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Friendship Free Verse Poems

These Friendship Free Verse poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Friendship. These are the best examples of Free Verse Friendship poems written by international poets.

Premium Member TOLERANCE

Friends aren’t meant to be perfect
They’ll have their qualms
Their quirks their qualities
They’re in our life for a purpose
That might never be quite clear
It’s more about...

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Categories: appreciation, character, friend, friendship,

Brothers in Adversity
Brothers in adversity, how many have you
One, a dozen or a few
Take a minute, breathe a little
Think, take a while 
Pause, Halt, Stop
I will ask...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, friend, friendship,

In a poem


I found you in a poem...
waiting between the verses
as metaphoric visions
pulled me in atop the ripples,
placing me before every autumn breath
as I read with my...

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Categories: beautiful, friendship,

Premium Member Lust or Love
His kiss seemed to burn through my heart
Sending chills down my spine, 
I was taken apart
With him

I told my dear Granny that I loved him

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Categories: love, lust, romance, romantic,

Let's Go On Friendship Street
Rainy season
Time spins itself
You are coming now
In this white morning lap
Herons fly over the blue sky
As if love story starts its journey
Let's go we make...

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Categories: friendship,

Premium Member Jail
There was love and sorrow
We shared the good and bad
Never thinking of tomorrow
We only thought of what we had
There was kindness and cruelty
We had the...

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Categories: anger, divorce, marriage, relationship,

A friend indeed
Does not need me
Why would they
As they can see

Friends we are
And friends we be
Until we both drown in the sea

But like the Titanic...

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Categories: friendship, humanity,

Premium Member Friendship
The meandering river, please tell me a story of yours
Your origin, and the whim that your journey stores.
Water flows in serenity, and flowing water...

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Categories: friendship,

Premium Member Running from Yourself
Running from yourself
Fast furiously and completely
Running farther than you ever did before
Resolving to change yourself into a better person
Deciding to show love to your fellow...

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Categories: friend, friendship,


Somewhere on Long Island,
J____ C_______ is missing a knife…
K__ brought it with him
And left it in the truck
When we were working together.

J____ C_______!
The last person...

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Categories: absence, appreciation, friend, memory,

I'm dyin' inside
And I don't know if
I was ever alive
On these streets

It's all too much
Lookin' at myself
It's all too much
Thinkin' these thoughts

One day is a...

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Categories: anxiety, confusion, how i

A Poem for Maya's Birthday
Now that your birthday is here,
We hold you very dear.

The years of growing up,
Beautiful and sacred.

Your excellent  father and mother,
Nice that you have a...

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Categories: appreciation, beautiful, birthday, blessing,

I closed my eyes to the pain
and all I saw was beauty
your beauty
caressing the blues away
I gathered ice for the swelling
but certain swelling
I didn't want...

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Categories: love,

Swimming Moves
We used to go swimming with our parents and children at the Fitness Institute,
The facilities were enhanced, we had showers and a make-up room.

There was...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, children, friendship,

Premium Member Isle of Gray Memories
I sailed one night on my dreaming ship

When direction heading gave me the slip

Sailing into the Gray Isles 
No longer Captain for I’d Lost my...

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Categories: best friend, dream, fate,

A ship
Translated by Przemyslaw Musialowski 9/29/2019

Even if your ship would be caught in the greatest of storms, 
you'll stay in charge unafraid being the helmsman for...

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Categories: friendship, imagery, innocence, rose,

Premium Member fruit of the future
I have to cut you loose
from the friendship tree
that is
your mind is to heavy
for my thinning psyche

my circle continues to shrink
it's tiresome swatting lies..
those poisonous...

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Categories: life,


Forging a friendship
Hammering out the brass
Harboring anger toward man
Mixing a chameleon's faces
Living a life of anger.

Proffering a hand of friendship
Writing off all debts
Serving man today

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Categories: forgiveness,

Keep Our Ghosts At Bay
I feel your pain like it was mine
Having an ability to see your soul
If you hurt and can't speak
Sit here with me for I am...

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Categories: friendship,

Friendship of Fred and Roger

Like true brothers, for many years we’re friends,
From Calabarzon to Mimaropa region
Sharing secrets, stories and laughters
The countenance of friends forever. 

Yes, we're...

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Categories: best friend, brother, friendship,