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The True Mother
“The True Mother” What part of a heart in another could one trust when betrayal comes like a silver bullet words and deeds sharp piercing to burrow bleed out Life’s dreams rust crumbles to dust Virulent apathy spreads Betrayal’s destruction hand in hand with death of all that you gave to your bantam shadow arrives all too fast, all too fast, nevermore no waking dawn nevermore no sleep hugged dew kissed dusk To wake your bantam shadow breakfast then protecting hold hands, walk out the gate escort onto school bus Thy empty arms clasp nothing of the Bluebell’s spell empty heart now bitter baby teeth have been replaced, then cruelly stolen, strung up with The Papillon Boilermaker 'round a silver bullet crucifix cross a bitter gutted soul kept empty in a closed glass jar watches Time’s sands fall an Autumn body turns to rusk For a cruel stalker passive in approach to sharpen its cur’s teeth on what you grew in your garden you should have known better would never last the marrow sucked out swallowed and in the cur’s dirt, passed A Life is killed four quartered and drawn cut out of your life clean as surgery torn like a dam crying out for its whelp you are to a snide neighbourhood with closed ears; your bantam shadow is torn out of your life by a childless barren green-eyed spinner obsessively coveting your all the apple of your eye Your pretty paper dolls all in a row all pulled apart the bantam shadow drugged now with shiny embellishments from the singular usurper seen walking towards you from the other side’s murky past arm in arm now she goes with your bantam shadow on the false golden path What part of a heart in another could one trust? A slow spreading poison over the seed that was sown in the garden you nourished and grew on your own all alone the interloper spreads its monstrous weeds o’er what you cherished now strangled, blighted and smothered by a false mother, overgrown Lies of the faithless dandelions blown hither thither legs uprooted wither Blue Roses with their thorns pierce the true mother Black Lantana like barbed wire strangles a good voice the sharp thistles turn their backs twist and roam Poisonous slugs from a manipulative tongue slide over what remains like Corpse fauna caste and covered in sticky web true purpose in life now cannibalised disintegrates your garden, all goodness uprooted, plucked to steal the flower grown intrauterine now walks hand in hand with evil, in your stead out the garden gate lost in Medusa’s counterfeit countenance in the bogus golden black time maggots feast on the alienation sent from the thief’s covetous mind Trampled and stolen, what grew in the Golden Chord Garden a decade and five bantam shadow in time becomes barren and dry, ripped without thought a tear in the fabric of what was beautiful, what once was freely mine now not mine, is without true freedom, bought The one you once called Home without a backward glance, does not hear your silent cry disloyalty sown a stringent salt stinging alienation owned Through bruised veins unity is stopped still embedded with falsehood’s fungus like an infection Medusa, the gold holding great manipulator turns and she stares back at you “My child forever, the child is now mine, ‘twas never yours to begin with, ‘twas just a matter of playing nice sitting at your table, like trusted confidante crusader fawning, smiling, biding my time” The Serpent smiles, it slithers away with your child in it’s fangs It slithers away, it closes all doors Somewhere inside the Lion is silent it no longer flies on heavens wings, Aslan no longer roars Endless Dark Night swallows Dark Day, all this Medusa has kept secret, behind locked and sealed doors she laughs all the way What part of a heart, one implores, in another could one trust? You see the child in your eyes turn to stone, your dreams all crumble to dust What part of a mind in another, could one trust? Your April in her Prime’s reflection could that one you trust? When love like a loose loose thread The Golden Chord, once true golden and strong is not held closely, ‘tis now close to dead slipping through your bantam shadow’s fingers, in swift time its sweet lifeline is lost hatred and the great falsehood is fed Lessons and warnings all forgotten The past and a rosy future all dead Truth given freely, the past now ignored, disrespected and scoffed your world torn from your arms Your Golden Chord cut and burnt for a kill, then trust, like a burning iron sceptre dropped covered in blood Medusa, victorious, holds aloft your mind she decapitated just for her thrills she then takes over your throne you're handed a bottle of pills swallowed to sleep forever, taken swiftly like words one at a time On the winds of wanting what now lies buried to your heart gone missing in all songs stands before a mirror now she moves away from the false mother, gone is Medusa. The one missing stands truly free independent apart fully mature and unknown in her eyes your shadow is called, you hear your name whispered while she speaks to her mirror on wall she calls Home she remembers you a voice from her past now fully known not forgotten at all this is where your good soul finds true home Your good book is written then in another time, when you are long gone and two ghosts are haunting two homes sitting in gutted harmony broken hearts and lost time like a cancer burns through two ghosts like a twisting church fire romancing all necromancers through nights in your bed there are the truest tears of lost love visible becomes the Golden Chord, the lost thread Angels sing all around you in choirs your madness through turmoil is bled the phantom’s story will be seen, heard and read Love in your shadow’s memory was severed Two Ghosts : The bantam shadow, lost The True Mother, dead (LadyLabyrinth/2019)
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