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Short Nosey Poems

Short Nosey Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Nosey by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Nosey by length and keyword.

Premium Member Stickybeak
Listen to poem:
busybody swift
pokes beak, where it's not wanted
'tis a nosey parker...

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Categories: nosey, nature, relationship,
Form: Haiku

Premium Member Nosey Nose
Beagle sits atop Dog house pedestal watching What the neighbors do.

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Categories: nosey, dog, pets,
Form: Haiku
They’re so catty, nosey and intentional
The fiery furness engulfs and surrounds them 
Where’s their sanity and vital point? 

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Categories: nosey, christian, crazy, desire, passion, people, philosophy, psychological,
Form: Questionku
L.oving and loyal
O.riginal and very classy
R.esponsible and respectful
E.nergetic and eager
N.otable and nosey
O.munous personality

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Categories: nosey, life
Form: Acrostic
Bob Hope was the most clever "dope"
To cope with the tinsel tightrope
That nosey Limey
Could laugh, "G'blimey"
Whilst eluding Donald Trump's grope!

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Categories: nosey, hope,
Form: Limerick

Premium Member Wildlife 31
Wildlife 31

An terribly nosey young plover,
Thought of things that he'd like to discover,
So he sat on the shore,
'Til his butt was quite sore,
Then decided "I don't 'fink I'll bovver!'...

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© Tim Riding  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nosey, bird, funny,
Form: Limerick
On the block where I live
Drunks yell & fight 
Neighbors are nosey 
Fences are 7 ft high 
Like the wall of china 
People pass like ships in the night 
Without so much as a wave or nod 
Saying good morning to thy neighbor 
Next door or two houses down

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© leah ross  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nosey, introspection
Form: Light Verse
Runny time
Mr. Hansel had a runny nose.
And every time it misbehaved,
The neighbors heard a lot of "Ohs!"
While his foes snorted giggles.

But Hansel didn't care about the nosey dribbles.
He worried more about the clock and runny time tables....

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Categories: nosey, anxiety, character, childhood, christian, christmas, crazy, dad,
Form: Prose
Nosey People
Nosey People are very bad
Being nosey is Haram in my religion
My religion is the scent of Persia;
My life has been bruised very badly
Makeup makes me throwup
Do you know how I am
Probably you don't
You are not that great United States....

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Categories: nosey, age, allah, allegory, america, anniversary, arabic, autumn,
Form: Ballad
every things is not what it seems
The stares seem like million little camras
staring down on us 
The bed of your truck seems like  a mothers womp 
the center of attion
The moon seems liek a father watching over
his daughter
The animalsall around watching seem 
like nosey people ready to spread gossip...

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Categories: nosey, imagination
Form: I do not know?
You can not see
Behind closed doors,
within haunting walls.
Bewildered cries.
Disturbing calls.

Nosey neighbour,
reports of the scene;
anxiously waiting
to hear, "Not as it seems..."

No Florence Nightingale,
this Lady of the lamp;
inviting in strangers, -
house a massage parlour - vamped....

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Categories: nosey, caregiving, confusion, fantasy, hope, imagination, life, mystery,
Form: Free verse
your mouth wide open inviting all and sundry gently they mosey spiders ~ flies ~ are so nosey at night keep your mouth shut tight
Written 21st November 2020 Syllables Per Line: 5 7 5 7 7 Contest Name QUIN-TO your five line Sponsor Brian Strand N/A...

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Categories: nosey, insect, night, sleep,
Form: Tanka
Nosey Neighbors
You think you have to know everything
Nosing around here for some gossip about my life
But disappointed because i'm not giving any
Need something to feed your cravings of 
knowledge about me

You might not get why I do what I do
Your might be confused right now
You might not understand my choices
Well guess what jackass!
Its not your life to understand, its mine...

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© Jessica K  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nosey, confusion, depression,
Form: Free verse
Below deep snow snug and cozy,

Waiting for winters final bow,

Miss black eyed susan,

Pokes thru nosey,

Her face to love kowtows, 

I Rescue her from the nights chill,

Her beauty will not be still,

In my vase,

On display, 

She sheds a single tear, 

A cry of thanks and not of fear,

"I love you Susan",

She knows this girl is sincere.

~Vickie Thayer~


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Categories: nosey, courage, desire, for her, love, metaphor,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member She Walked to School Headless
She rolled her head down the hill
It picked up speed and lots of dirt and stuff
It began spitting out bugs and dust

Hey! Didn’t you need that for a math test?
Mrs. Peabody, a truly nosey neighbor asked her.
The head stuck out its tongue
And it laughed.

Some people blathered about
Trying to insist she put her head back on.
She walked to school headless
Loving the wind in her neck.

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Categories: nosey, 10th grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th
Form: Light Verse
Hidden Inside Me
The world is noisy
Opinions and judgments
My truth is drowned inside me

The world is bossy
Conditions and commandments
My will is overlooked inside me

The world is cosy
Stages and ambience
My comfort is disregarded inside me

The world is nosey
Forms and surveillance
My profile is misrepresented inside me

The world doesn’t know me
Unheard but I keep up an appearance
Myself hidden inside me

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Categories: nosey, emotions, faith, fear, feelings, hope, how i
Form: Rhyme
I Swear My Family is Crazy
I swear my family is crazy,
I seriously think they're insane.
My dad is weird, my mom's berserk,
and my brother is totally lame.

I swear my family is crazy,
They're obnoxious, nosey, and loud.
They dress like maniacs, act like fools,
and always stand out in any crowd.

I swear my family is crazy,
They are a rather peculiar bunch
But they are MY messed up family!
And for that, I love them very much....

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© Jacob Cra  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nosey, family,
Form: Rhyme
Drilling For Oil
I have been busy today,
digging in the yard,
looking for oil, I say.
Deeper, and deeper,
one mile, and counting,
wow, my head is ponding.
Everyone must do their part,
so here I am,
getting an early start.
I wonder how far,
this driller can go,
fifty bucks an hour,
I wish this thing
would blow.
My neighbors are looking,
oh, here they come,
nosey, nosey,
did you say, I'm dumb?

I feel silly tonight....

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Categories: nosey, adventure, business, fantasy, hope, imagination, work
Form: Narrative
Still not nosey
I'm not nosey but
I was standing at the window
Looking through the net curtains
And I just happened to have a pair of binoculars in my hand
Well as you know I'm not one to gossip but
I wish you could have taken a look
At what I saw.

But as I'm not one to gossip as I said
So I''ll keep what I saw in my head
Who's that  looking  through a pair of binoculars
At me from a tree
Ooh the nosey thing.

Peter Dome.Copyright.2015.May.....

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© Peter Dome  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nosey, crazy, fun, funny, giggle, howl, humor,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Super Grouper, Sardine Party Pooper
Scuba diving, oh! what a dream
In the Gulf, amidst the Sardines
With a Florida blond
Whom I've grown to be fond
It's dark, is it all that it seems

Our dive is going oh! so super
Boo! said the nosey big Grouper
Och! do you have to be mean
To these little Sardines
Your just a big party pooper

Told of he goes in a mood
Just like a big bully should
Hey! next time take better care
To these Sardines you did scare
It's impolite, and you've been oh! so rude

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Categories: nosey, animals, funny, nature, sea
Form: Limerick