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Point of a Gun
You are a 15 year old girl; so young and able; stature small , petite short not tall, they hardly see at the kitchen table; And at school it's not cool; you're chosen; But not for love, just.. Lust; you see you were a fool; when you won't do what... what your peers say, I say peers say... =the pressure; calling you a square and that your not cool, well.. you were set as a mark, pet Yes you're totally in the dark as... Well all you ever wanted like young girls dream and do find your prince charming; so that you could call help darling; Better yet; You want this; You want it... a boy like your father; But your father whom you hardly knew; the man whom you hardly saw; sometimes called you daughter; while telling you to get him a drink of water; you have never heard him say "I love you" and... anyway, anyway; your father never held you; your father never consoled you; your father wasn't very good to, your mother; but yet you envision while sitting at the kitchen table; daddy just once say I love you; At a point of a gun; When a sweet talking senior from school ; Started to pay some attention to you; This boy took on the demeanor of a handsomely good looking guy; My, my, my; You didn't know he'd told all; His fellows.... His buddies, homies, male friends. Really At the point of a gun What does it mean you want to run You didn't know he told all his fellows, yes he' d score; Virgin Imaged A flower un bloomed, so he comforted her; Yes, he shower's her; With those words, she wanted to hear; Those 'I love you ' (Negatively speaking lusting) Vocal, I love U's, you're pretty; U R beautiful, I adore you she is at But you don't run At a point of a gun Clueless she was Heartless he is So his score; Was to close the door; Disrobed, the act prevailed like Adam and Eve? In the act only God ordain? As Man and Wife/in life for life But to her dismay; After the act; There was quilt; She was by him and all other peers; Ridicule and laugh at labeled and maimed; No one comes At a point of a gun Your all alone All you wanted was love But no one, no one. Told you what it truly was; Your so alone more now the Innocent's; Standing convicted; Just realizing you've been tricked; At a point of a gun Beforehand and during you should have, Talked to your other Father; At a point of a gun, what... I have another tale Thereby a 17 year old boy who never met or knew his father; See his mother was a single parent; Yet, it's apparent; It's reference still so apparent the choices were wrong soon he'll make; Those soon to made new thought processes; Angry, sad, mad and lonely; Though he always wanted a family; A FATHER, MOTHER, SISTER, BROTHER; Like his cousins; He wanna a dad, to show him what true !love is; And again and again to show him what love and life is; So he began thinking... His mother had nothing three part time jobs Had no time nor love for him And when she was around the few times Telling continually telling, telling, telling, you of all your chores, duties And your what you should and should not do over and over again, Again At the point of gun He should have ran What his mother hope's for, she wishes he'll become one profound God fearing mannered Gentleman; Really From his feelings, she was always nagging; Sounded like begging; Kept his ears ringing; He wanted more than chores and rules; He was no ones fool; Wanted more than just rules; Wanted more than ten dollars a week; For an allowance; Wanted to hang out in them streets, past midnight; So one day before she went to her second job; She pulled the plug, she laid the law; Dismayed during this argument, bout taken out the trash; The young boy said NO! I'm tired of doing these things YOU do' em; So in rage he pushed her down,yes knocked her down to the floor; Full of enraged totosterene, he ran out the door; LEFT the house and as he ran he says now I'm a man; Still running he sees on the corner; A group of boy's clothes of colors, just hanging out. Hmm! Gang's Who would imagine? Rags, tied around their foreheads, Pants almost down to their ankles; And and can' t believe I am begin to believe the things they are talking about; Yeah! What ya ta!k N bout They led him in; Said you be his friend, even more his BROTHER; While evenly also being at the same time a father; They'll n Be what you claim you need. A father, a family: At the point of gun You long for love So you bore their bright colors; Put on their clothes, the color; They embraced you, jumped you in; Now your one of them; You're theirs.. You see they are a gang; And they won't let you hang; So he got jump in, let real family love begin; Beat down and bloody and broken; It took everything in his memory to think on what his mother had spoken; Afterwards wounds and pains subsided; He is surrounded by his new family; Embedded with hugs, comments of love, and yes! Brotherhood; You want yes in all the things in life just take it it's yours.. Your a man.. We're your family.. In them streets then one day his new family elevated him; They spied a rival gang chanting his members say go across take this gun; Go on and shoot that brother in the head; But won't he die, then he'll be dead; If you be one of us, if you Iove us you'll do this task we ask; CUZ! If you don't! If you won't You'll be at a point of a gun; A Real father even when falls gets up A Real father when he's hurt always forgives always cares A Real father always there if not present physically, he's there spiritually A Real father perfection is his genuine honesty and confession of disloyalty A Real admits his wrongs and sings the songs his children need to hear! For you see the real GUN in this message, poem not made of metal! The point of a gun is from your '' choice processes '' What you decide, what's your final decisions Before you become one the wrong ones;? We all share one FATHER, don't think it strange or odd My choice, my point of a gun is... GOD (Taken from forth coming anthology '' REALLY '' by James Edward Lee Sr.)2017
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