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Make it Up to Me
Insecurities is gone in a heart beat now Emotional injuries fade away somehow I can feel the tension as it sheds away I can deal with the motion of your sway I feel you here with me, no sense of rejection I taste you so close, pounding me with affection Your eyes interlock with mine and I’m feeling fine As our rainbow auras combine; paradise, we will dine My endless poetry vanishes out of my reach These words I speak is an unknown screech Hear the echoes of my heart beating, it beats so fast See the shadows of our past disappear at last…at last… Silently, raindrops from bitter clouds Shower us with bittersweet shrouds Why don’t you pound me with beloved affection? Oh, why don’t you paint me with mere precision? I weep while I depart from your embrace My heart leaps insane just to see your face All you leave me with is a disdainful trace I can’t keep pace with your graceful race Sentiments of shame and jealousy mask me Please rescue me from the flames of utter envy I need and want your lovely, majestic loving But, instead, you left me with little to nothing Breathless and speechless Helpless and hopeless More or less in distress You treated me like another laundry mess You treated me like I was your carpet I’m on a leash of your animosity and regret I deserve better than your negativity and neglect You stomped on me heartlessly as if I was a hideous insect Accept me for who I have become…reject not my intellect I miss you and how you were before I don’t know you at all, no, not anymore Don’t ask for my unconditional forgiveness, For I have given you several chances…yes I did… I won’t be used for your selfish happiness I said hello to you; in return, the goodbyes you bid I have a good enough reason to begin life without you around I can be satisfied and well off, never overwhelmed all year round All I wanted was your affection, It was that simple and clear I guess you never understood where I stood…I was here… I held you oh so dear… With hope and cheer… Wait, healing is near… To drive away my fear… Of losing you in the long run You thought hurting me was fun You have felt my pangs of pain I am the clouds, soaking in rain Too much wishful thinking won’t get me anywhere Now that It’s clear to me, I will seek affection elsewhere Pitiful excuses won’t give me relief, just despair won’t leave me be Your grief won’t ever stop me from simply being happy-go-lucky And you didn’t notice my need for you You didn’t even consider my want too I expected you to pound me with affection Simply because I love you, despite the tension Between us…as it reveals its true colors as time flies No worries or fuss…we will get through this, no lies Listen to my pleas of your adoration beyond significant Above all forms of temporary love that I find unimportant I was never an ignorant or deceived dreamer, so don’t say I was The reason I feel deprived of passionate touch is because…because… I simply want you and your affection to lift me up… To lift me up above the concrete of slowly giving up… This loneliness is devouring my inner inspiration again and again These insecurities we felt inside could scare away a million men I need everything I don’t have and I’m not afraid to say it I am not ashamed of my well-being and needs I must admit I’m letting you know I got to simply let go Of everything that is a burden to me or a struggle to me Our relationship is separate rather than together I see I wish I can retrieve my writings back But, I can’t look back, but forward is my knack It’s like a convenient snack in my school backpack I was irrelevant like an underrated magazine on a rack I want the old you back… I want the old me back… I want and I crave your affection that you pound in me – I thought you were my only liberty Possibly, you understand where I stand, Holding the flag of possibilities regarding positivity I am but a single speck of ocean sand… Things between us is getting out of hand I hope you have the motivation to dig deep inside me Instead of judging me and manipulating me harshly I have given you an abundant amount of chances…I’ll give you one more… Because I can’t get over you and I’m not through with your affection I adore You are in chains in my heart I was abandoned from the start Obviously, it didn’t ring a bell That I sought your affection a lot It’s funny that you couldn’t tell That I loved you with all the strength I got You didn’t care and used me up till the brink of madness You didn’t mind my suffering and hardships in its vastness Great to know your affection was simply lies in disguise You only looked forward to the ultimate prize and highs Of pleasure that is wicked with twisted splendor Is our future still a mighty blur? I am unsure… You ignored me, but I endured the nightmare, this unusual nightmare You were a dream come true until you disappeared out of nowhere All you can really say and do Is tell me I’ll make it up to you Pound me with affection one more time Because your shine has turned to sick grime!
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