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I was born in Des Moines, Iowa. During the war Mom and my sister and I lived in Mason City until Dad came home. Then back to Des Moines. Graduated High School at Topeka High in Topeka, Kansas, and then went right to work for Hallmark Cards in the Litho Art Department. This proved to be better than a college education in art. Met and married my husband in Topeka, then moved to Staten Island, NY to take over De Jong's Bakery, the family business. We ended up in Colorado, bought a new bakery and settled down to raise our four kids and a menagerie of critters on a 15 acre homestead. For the most part, these were wonderful and fun filled years. Then I lost my husband of thirty-seven and a half years, January 1, 1998. Happy New Year.... It just hasn't been the same since, and a fair amount of my poetry reflects this transition in my life.

I have always drawn and painted for pleasure, to tell small stories, but I also have always written down my feelings. Sometimes when I couldn't find the words to say them out loud, or when I was filled with joy or frustration, writing set the feelings in order. (I am famous for having the right words to say the next day after the wrong words were already said!)

Locally I am a member of the Greeley Poetry Club, and the Greeley Art Association. These are fun groups and has flowered some good friendships.

I am a watercolorist of wildlife and Americana subjects. If you are interested, here is the link to my website and blog.



Okay, one more time!

Blog Posted:12/30/2008 11:56:00 PM
Okay, lets give this a go again. First off, I'm sorry I haven't been around much of late. I think I've been in my usual seasonal funk for one. Much shorter this year though, which is good.
I had surgery in late August. And I have been doing just great ever since. Caused a bit of fuss to begin with when the Doctors found out I had a bi-fascicular block in my heart. The anesthesiologist just threw up! It took some doing, but my specialist said it wasn't going to cause any trouble and I could go ahead with the surgery. We did, and all is well. Doctors are so excitable.
The other day my son Fritz had to return a snow blower he had borrowed from a friend, and the only way he could do that was my pickup and trailer. Since I don't loan my stuff out, I hitched the trailer and went to pick him and the snow blower up. When I stepped into the pickup, I stepped wrong I guess, (don't even remember), and really hurt my right knee. Actually it isn't my knee, but behind the knee. The bend in the back. Hurt like a son-of-a-gun for several days. My son Hans fixed me up with an ice pack, then a heating pad and some Advil. I settled into my lounge chair and was there pretty much for the next two and a half days. I'm getting around pretty good now. Doesn't hurt just to hurt, but when I step a little off, I know it is still there.
Christmas Eve was fun. Had an "open house" for the kids to come and go, and as usual, when we are all together everything gets really funny. They are such a fun bunch. (Goobers actually!) Then Christmas Day I was invited to dinner with a new friend. The dinner was in an Assisted Living Center and we were visiting her mother. My what an elegant place that was. They had hired professional chefs to prepare the dinner, and was it ever good. The place was poems/love'>lovely. After dinner we sat and talked a while in the library by the fire place, then went upstairs to the theater and watched "White Christmas." Very nice day.
The new friend is Charlotte, (Charlotte's Web), and she is the Web Designer for the local Art Association. I had been a member many years ago, but signed on again. Not sure why. Just to be in a more social scene mostly. Anyway, I got to talking with Charlotte, and she was kind of at a stand still about the idea of every member having their own page on their site. I volunteered to help her and have ended up with the job. But ... I'll get paid a little for each page I do.
I really enjoyed being a part of the SAA art shows this year. The annual Society of Animal Artists was held at the Neville Museum, Green Bay, Wisconsin. I was energized to complete the small cougar piece below. It was accepted in the SAA "Small Works - Big Impressions" show held at the "Wildlife Experience" in Parker, Colorado. The show will run from November to February.

"Canyon Spirit" 5" x 7" - Watercolor painting

I was delighted to have gotten a painting back this last summer. The owner had passed away and his daughter came on hard enough times to sell it. She asked me first which was very nice of her to do. Anyway, it is now my first giclee print, and it came out beautifully. I think it will do well. It is a Limited Edition of only 150.

"Small Comfort" - 14" x 19" - Watercolor painting

Otherwise I'm just keeping busy trying to keep up with everything and keep my head above water. You might like to know that my laundry is all caught up. ::grin:: I have to tell someone! That is one of my mother-in-law's superstitions, and for the fun of it I played along. It has sort of stayed with me. She said that you had to be caught up with all your laundry by the first of January, or you would be behind with it all year. And I'll tell you ... that was an enormous project for that woman. She really let things go. I had a lot of laundry with four kids, at least one in diapers for a long time, but the apartment was too small to let it ever pile up.
Now I have to pay the bills, and I will have everything caught up for the year end. Whew!!!
Until next time! Looking forward to getting some poetry written down. Its been stirring around in my head for a while now, time to get it out.

All art, poetry and writings are copyright & cannot be reproduced in any form without written permission from Judith Angell Meyer

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Date: 2/28/2011 7:58:00 PM
You have an interesting biography. Glad to have stopped here to read it. Also very pleased to meet you.
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Date: 1/3/2009 6:47:00 AM
Man! you are great and talented and not that you need me to tell you that but i had to get that out. Paintings are beautiful and colorful, Nice to meet you and read your wonderful blog and all, are you an author too?
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Date: 12/31/2008 8:30:00 AM
Hi again Judith. Great to read you once again and catch up a bit. Your artwork is amazing ~ congrats on it being accepted and good luck. The watercolor painting is also very beautiful. Funny you should mention laundry, as since my son has been home from college I have not been able to keep up. Feel it calling me as I type here. Hope your knee feels better. Happy, healthy and beautiful new year to you and yours. Love, Shar
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Date: 12/31/2008 5:09:00 AM
Well praise God for your many trials and blessings. Trials make us appreciate the good things in our life even more. So glad you are feeling much better now. Keep that wonderful smile going. Happy New Year dear one.
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