Best Day Ever
Inspired by Robert Crawford
Written 10/8/2019

Four days and three nights
UTI had me in the hospital
But home now I realize
Today is the Best Day Ever!


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Categories: appreciation, blessing, day, feelings,

A Day
Wake up, time unknown. Let dogs out to their toilet.

My toilet. Light, so morning. Possibly.

Check time. Unpleasantly late, but earlier than yesterday. 

No energy. Wouldn't...

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Categories: dream, mental illness, time,

Our planks were creaking, I only heard the music
My body is a liquid
that keeps your glass half full

I'm merely there to fill the gap
between episodes of a screenplayed life

the need for symmetry
is overdrawing...

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Categories: love,

good bye
good night all as i have to go, 
going to where the good people go, 
my body was in so much pain
i hope i never...

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Categories: appreciation, bereavement, blessing, cry,