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Syncopated Poems

Syncopated Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of syncopated poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for syncopated.

New Poems

No Getting Back to Normal, a 9-11 Poem
No Getting Back to Normal, a 9-11 Poem
by Michael R. Burch

for the survivors of 9-11

Intrude upon my grief; sit; take a spot
of milk to cloud the blackness that you feel;
add artificial sweeteners to conceal
the bitter aftertaste of loss. You’ll heal
if...Read More
Categories: syncopated, cheer up, cry, death, depression, family, funeral,
Form: Sonnet

Break Time, a 9-11 poem
Break Time
by Michael R. Burch

for those who lost loved ones on 9-11

Intrude upon my grief; sit; take a spot
of milk to cloud the blackness that you feel;
add artificial sweeteners to conceal
the bitter aftertaste of loss. You’ll heal
if I do not....Read More
Categories: syncopated, america, bereavement, conflict, death, death of a
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Layers
Layers on layers,
Upon layers of layers,
That are layers of syncopated moments,
Layers of sediment and time.
Layers of actions so real,
They are a thin, solid part of our footing,
Supporting our stance, our grip, 
Our balance, allowing us to feel, and think.

Layers that...Read More
Categories: syncopated, science,
Form: Free verse
Sassy sobriquets schooled sissy spindleshanks
Sassy sobriquets schooled sissy spindleshanks...
studious skinny scruffy scribe

Scathing, scolding, screaming,
scorning, searing, sing,
sociopathic sarin soaked skewed
squirt, sputtering, squawking, sleepily
staggering, stabbing, swaggering
sweltering sadistic, sarcastic,

savage, systemically systematically
stigmatized, supersized saber sharp
schick shaving, shunned, sabotaged,
scarred, scorched, smote, sanguine,
stippled, speckled schizophrenic
sensibility, spurring, seething,

somewhat stultified, sophisticated,
spellbound spirited...Read More
Categories: syncopated, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, baptism,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Love's frenetic energy
Love's frenetic energy

Ensnared by love's frenetic energy
Heart strings strumming to a Calypso beat
We move with syncopated synergy
passions swells rising from two lips in heat

John Derek Hamilton
May 27,2019...Read More
Categories: syncopated, desire, love, passion, sensual,
Form: Rhyme

The Distant Flame
I Used To Be A Poet, #3
The Distant Flame, written in 2008
Published in my third book, Sunkissed Sapphire

The Distant Flame

A paramount flame enraptures to rule,
unearthing the spicy array of my senses,
the reverie of spring, cautiously subdued,
the syncopated beat, three steps...Read More
Categories: syncopated, imagination,
Form: Ballade
Premium Member Their poetry stays with us
A Poet comes, a Poet goes
Their poetry stays with us
   A candle's lit, its flame burns bright
   Pauses, flickers, vanishes in the night
      Ghostly outline traced, lingering light

A Poet comes, a...Read More
Categories: syncopated, light, poetry, poets,
Form: Rhyme
Notes From a Neglected Piano
You used to
lovingly coax my
keys with your
flirt and tease so playfully
high-note hitting glee

We enjoyed
taking tunes apart
upside down
inside out
syncopated Beethoven
bobbidy-boo beats

No small feat
with shimmy and shake
boogie, blues
jazz and all
the razzmatazz I could take
late nights wide awake

You kept me
in good company
playing wild
playing...Read More
Categories: syncopated, memory, music, perspective,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Little Things
In novels, love is the obstacle overturned by the ardent swain
In song, love is a grandiose solo in melodic chains
In poetry, love is fervent rhyme in syncopated refrain
In movies, love is a monologue in the rain
In real life, love is...Read More
Categories: syncopated, caregiving, husband, pain, sick,
Form: I do not know?
Mood in the blues
Discouragement besieges my certainty like
clear blue skies swallowing up the noonday sun.

Anxiety trespasses with spears aimed to unguarded 
thoughts like water rising on deck from an unruly blue sea.

My syncopated language scat of failure
like a night of blustering blues.

Pillaging my...Read More
Categories: syncopated, sad,
Form: Free verse

In Progress versions 1, 2, 3, 4
In Progress ver. 1
1. Imagine an Idea from which later a title will form.
2. Select a form, a kind of song, cadence, rhythm from your soul.
3. Allow the tone to be defined.
4. Sketch with words an outline of the message...Read More
Categories: syncopated, creation,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Mischief
We partake of a sonnet, it soars, it amazes
It can take us on flights that inspire, upraise us
A great sonnet's romantic and beauteous, you see
It is written by Shelley or Donne, not by Stooges, the Three

Lovely damsels, brave heroes ignite...Read More
Categories: syncopated, poetry, romantic, satire,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member STAT
fools, we humans,
or cold,
by the shivering
bluish lips
of thieves,
to themselves
in Southern
atmospheric haste.
we wipe away the germs
stitches up her dress

...Read More
Categories: syncopated, abuse, emotions,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Grand Canyon
In western skies, an eagle soars, at ease.
Below, the curving Colorado flows,
Winding its way through deep and dusty seas
Carving canyon walls steep, through tracts of time.

Twilight to twilight, its myriad moods
Are freshly painted on those ancient walls
Like rich frescos of...Read More
Categories: syncopated, history, nature, ocean, river, sea, time, water,
Form: Free verse
Shelton Washington State
(do enjoy frolicking gently imaginatively)

County seat, of Mason County, 
   Washington, United States
westernmost city on Puget Sound 
   above ground sans tectonic plates

population 9,834 per 2010 census 
   end result from biological mates
maintains commission...Read More
Categories: syncopated, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th grade, america,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Syncopated Soul
Syncopated Soul

Voices of reason transfixed by treason, a heart murmurs in the cold
Echoes of depletion of a heart in lesion, a face in the mirror gets old
The love escaped and ravenously raped, a tired tear turns to mold
Where darkness dwells...Read More
Categories: syncopated, analogy, conflict, destiny,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Summer love
Summer love  (sonnet contest sample)

Winter blues, gloom, fades as spring advances
We're crazy in love on hot hazy days
Summer love blooms with whispers and glances
Caught in love's embrace as the willow sways

Ensnared by love's frenetic energy
Heart strings strumming to a...Read More
Categories: syncopated, desire, love, romantic love, sensual, summer, true
Form: Sonnet

                                  ...Read More
Categories: syncopated, inspirational,
Form: Alliteration
Byte Size Food Begets Best Benefits
way before aye knew 
     the name Fletcherism applied 
tummy uncommonly (recherché) atypical dyed
in the wool feeding and/or slaking thirst guide

did precepts sans hungry 
     deaf eating beast impossible to hide
(the ferocious...Read More
Categories: syncopated, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, analogy,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Family Health Assessment
I have watched my youngest son
while nurses give him baths
using diverse models of health optimization 
ranging from PositivEnergy Promotion,
restorative ego-eco
I-Thou therapies,
to lower, not too much NegativEnergy, concerns
for hygienic technology professional management,
anger and fear commercialized insurance 
consumer protection assurance,
in which their...Read More
Categories: syncopated, earth, education, health, humor, muse, music, nature,
Form: Political Verse
Early morning tears
Early morning tears

Syncopated sounds of distress 
crying, pain from one 
frustration distress anger from the other 
drag me from bed in wee hours
to wander down the hall …
HEY! … Stop! …easy, … easy. Shhh.
I know you’re upsetfrustrated
it is frustrating when...Read More
Categories: syncopated, baby, cry, love hurts, mental illness, mother,
Form: Free verse

What if this is reality but I am out of time?
Perhaps my step is syncopated with the other marching drones
and I am Zen and with the moment or perhaps I missed a beat
could I be disjoint and dislocate from ...Read More
Categories: syncopated, allusion, confusion, humorous, hyperbole, imagery, introspection, nonsense,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Everything in Its Season
I would speak to you of the seasons set upon this earth.
  Each would make its mark ingrained when it is birthed.
Surely there is but one place to start the heart to sing
 when greens come forth at the...Read More
Categories: syncopated, age, angst, seasons, time,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Songs of a People
Ebony love songs, ebony fears
fashioned to survive the years,
soulful music laced with tears
cry of love as evening nears.

Rhythm of the indigo light
railroad melody of night
bluesy to survive the plight
soulful record of the fight

Lena Horne, the Count and Duke
a swing and...Read More
Categories: syncopated, black african american, music,
Form: Monorhyme
Shelton Washington state
County seat, of Mason County, Washington, highly rates
United States Westernmost city on Puget Sound e quates 
above ground sans tectonic plates
Population 9,834 per 2010 census 
end result from biological mates
maintains commission form of government 
drafted by mandates.

Shelton served by small...Read More
Categories: syncopated, america, beautiful, blue, christmas, creation, environment, heaven,
Form: Free verse