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Short Auntie Poems

Short Auntie Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Auntie by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Auntie by length and keyword.

Premium Member Shy
Coconut shy at Reece Fair...
Auntie Margaret is sure she'll win this time.

A shy goldfish travels home
in ornate container....

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© Julia Ward  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: auntie, fun,
Form: Free verse

Snoring Magna
Beneath this stone lies Uncle Fred
Whose snoring woke up all the dead
Some ghosts arose
To pinch his nose
According to what Auntie said...

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Categories: auntie, eulogy,
Form: Limerick
Arista Adderlisting
Auntie Arista Adderlisting
Ate apples appreciatively
Attired in an aba apron
Always asking apprecisively
Are apricots aphrodisiacs
As Auntie abhorred amphimixis...

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Categories: auntie, funny
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member I'm Watching the Detectives
I so love my investigative angle
Peoples lives I so love to untangle
I thank my Auntie for this
Taggart in Scotland was bliss
Watching the Detectives, was my handle

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Categories: auntie, family, inspirational, life, worklove,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member GOING DOTTY
My elderly auntie named Dot her memory’s going to pot For she served me raw food and was totally nude A dinner I’ve never forgot 7/27/18

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Categories: auntie, age, clothes, food, memory,
Form: Limerick

My beer-swilling auntie called Mabel Could drink most blokes under the table She sups pint after pint Almost every night No wonder her legs are unstable! 06~07~17

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Categories: auntie, drink, humorous,
Form: Limerick

My auntie Mary saw a fairy
The fairy was quite contrary 
Poor Mary listened as the fairy moaned 
Mary had enough and the fairy shut up 
Auntie Mary legged it home away from the moan


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Categories: auntie, fun,
Form: Rhyme
My auntie acted on the stage Her performance was in a cage She dressed as a stripper Then let men folk whip her Her antics sure caused an outrage! FICTION POEM 9/29/18

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Categories: auntie, body, humorous, jobs,
Form: Limerick
Say what
There once was a grandma who did not have

text acronym grasp, or anything thereof.

“Auntie just died”, was she proud,

she texted all, “l o l!”

She thought that it meant ”lots of love”.

25 JUly 2015

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© KP Nunez  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: auntie, humorous,
Form: Limerick
Antiques in the attic,
amazing oil paintings
are coated with thick dust.
Albums of photographs,
await my teary eyes. 
Auntie has passed away
and I must clear her house. 

Inspired by Pleiades A contest

10th August 2016

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Categories: auntie, death, family, moving on,
Form: Verse
Monique Glover
Auntie, Loud, Daughter, Cool
Sister of Neketa
Lover of family, Sean, and writing
Who feels happy, loved, and stress
Who fears spiders, snakes, and failure
Who would like to see the Bahamas, London, and Jamaica
Resident of Orangeburg, South Carolina

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Categories: auntie, love,
Form: Bio
Today is my Birthday
 I am feeling very special!

I sit on the steps
Until he turns up at the gate

There he comes the postman with my present!
Now its time to tear it open
To see what's inside? 
From my dear auntie Lily

Back inside Mum has the cake ready
Waiting on me 

Happy Birthday  to my little Dianna!...

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Categories: auntie, beautiful, birthday,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Auntie Millie
Auntie Millie Here lies our dear, sweet Auntie Millie Well-known to do things willy-nilly Prepared a noon meal she thought dilly And choked on red-hot-pepper chili Sandra M. Haight ~7th Place~ Premiere Contest: A Funny Epitaph Sponsor: Jesse Rowe Judged: 09/18/2018 Rhythm: - / - - / - - / -

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Categories: auntie, death, humorous,
Form: Epitaph
Personal Memories

Dear Auntie, play with me now and let’s ignite,

With a plucking of guitar strings, the hours incite

A score of lyrics jiggling as my thrills excite;

Wondering how those grainy sounds can take flight

That a baby like me needs to make do-re-mi right!

Personal Memories--Monorhyme Contest
Sponsor: Laura Loo  Picture#2
Mar 19, 2016

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Categories: auntie, childhood, fun, guitar,
Form: Monorhyme
To my auntie Jenny
To my Auntie Jenny, 
Whom I loved so much,
You are now with the Lord and free of pain,
You and Walter are back together,
I will miss you loads, 
I remember your fun times, 
You had a heart of gold,
Kind, fun, generous and warm.
May you now Rest in peace. 
Love from your niece Susie <>< <><
Ps, Please will you give Richard a hug and kiss from me.

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Categories: auntie, tribute,
Form: Pastoral
a song certainly
not atonal but
a true feeling
of life living

how can a camera
catch fleeting notes
of a written person
with each turn
or twist

still sings a song
expressed as only
as only she could
bring to heart
and mind

so hanging
with her auntie
or sitting
on a potty

maybe this time
her eyes sing 
or that time
her pout sings
a Melody...

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Categories: auntie, muse,
Form: I do not know?
Pret a manger
Twas in July, or maybe later
Auntie met an alligator
Now auntie didn’t run away
Nor drop down to her knees and pray
She didn’t scream and didn’t shout
Or cry until her eyes popped out
She didn’t yell or run around
She never made a single sound
She simply smiled her simple smile
And simply sat there for a while
Until at last the alligator
Walked right up, and simply ate her...

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Categories: auntie, animals, children, funny
Form: Light Verse
Ella is enchanted and tries hard to pluck the strings Sweet music starts to flow as her Auntie Karen sings What joy Karen brought to so so many different things Precious memories in a photograph, oh what tears it brings For Karen is now an angel, and she wears her heavenly wings Contest Personal Memories Sponsor LuLoo Photo 2 of Laura's daughter her sister Karen 03~18~16

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Categories: auntie, angel, memory, niece, sister,
Form: Monorhyme
They walk around part of the elite
heads held high
noses in the air
auras of knowing it all abound with a lot of hoot and holler

I will NEVER be one of them
my make up still in the drawer and my face still unpainted
part of the great unwashed
as my auntie used to say

I am only myself
and knowing what I do about those society chicks
I wouldn't trade my time
and my talents for anything

but we all have our gifts

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Categories: auntie, introspection
Form: Free verse
First Pet Friend
I love my puppet beaver, my best friend
A gift to me my auntie gave, he never does pretend
Oh, how can I promulgate that he's a special friend
He makes me laugh when winter days seem like they'd never end
Sometimes I wonder how he chose to come to me
I love the way we laugh and play upon my knee
I have a special bond with him beyond compare
At times I do believe we breathe similar air
He never frowns inside my frenetic hand...

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Categories: auntie, childhood, children, love, me,
Form: Rhyme
I Softly Went A Huntin'
I softly went a huntin’
To find some softly sheep,
I cannot count without them
To lull me back to sleep.

‘Where art thou little fluffy?’
I called its nicky name,
And taken by the surplus
A hundred bleaters came.

I’ll never count them all in time,
I worried like my pal,
I only wants a little kip
Not like my Auntie Val.

She likes to sleep for England
And all the English men.
Sometimes she sleeps with 40
And sometimes only 10.

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Categories: auntie, humor, humorous, nonsense, satire,
Form: Rhyme
We Cried for a Week and Still Remember

The joyful cat with three colors
He woke me up before I went to school
He couldn’t sit still always playful
Stayed for six months, which was so wonderful

The smartest cat with three colors
Always did potty on the toilet
I got him from my auntie, they both passed
To ever had him was one of our bless

The cutest cat with three colors
On Sunday, crashed by my own neighbor
We cried for a week and still remember
Named Tymmy, no other cat better

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Categories: auntie, pets, cat, cat, , cute,
Form: Free verse
My daughter descended our stairs Nude boobies and bottom she bares She answered the bell To our Auntie Nell Who chastised her for showing her wares But Chloe says Auntie you see There's nothing wrong with nudity On the nudist beach Men say I'm a peach And pluck me when I'm in the sea! Nude descending Staircase Poetry Contest Sponsored by John Lawless 10/9/19

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Categories: auntie, body, humorous,
Form: Limerick
prayer hands
Together we put our hands together 
Pray for me and i will pray for u 
Sent from heaven im a blessing 
Nothing more but to see your smile 
R.I.P auntie mary 

Tears are not joy but sorrow 
Love strong enough to hold us 
Gods angel you still are to me 
Words spoken in a thousand languages 
Im being watched over(thank you god)

No god but just his guide 
Missing momma's voice 
Her warm hugs are no longer here 
I miss you momma 

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Categories: auntie, faithme,
Form: Light Verse
Auntie Said
This actually had happened many, many years ago to my eldest sister.
Oh my, what children should not hear, for they instantly repeat what some 
adults say.

Auntie Said

My grand-daughter called her grandpa chrome-dome
now Sue don't call him names just leave alone
Grannie, I just heard what Auntie said
now I have to put Auntie to bed
Grannie, Auntie's singing grandpa's chrome-dome
Grannie, Auntie's singing grandpa's chrome-dome.


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© Evie CW  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: auntie, grandchild, silly, words,
Form: Light Verse