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Premium Member The Game of Hockey
The Game of Hockey 

By Government decree Lacrosse 
Is Canada’s national sport,
But in the hearts and minds of Canadians, 
Hockey rules supreme.
A winter sport enjoyed by Canadians since 1875,
Played on frozen ponds and rivers,
Lakes and...

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Categories: jump on, hockey, sports,
Form: Verse

The Hidden Lane
The sun burst out from underneath the clouds
Ploughing through the merry crowd
The impact of nature is closing in 
sucking the joy  from within
Trucks and cars  littered the streets
Adding more pain to  the...

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Categories: jump on, adventure, america, character, community, corruption, pain, sorrow,
Form: Narrative
the book is too heavy
If the book is too heavy,
and low light,
Then I close my eyes
on the show pages.

What happens in it?
I do not know yet
that reserve
detours of history.

It takes place without me.
These are secret stories
which other
can access.

Meanwhile here...

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Categories: jump on, books, deep, dream, feelings, memory, sleep,
Form: Quatrain
The Price of a Normal Life, Part I
Bud Rowder grew up in wind-swept Kansas,
lived a farming life until the age of nine,
when Arapaho raiders charged on in,
poor Bud was the only one to survive.

He’d hidden behind a large, flat rock,
in the rushing...

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Categories: jump on, adventure, conflict, family, growth, loss, violence, youth,
Form: Cowboy
The Boatman's Song 10/ Many
The boatman’s Song				10/Many

The beauty of that black horse got doubled
With the glittering beauty of the princess on the horse 
Who was elegantly riding that black horse beauty 
While coming towards the boatman with a speed...

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Categories: jump on, life, love, musicbeautiful, heart, song, lost, beauty,
Form: Dramatic Verse

Thats politics
Politics what does this even mean?
We watch these debates but truth isn't seen
We see one empty promise after another
We see deception between each democratic,diplomatic brother
foreign policy border control stirring controversy
yet Americans being beheaded on the...

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© SEAN TROTT  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: jump on, political,
Form: Rhyme
The Candide Within
“This is the best of all possible worlds I hear, and you’re the master of your life”,
But when you count the closed shut doors, and look around you for a window,
Turn a rubik’s cube around...

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Categories: jump on, life, on writing and words, life, god,
Form: Personification

They all gathered at the Tower,
They faked their cheers for about an hour;
A king in his castle,
on the very first day,
All of the actors,
He would...

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Categories: jump on, political, rights, symbolism,
Form: Rhyme

I wish I were a frog sunning myself on a lily pad
No cares or worries to drive me mad or sad
I’ll  play it cool, wait for insects...

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Categories: jump on, allusion, funny, humorous, irony, muse,
Form: Rhyme
The Trapper and The Brave, Part I
It was back in nineteen-nineteen
when Timlin Rivers checked his traps,
by one he found just a weasel skin,
did not know what to make of that.

Why would bother to raid a trap
but leave the pricey skin behind?

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Categories: jump on, adventure, family, friendship, grandfather, life, nature, winter,
Form: Narrative
Happiness and Joy
Never will another season bring so much joy
A feeling of love, togetherness and happiness
Ring out them festal bells and let’s be jolly
A savior was born, condescended, we are happy
We go to church, offer praise most...

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Categories: jump on, happinessworld, song, people, me, people, song,
Form: Sestina
Trust A Stranger
You're walking out the front entrance 
Leaving work behind you 
Forgetting the hustle of the day 
Looking forward to a quite drink 

Chilling out 
In your 

Staring into an open fire...

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Categories: jump on, imagination, poetry,
Form: Prose
Premium Member Our Nation's Vain Oblation Part 1
Do you hear the chimes,
Of the poem’s rhymes,
Also those without rhymes,
How they reflect the times,
The elements of truth within eachofus,
Inspiteofus,   trying to getoutofus!!
So that all may see,
Twiddle Dee,
Of the mind, you see!

So poets...

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Categories: jump on, inspirational, loveworld,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Big Bad Joe, Cowboy Husband
Every morning at a quarter to six, I can hear my he him trotting down the hallway to the bed where I lay, shriveled up under my weighted blanket, so fat and un-tall.
There’s a part...

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Categories: jump on, anger, confidence, crush, cute, cute love, hilarious,
Form: Ballade


What have I done,
To deserve this peach?
The Lord only knows,
How many they’ll reach.

You know the media,
And how they preach.
Abuse of their right,
To Freedom of Speech.

My name is Donald Trump,
And I’m here to say,
Watch how the...

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Categories: jump on, betrayal, celebrity, patriotic, perspective, political, tribute, usa,
Form: Free verse
Material World
How many of you are really blind to what's going on in the world? Visibly awake but consciously asleep; buying into the latest but not so greatest brand name clothes. Do anything to get the...

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Categories: jump on, clothes, conflict, corruption, metaphor,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member 24 PROMISES

Waking up in the arms of fire.
Ashes all around, burning  picture frame.
I see nothing, the night is dark as can be.
I look up and see my father crying over me.
At this...

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Categories: jump on, body, dad, death, life, me, mother,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
The Quiet Hypocrisy
A Rant – The Quiet Hypocrisy

it seeps in through gradual osmosis

and soon is ingrained in pliant minds

it mutates and thrives in tunnels of vision

and then is fused into the fiber of unreason

the quiet hypocrisy that...

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Categories: jump on, courage, dream, education, faith, forgiveness, freedom, history,
Form: I do not know?
All I Need Is 1 Man, 1 Plan And 1 View
1 Vision To Make Me See The Bright Side Of The Dark
I Was That Fallen' Star When God Cried Tears Of Joy Over Noah's Ark

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Categories: jump on, black african american, urban, day, life, me,
Form: I do not know?
The Mirage
“…Man serves the interests of no creature except himself…” - Middle White Boar

You came from behind, like a snitcher, and I twirled like a sunflower, as you tingled me. I smiled. The rain dove sang.


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Categories: jump on, angel, appreciation, baptism, beautiful, betrayal, boyfriend, break
Form: ABC
Diabeties in Children
     I just don't get it experts say diabetes in kids don't respond to meds or insulin.They admits diabetes is preventable and curable by eating better. Explaining that sugary drinks like...

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Categories: jump on, death, food, cancer,
Form: Blank verse
Evening Programming
commercials for cellphones
commercials for lipsticks
commercials for fragrance
commercial for a gas company
commercial for a golf club
for a car
for shoes
commercial for a cellphone
commercials for painkillers
commercails for a gun
commercial for the lottery
commercials about my happiness
commercials about my life

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Categories: jump on, faith,
Form: Free verse
Too through
  The title is self explantory 
    I am too through with feeling this way
        and never getting reinversed for it

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Categories: jump on, life, love,
Form: Free verse
You're All I Ever Wanted
Verse 1)
There's been a thing or two in your life 
That you wanted to get right 
And one of them is you (You)
What can we do 
You are the picture ?? that I painted 

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Categories: jump on, character,
Form: ABC
My side of the story
They spread the rumour
It ain’t true 
what they like to think of you
only human 
See their mood
see you lose
banter bouncing 
blunt abuse
stand rebound it
legs refuse
their open mouths 
wish you clown
jokes they sound 

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© Nick Trim  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: jump on, anger,
Form: Rhyme