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Around 4 AM - Lived Life as a Loser Snoozer

I have a lot to write and say, buddy, so hear me out some more Don’t make me feel lower than I have ever felt before… Listen, understand and stay quiet until I say no more…sorry if I’m a bore... Know this – a sea of beauty isn't a sea without its shimmering, shallow shore I can’t forget what happened to me long ago It’s around 4:30 AM right now and I don’t know If there’s a chance for me to change my sleeping habits any time soon…I sleep well once in a blue moon..maybe by afternoon! Please, someone, enhance my endurance to eagerly embrace a more optimistic tune..I swear, I need to get well soon…hoping real soon Soon, I will rest for a while and wake up, feeling refreshed or fatigued…either one! It’s not always technology's fault that I stay awake and alert like a Knight For my sake and others' who struggle similar to me, Don’t discourage me by saying I make excuses to be up all freakin' night Excuse my language and my gutter mouth…possibly… No one cares that I am an insomniac who needs help and direction Everyone seems to get their sleep peacefully, wishing I had… I’m neglected with rejection and I pray for His abundant affection Hey, not to mention I pray for rest to make me feel like glad… Upset and disappointed…what can I say? I have no words to say, but words to write today I can’t help, but feel like dying sometimes…did too many selfish crimes I am thankful to be alive and I did survive such dark, dangerous times You know what? Come on, wake up from your bliss…rinse away my rain of pain Help me up in the clouds of cheerful restfulness and help me not to go insane Dig deep into the roots and soil of my inner-being and its struggles I’m concentrating on trying to relax and such While you are effortlessly asleep by warm touch It’s tough to be in my skin, sprouting with hopeless hair I’ve been cooped up at home all night…I need some air… Disappear, despair that I desperately feel…and deal with… It’s clearly complicated where I’ve been, again, It’s left unsaid because no one seems to care… typical that they aren’t anywhere I bet I will be up until the daylight comes at ten This insane, isolative insomnia doesn’t play fair…found the urge to sleep nowhere But, I won’t dispose of hope…despite my countless troubles that doubles It’s 5 AM and I am wishing I could be someone else right now Oh, I see I am losing a few hours of sleep and it freaks me out I probably shouldn’t worry anyhow…I will seek sleep somehow I based too many poems on my insomnia that it’s a problem no doubt… I’m stressed somewhat…no big deal… It’s 4 AM and the struggle is really real… Ridiculous how I am still up and about It sounds silly and feels quite funny no doubt I will laugh away my many issues I will give you a pair of my shoes Here you go, try them on…put your feet into them… Hope you know that it’s not easy to be a worrisome Gem No worries…I will find out a wondrous way to sleep it off today I guess, no matter what, I will keep trying to fight the grand fight of finally…giving in to a sweet and surreal sleep… Suppose I will dig deep for fine results I will cease from pulling a thousand nighters like a creep and I will sleep without a peep…mentally counting silly, puny sheep Don’t bring me down with your insults Don’t be mean…just because you sleep perfectly doesn’t mean I do too…I won’t deal with dismay and I know that everything will be okay as long as I seek change that will happen in a remarkable, unexpected way – I pray it happens this way…sleep well as I count sheep, coming their merry way and they are in my over-stimulated mind to baa away and stay or wander aimlessly and shamelessly stray Wait…let me catch my breath… I’m bothering you with my rants and shenanigans once again… I almost talked myself to death Now, I got to rest my mouth, mind and everything else again… Might as well count a hundred hens and then… Maybe…just a itty-bitty maybe Maybe…hm…okay, perhaps, I will have a cat nap relapse And I will get some well-deserved rest If not, better late than never… You snooze, you lose…I do so at my best! Yeah right, alright then, whatever.. I’ll sleep eventually…no problem there, no scars to bear Just don’t mention my horrible sleep habits whatsoever It’s not like I don’t care…I did care to write and share I won’t regret or feel bad about it…I know I will get better…… And feel better and be a gracious, glorious go-getter… For my issues of restlessness of but temporary weather My issues were all because…all because… I chose to be a snoozer loser – to sleep is my personal next dare..... Now, I need a restless, reckless applause… To my misfortune, my night was one sleepless, living nightmare! Bang the gong of finally-sleeping-since-forever Now, I am a snoozer winner, but just a beginner without a fuss Believe it or not. Insomnia has a huge stinger And it has stung me an infinity times…gr, what a jerkasaurus Nevermind all that name-calling and all that nonsensical jazz to the marvelous max Tranquil-deceiving insomnia, do me a wild favor and stop being a sleepy-time hater I told myself to calm down a notch and close my eyes…just let me kick back and relax… Change is a challenging chore as I always say; oh wait, hey, alarm clock, don’t be a traitor! Let me sleep well as hell…silent slumber ditched me… Before the alarm goes off like a countless number of coughs Dreams of mine, I will dwell…I will rest, so leave me be I will ignore the rest of their scoffs…pretend It’s their laughs Rest is granted for everyone to take a break from work When will restlessness stop acting like a berserk jerk? Guess I may never know, while I reap these tears I weep, What it’s like to have a pleasant night’s sleep…drifting to and fro in the deep...

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Date: 7/13/2018 5:45:00 PM
JW, if that is your picture, you look young and very handsome. If you have insomnia now, wait until you're old with a ton of pain, then you can call me and talk. Until then have a warm glass of milk, go to bed and good night.
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Salehi Avatar
Pashang Salehi
Date: 7/15/2018 1:29:00 AM
Once again you're blessed with youth and looks...some people need little sleep, it depends upon your metabolism. Don't force yourself, if you cannot sleep get up and read... Check Joseph Cambell books or better his youtube. I'll give the first one...
Earnings Avatar
J.W. Earnings
Date: 7/14/2018 7:54:00 AM
Good morning and/or night or wherever you may be :))
Earnings Avatar
J.W. Earnings
Date: 7/14/2018 7:53:00 AM
My mom was and is still good to me LOL. I have pain of restlessness. I think that is enough to say it’s painful and a struggle. Believe it or not, I am only 21 and probably inexperienced as an insomniac professional fortunately! =D A warm, chocolate milk preferably. Many thanks for your comment. -JWE
Earnings Avatar
J.W. Earnings
Date: 7/14/2018 7:51:00 AM
Yes, that is my actual picture :). Thank you so much ~ actually, I have severe insomnia since I was a child. My mom drank coffee while I was in her womb - maybe that's why! Just kidding... :)