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Sports Free Verse Poems

These Sports Free Verse poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Sports. These are the best examples of Free Verse Sports poems written by international poets.

The Race
The Race

Crouch at the start,
Count down, three seconds mark.
Exhale sharp with the clap,
Creating power, push to surge.

Cutting to the bend in the first lane,
Three hundred...

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Categories: adventure, poetry, race, sports,

I also feel blase today February 19th 2024
I also feel blasé today February 19th, 2024

Linkedin to being lax,
and shirking house cleaning tasks,
which negligence cost us
(yours truly and the missus)
a golden opportunity
to relocate...

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Categories: angel, appreciation, blessing, crazy,

Speak loudly
 as you wish, 
When the International community
remains silently ,
Football players speak loudly
 " Stop genocide in DRCongo"
Church  ministers and believers
sing loud in the churches

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Categories: africa, imagery, international,

Premium Member Rambling
Quote By Poet "Time is a funny thing. It is here, it is gone.
Never to be found again." 

As l get older,
I find the same...

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Categories: baby, day, kid, mom,

Premium Member Building Tension
Did you ever stand on stage,
behind the big curtain.
Standing there peeking out from behind the curtain,
watching the audience looking at the stage.
Your knees are shaking,

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Categories: courage, emotions, fear, god,

Premium Member P G
Pretty gardens, peaceful grounds praying gratefully.  


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Categories: flower, garden, love, peace,

Premium Member Musings of Love
Great love is like a heavenly moment,  
when one's heart will skip a beat.  
Love can come packaged in many boxes,  

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Categories: flying, heart, heaven, jealousy,

Premium Member My Words VS The Judges
I write because I love to write,  
writing for a contest makes me think.  
My imagination and creativity come alive,  
as the...

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Categories: poems, poets, words, writing,

The leopards of DRCongo
Congolese leopards, 
As Congolese national soccer 
team which calls " Leopards " 
won the Egyptian national
       team which calls" pharaohs" 
 in African national cup,
millions of...

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Categories: africa, imagery, sports,

Premium Member Champion Wrestling
wrestling ‘tween nephews 
and trav’ling uncle, teaching, taunting,
flipping, sweating, bonding,
championing smiles

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Categories: sports,

Premium Member Undone
I was only four, 
when Blackie my dog died. 
My dad ran my best friend over, 
yes it was a horrible accident. 

I was...

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Categories: cat, dad, heart, love,

Winter Tales
Snow White has put on her grey sludge dress,
turning from princess to drudge overnight,
She is a pidgin that takes its ill-fed feathers
to brighter patches of...

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Categories: poetry,

Premium Member Tea Time
Spice tea is for me,  
hot with honey on a cold winter's day.  
Pretty pink rose cups,  
are filled to the top...

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Categories: cool, drink, flower, summer,

More pure than a lake of baptized sins 
I just wanna get money and match my friends 
She wash in Lake Minnetonka with a devilish...

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Categories: africa, blessing, family, for

Premium Member Walking by; I can feel you
Walking, walking, thinking
One mood of music, one single song
Repeating, repeating, repeating…
…fading in and out of my consciousness 
Now the cold breeze making me feel formal...

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Categories: child, day, emotions, growing