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Long Excuses Poems

Long Excuses Poems. Below are the most popular long Excuses by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Excuses poems by poem length and keyword.

The Sun's a Liar-Children's story short contest-
The Sun Is a Liar

It’s been quite some time since I've awoke early enough to meet the sun coming over the horizon. As I gazed out the window from my bedroom window seat, the sky...

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Categories: excuses, childhood,
Form: Prose

Premium Member Pyrrhus
We held, we loved, we were as one
So fierce my heart would beat
In passion’s throes a few of us
Are simply meant to meet

It has never been the same, old Love
With any other girl
One way our...

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Categories: excuses, angst, emotions, loss, lost love, love, pain,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Uyghur Poetry Translations
With my Uyghur poetry translations I am trying to build awareness of the plight of Uyghur poets who are being sent to Chinese "reeducation" concentration camps.

by Perhat Tursun
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

Asylum seekers, will...

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Categories: excuses, allah, culture, discrimination, faith, islamic, race, racism,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Reclusive Accountabilities
I am sick of excuses to avoid responsibility
and I am, today, sick with excuses to avoid responsibility
with "I'm just a mortal human. I make mistakes.
I judge situations and relationships,
assess potential risks to care and nourishing...

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Categories: excuses, culture, health, humanity, humor, political, race, stress,
Form: Prose Poetry
No Happy Ending
Bright lights, big city...
bright lights, big city dreams...
please just take me away tonight
Let me rest on your elegance tonight
I have no energy left to spend in reality
so please knock me unconscious
just to be in the...

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Categories: excuses, friend, friendship, hate, heartbreak, irony, jealousy, loss,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Thomas Jefferson
It interests me to peer past the drafting
and rewriting shoulder
of Thomas Jefferson,
unhappy slave-owner,
and John Adams,
with domestic slave-owner nuisance issues,
and other principle writing minds 
of original democratic declaration and constitution shaping times,
as they listened to their...

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Categories: excuses, culture, happiness, health, humor, independence day, psychological,
Form: Political Verse
Around 4 AM - Lived Life as a Loser Snoozer
I have a lot to write and say, buddy, so hear me out some more
Don’t make me feel lower than I have ever felt before…
Listen, understand and stay quiet until I say no more…sorry if...

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Categories: excuses, addiction, anxiety, betrayal, conflict, confusion, desire, emotions,
Form: I do not know?
over and over agin
sometimes i talk to myself, 
my mind is racing,
i dont know what to do...
so hard to explain.
depression isn't a stage
or a faze some kids go through
it shatters you...
i saw it all. 
she cried silent in...

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Categories: excuses, childhood, dark, daughter, death, depression, forgiveness, imagination,
Form: Free verse
Inception: Trade Me Prosperity - Collab with Mikey part 4
Effulgent sun proffers love 
My brain makes me wonder if you remember the times shared
Back to the blessed times, I recall that you would listened, be worried about me, and, at the time,...

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Categories: excuses, emotions, words,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Dad, continued

You once said to me,"I'm a man of extremes," and I understood immediately what you meant.  When you drank, you drank hard.  When you worked you expected perfection, in yourself not others, because...

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Categories: excuses, dad,
Form: Elegy
Babylonian Anthem
Thou, O king, hast made a decree, 
that every man that shall hear the
sound of the cornet, flute, harp,
sackbut, psaltery, and dulcimer, 
and all kinds of musick, shall fall
down and worship the golden image:
And whoso...

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Categories: excuses, bible, patriotic, religious, truth,
Form: Narrative
Make it Up to Me
Insecurities is gone in a heart beat now
Emotional injuries fade away somehow
I can feel the tension as it sheds away 
I can deal with the motion of your sway

I feel you here with me, no...

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Categories: excuses, abuse, angst, depression, emotions, endurance, hurt, love
Form: Free verse
the biggest obstacle you face today, is not what's outside your door, but what's inside your mind......can you challenge yourself to challenge yourself?  You've fought with life and everyone else all your life......this will...

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Categories: excuses, birth, graduate, humanity, love, science, strength, trust,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Kingdom Of My Embrace
"Years” and “Distance”, phantoms of the dark that do their evil
in the quietude of the everyday, coming and going without so
much as a footprint or a whisper, and taking the most valuable
possessions of the heart,...

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Categories: excuses, absence, appreciation, children, family, love,
Form: Free verse
Inception: Crying a River - Collab with Mikey part 0
You’re like a backpack, jam-packed with memories of High School’s fun times and hard times…I know I had weaknesses back then; in addition, I had strengths that I still lack
You carry everyone’s weight including my...

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Categories: excuses, betrayal, blessing, dark, depression, desire, emotions,
Form: Free verse
New Day
No way! It's a new day. 
Now I can sit and write poetry all freaking day.

Time to get serious.

Each new day is the most important day in this life. 

A life is a blessing. 


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Categories: excuses, appreciation, beautiful, beauty, change, deep, life,
Form: Didactic
Premium Member Digital Creationism
Digital Creationism
(Man 0, God 1)         

Part 1: Binary God
For men it seems God is a binary function
And like ones and zeros 'HE IS ON or 'he's off.'

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Categories: excuses, relationship,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Gifted By God
I am just a nobody with no fortune and no fame,
But rich in ways many others wouldn't ever think to claim.
Among His many blessings, I'm blessed with a Gift to create,
To share with and touch...

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Categories: excuses, blessing, faith, god, inspiration, love, perspective, thanksgiving,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Violence, The Norm
Why is ANYone surprised by this violence?!?
Our icons, and heroes, and mentors, and 
Example-setters, many of them with visibility
And fame given to them ONLY by the money

WE give them to perform, play, or ply their

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Categories: excuses, anger, hate, philosophy, violence, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
Ode To A Wretched Robot
“You meddling mechanical moron,
you’ve ruined everything,
the thingamabob is running amok,
can’t you hear the alarm bells ring?
You clinking, clanking cretin,
you demented digital dunce,
you never do what I tell you,
and I’ve warned you more than once.
You’re a...

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Categories: excuses, humor, science fiction,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Picture This
Picture this.
Exploding pipe bombs.
Land fields that can take your arms off.
Driving off road, and frenzied, with excitement 
Adrenaline RAGING.
Oh, yes, Syrian Teenagers,
It is “Let’s See If We Are Really Alive” day.
Okay, we’ll let in some...

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Categories: excuses, malayalam, moving on, patriotic, perspective, political, presidents
Form: Free verse
If death had a fee I would gladly pay
To see my beloved father everyday
How can I forget this good man
Who left us on the 10th of May
Despite that I prayed to the Lord each and...

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Categories: excuses, death, father, god,
Form: Rhyme
These are the thoughts and 
feelings of a
plus sized chick,
One who is defined as plump and 
With chunks of fat and extra skin,
Rounded edges and puffed up 
This is her being raw and real
Saying it...

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Categories: excuses, emotions
Form: ABC
Premium Member Samara

Cerulean sky, silvery cloud;
           looked down and found me lost in a crowd.
Some nights I flew, followed the breeze.
	Some nights my world, turned into a...

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Categories: excuses, allusion, life, metaphor, seasons,
Form: Masnavi
Premium Member Farewell, Phantoms
I, heart on sleeve ... proudly? I suppose, in a contrite way ...
          but it's beyond my breadth to control, so it is what it IS.

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Categories: excuses, hope, lost love, relationship, true love, wisdom,
Form: Free verse