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Fall Seasons Poems

These Fall Seasons poems are examples of Seasons poems about Fall. These are the best examples of Seasons Fall poems written by international poets.

During the Fall I see leaves on the ground...

In the Summer the Sun shines in the sky
And during the night the Moon sparkles shy…

In the...

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Categories: seasons, cool,

a sea that is blue
long days
with little to do
not a cloud in the sky
so still and silent
but for the seagulls cry
golden warm sand
run grains through...

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Categories: seasons, autumn, nature, sea, spring,

Premium Member Seasons
Oh, blessed Spring I have been waiting for you it seems forever,
Let me throw off this winter coat and put on my raincoat and galoshes;

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Categories: seasons,

Premium Member Passing Shower
The seasons of life
passing by in rapid flash
childhood, youth and old
like summer, winter and fall,
will I get one more sweet spring?

Won third place in STRAND...

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Categories: life, seasons,

flowers bloom, 
they smell so sweet,
so many beautiful colors.

the boiling sun
warms my body, and
tickle my toes. swimming
and licking popsicles,
to cool us off.

autumn leaves turn
colors to...

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Categories: color, creation, seasons,

Premium Member The Relay Race
The relay race starts with a bang as rain comes pouring down.
The starting runner, Spring, flies by in her bright flower crown.
Baton gets passed to...

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© John Watt  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: autumn, race, seasons, spring,

Falling Leaves
The leaves whisper in the trees,

They crackle like fire underfoot,

They spoil and rot,

The color of their skin turns,

As they die in a brilliance of color,


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Categories: seasons,

Yamaguchi Seishi haiku translations
Yamaguchi Seishi haiku modern English translations

Grasses wilt:
the braking locomotive
grinds to a halt.
—Yamaguchi Seishi, loose translation by Michael R. Burch

Ceaseless chaos—
ice floes clash
in the Soya straits.

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Categories: animal, earth, nature, seasons,

Water trickles down the building in which many people are living.
Sunlight glistens on the glass, I wonder how much there is alas.
Walking down the soaked...

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Categories: seasons, 11th grade, beautiful, beauty,

What Tomorrow Brings
In Spring I searched through rosy playgrounds fair,
and kept the meadows secret within my heart

To wed the summer’s final wish to fall surprise
—buried in the...

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Categories: seasons,

Pink dawn-will reward with a smile. 
The fog creeps-a pocket of cheerfulness . 
Frost on the cheeks-youth balm , 
A hot summer day will set...

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Categories: seasons, beauty, earth day, environment,

Premium Member Time's Full Circle

*"Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness"-
a cornucopia of blessings flow.
We thank our Lord, and then we acquiesce
to Old Man Winter’s frost and drifts of snow.

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Categories: seasons,

A Vain Word
A Vain Word
by Michael R. Burch

Oleanders at dawn preen extravagant whorls
as I read in leaves’ Sanskrit brief moments remaining
till sunset implodes, till the moon strands...

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Categories: seasons, autumn, beauty, extended metaphor,

Premium Member ---LOVE YOU ALWAYS---


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Categories: flower, love, seasons, valentines

Coming Out
Fluttering Blue Banners
Pink & White long behind
Hidden under the tiles, an adder
Teeth sharp as rock we’ll surely find

Large smiles and new energy
So young blooms breathe...

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Categories: seasons, 10th grade, change, identity,

Premium Member that when seasons are due

a blue sky turned grey
neath amber rest of fall midst
ember paint of snow

2020 January 13


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Categories: seasons,

Premium Member Ice Blue Skies

Flying south after autumn's color dies,
flocks of geese split the air with honking cries.
And snow clouds dapple winter's ice blue skies
as winds kiss the trees...

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Categories: seasons, 10th grade, 11th grade,

The Magic of Spring
A tree after the fall or in winter,
Is not what it was, but a mere splinter. 
Glory stripped naked of it’s cov’ring leaves. 
Looks like...

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Categories: seasons, cancer, death, depression, metaphor,

Premium Member A Fall Dream
ashen leaves of fall
with pinecones bedded down
lost in snowy dreams

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© JC Hawkens  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: autumn, dream, nature, seasons,

Premium Member The Last Word
Divorce Decree
The Last Word...
You and me, 
we are free...
from each other.

You should be happy, 
I no longer have the right;
to make your dinner, 
clean your...

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© Ann Foster  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: seasons, abuse, age, angel, divorce,