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Animals Free Verse Poems

These Animals Free Verse poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Animals. These are the best examples of Free Verse Animals poems written by international poets.

Premium Member She is only a Cow
Soft brown eyes
Saucers of compassion
Whispered on my heart
Where sentiments remind me
She vibrates with warmth

Gentle hugs of kindness
Reflected in her eyes
They bleed tears of sorrow
When I...

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Categories: animal, farm, love,

Premium Member Growing Up
As I awake I hear singing coming from the window               ...

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Categories: bird, food, friend, fun,

Premium Member The Old Gray Barn
Somber gray barn, boards creaking
Humble, meek and mild like the weathered dreams
Falling gentle as rainfall, calming the weary heart
With tender breaths of laughter amid the...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, inspirational,

Nature Screaming In Pain
Hey, Human Race!
It's me, The Nature addressing you!
Are you aware 
you're in an ongoing battle with me
Be smart and try to get on well with...

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Categories: nature,


when my husband was sick with cancer
i spent every moment by his side
one memory i cherish dearly
happened late one night
when we came across a...

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Categories: appreciation, happiness, peace, tribute,

If God Was a Nigerian
If God was a Nigerian

He will live on less than $1.90 per day
While animals, richer, from swallowed millions
He will read about bullion vans in Bourdillon

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Categories: corruption,


Oh stunning mother earth…
Foetus bellied out from you
Neonates became primates
You and I.

The talents of man
The forest of trees
The game of animals
Became the beauties of...

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Categories: allah, analogy, beautiful, blessing,

Premium Member Am I Incredible Enough
Am I incredible enough?

She smiled at her self-reflection
How incredible am I? Sun wondered
Moon laughed, being a telepath 
Get on your way, she thought
And he laughed...

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Categories: self,

Premium Member Ocean's Tale
My name is Ocean, and,
If you listen, you will hear me speak.
But you must listen carefully,
Or you will hear nothing 
But the cacaphony of my...

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Categories: care, environment, imagery, ocean,

Premium Member Mail play-on-words
I have missed hearing from you,                   ...

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Categories: humor, love, miss you,

The Day i Saw God
or was it today? i can't really tell
i saw God
more clearly than i've ever seen anything

she was 
struggling to breath
unable to understand
why everything was pain

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Categories: death, god, grief, loss,

Mind Walking
Not asleep. Night in front of me, no stars.
Dark inside my eyes,
I knuckle them, sparks, beams strafe head

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Categories: poetry,

Premium Member Cannot Understand Cruelty
I rarely hate, because it always backfires on me.
Causes me to feel anxious, stressed, sad.
But I do hate hurting; when people are cruel
to each other,...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member My Brick and Piece of Lumber
Mighty proud was I
with me lumber in one hand
my brick me carried in the other
I placed the brick in the barn yard
tall side for gained...

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Categories: funny, humanity, humorous, inspiration,

Premium Member Farmer
I own a rooster
live on a farm
the animals vote
I am simply caretaker

Under my farm
there is a huge bunker
a thousand men in uniform
systems, equipment and missiles


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Categories: bible, crazy, death, horror,