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Ecuadorean Poems and Poetry from Ecuador

Ecuadorean poems and poetry from Ecuador. Read examples of ecuadorean poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

She Was OMG Mean EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti03/28/2017
Wizened With Age EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti03/24/2017
Fabulous Fun Footles-A Pun For Fun EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti03/20/2017
The Days Before You EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti03/06/2017
Jackal EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti03/05/2017
Strand of Diamonds in The Dew-Not for contest EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti02/23/2017
Which One Of Us Is Out Of Tune EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti02/15/2017
A Relish Cake-Not for a contest EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti02/14/2017
Before The Paling Stars: Poet's Pluck EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti02/10/2017
Raise Our Swords For Freedom EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti02/02/2017
Faraway My Heart Dwells EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti02/01/2017
An Old Hyena Stalks the Pack EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti01/31/2017
Lying Buried in Snow EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti11/12/2016
Expose the Naked Truth EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti11/11/2016
An Open Gate EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti11/09/2016
You Can't Take Away My Freedom of Speech-NOT FOR CONTEST EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti11/09/2016
Prelude To Love EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti10/18/2016
Eyes Bright With Desire EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti10/18/2016
Autumn's Call EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti10/18/2016
She Plucked My Petals EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti10/17/2016
Flaming Lips and Fingertips EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti10/17/2016
His Heart Chose Another EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti10/16/2016
LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti10/13/2016
For Those of Many Years EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti10/11/2016
Deluge Of My Words EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti08/27/2016
Like A Vine Growing On A Wall EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti07/26/2016
The Color of Love and Death EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti07/25/2016
Change of Season EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti07/25/2016
To Calm My Soul EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti07/23/2016
A Naughty Party EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti07/22/2016
Lazy Summer Days EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti07/22/2016
In Search of Genius: A Poet's Agony EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti07/22/2016
Now and Forever EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti07/21/2016
Broken Vows EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti07/20/2016
Light In the Darkness EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti07/19/2016
Season of Beginnings EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti07/19/2016
Three Keys EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti07/19/2016
In Another Time EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti07/18/2016
Those Who Hurl Stones-NOT FOR CONTEST EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti07/18/2016
My Most Embarrassing Moment EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti07/17/2016
Separate Sheep From Goats EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti07/16/2016
Taking Out The Trash EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti07/16/2016
To A Unicorn EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti07/15/2016
The Sea Took Him From Me EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti07/13/2016
Make A Wish EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti07/12/2016
Forever In Your Eyes EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti07/12/2016
An Absurd Tale-for contest EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti07/12/2016
Honor: A One-Liner EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti07/11/2016
This Thorn Drew Blood EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti07/11/2016
Life's Setbacks EcuadoreanEcuadorSutherland, Marti07/07/2016