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Summer Seasons Poems

These Summer Seasons poems are examples of Seasons poems about Summer. These are the best examples of Seasons Summer poems written by international poets.


If I die in autumn,
I will be dry leaves
flying in time...
If I die in the summer,
everyone will feel that
I enjoyed well
the temperature...
if in winter,
I will...

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Categories: seasons, adventure, allegory, allusion, metaphor,


Plants pushing out their last spurts of growth and flowers
Beginning to slowly recognize the coolness of the approaching season
Summer slowly giving way 
The temperature gradually...

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Categories: color, light, seasons,

Premium Member Winter Skin - Summer Skin

Winter Skin/ Summer Skin

Winter Skin

cap on head
Rudolph-nosed; my cheeks
rosy red

Summer Skin

my suntan lotion
like rivulets of warm butter
drips from me

Oct. 21, 2021
For William Kekaula's Lune (Mixed...

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Ghosts in November Skies
what’s unsaid
lingers clouds
words rustle leaves
before they fall
this is the story
this morning I walk
through a collage
of reds and yellows
on a hill
I remember
an old love
a verse it...

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Categories: seasons, age, i miss you,

Premium Member Forest of Hope

Dainty feathered ferns
Robed in emerald cloaks
Thick like the stands of pines
And laurels crowding
The earth scented trail

Woodsy and wild
Like dancing leaves in Autumn
Thrill at my gaze

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Categories: appreciation, flower, nature, seasons,

Premium Member Wings on the Water

My dear birds, an inspiration putting quill to paper

I love the way you're chased as waves crash on the beach

Invading my warm days and balmy...

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Categories: seasons, 12th grade, bird, onomatopoeia,

Four Seasons
Wintry white weather whirling westward,
whooshing wildly when winds wrestle.
Snowflakes swirling starting snowy stacks.

Spring showers sprout saplings
some scattering so softly.
Florist fashions flowing florets
flowers form filling flowerpots


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Categories: autumn, nature, seasons, spring,

Premium Member The Earth Abides, Late Summer Harvest
Spoon-ready strawberry profusion 
Big bowl waiting...

Remember... fresh milk and sugar 
Does sweeten the load.

No matter tale told
Never gets old
Hot or cold
Above or below.

Yet, one small...

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Categories: seasons, engagement, food, fruit, fun,

Premium Member All-Encompassing

As warm as sunshine and as cold as ice
Nature's the mother for whom the birds sing.

Strolling through the woods, I embrace Autumn's
tactile and ethereal sensations.

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Categories: seasons, 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member And Fall Calls
Fall feels like the melancholy
Of a crisp, cool dark night

Fall is the whisper of leaves
Dancing to the beat of the wind
Falling soft across my thoughts


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Categories: autumn, inspirational, seasons,

Premium Member Autumn Prayers

Just as I’m nearing my Autumn years
There comes a moment echoed in my musings
Whispers of affection from the tears
Who have gathered to remind me that...

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Categories: seasons, autumn, blessing, prayer,

Premium Member Summer Slips Slowly
Summer slips slowly, sullenly southward
Together the terns try taking their turns
Under unusually ubiquitous umber umbrellas
Versatile velocity verified via villagers
While winter welcomed withering weather.

written October...

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Categories: bird, change, seasons, summer,


autumn wind blowing,
blowing summer gone,
wishing it could blow faster,
for summers still around.

its creeping through the wind,
the sun and summers warmth,
but good old autumn keeps blowing,

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Categories: autumn, seasons,

Premium Member Preparing Future
For New Beginnings...
Expecting future blooms soon
Look in memory

There, inside, to find 
The keys to needed futures
Therein lie best seeds

Fragrant beginnings
Sown thus before flowers grow
By those...

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Categories: seasons, 9th grade, education, environment,

Premium Member EQUINOX
and between-
twilight to night,
dawning,until morning
to Autumn,
Winter to spring-
our past joys and future

 | Year Posted 2010...

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