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Jobs Poems

Jobs Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about jobs. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for jobs.

New Poems

Looking at You, I See An Honest Man
Looking into your eyes, I see a determined man
spurned by an arrogant father, who ignored him.
Your eyes are a porthole of courage and restraint.

Looking at your face, there a flash of goodness
when your young son reaches up to be held....Read More
Categories: 11th grade, courage, father, jobs, loss, love,
Form: Verse

Neighborly Distances
From a neighborly distance, the drama of a life's finality unfolded
A man named Mient. Once a well-known construction-scientist
When we became neighbors at Christmas he was a double amputee
Both legs taken by diabetes, then a man of his own ethnicity
Challenged him...Read More
Categories: jobs, angst, anti bullying, betrayal, conflict, confusion, death,
Form: Verse
My Worth
My worth is not in what I own -
In real estate, or company,
Big car or boat, prized jewelry,
Investments that have grown.

My worth is not in what I do -
The job I work, or what I’m paid
Awards, promotions, deals I’ve made;
How...Read More
Categories: children, family, jobs, love, wife,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Premium Member A Trucking Tale
Young trainee driver behind the wheel blurt out a helpless damn
Were starting down hill brakes are gone I'm afraid were in a jam
To the old trucker in the bunk what should I do
His reply your behind the wheel it's up...Read More
Categories: funny, jobs, work,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Ownership
By: Tom 2-9-2020

A job that’s half done,
Was better left unstarted.
Your work signs your name! 

...Read More
Categories: jobs, work,
Form: Haiku

Nick Knock
I was in between jobs at the time and running short of cash,
so without a need to now explain my future don’t look flash.
I tramped from door to door to plead my unemployment case
in a hope that sympathetic souls would...Read More
Categories: jobs, humor,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Hangman
Wonder what the hangman had in mind
When he was looking in the doomed man’s eyes,
While double-checking if the noose was right 
Did he have haunting, hollow dreams at night?
Did he empathize with the condemned man?
Was it compassion for beloved ones?
Or...Read More
Categories: jobs,
Form: Narrative
Life's Destiny
Something about this nature calls to me
To set me free
Of this heartbreak I forsee

Inside, something stirrs
Though my destiny still blurs
But what do I prefer?

Should I care for a young one?
Or is that too much to be done?
Though, it seems like...Read More
Categories: destiny, fate, jobs,
Form: Rhyme
Best free jobs ever
...Read More
Categories: jobs, allusion, satire,
Form: Triolet
Premium Member Evening 2020
At the close of day
The shadows lengthen,
Birds fly to their nests,
Some children run home,
The sun disappears.

Shops do not close,
Not any more,
Open till late,
Kept busy, too.

As for jobs,
Not the norm



...Read More
Categories: children, day, home, jobs,
Form: Diminished Hexaverse
Economic Conditions and Thoughts
I am a labor economist who prepared the unemployment rate,
I was checking with other labor economists about this.

Average income has been decreasing.

Unemployed are dropping out of the workforce.

More workers than ever have multiple jobs needed
tp support themselves with. 

More workers...Read More
Categories: jobs, allegory, analogy,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Asexual
While I pretty much pined for this impeachment
my fellow Americans voted for this guy and they could be right
I’ve been wrong before, stuck as we are with a system
that generates some perplexful leaders, democracy being the worst form 
 ...Read More
Categories: god, heart, humanity, jobs, leadership, nature, sexy,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Way of all flesh
At five foot four and seven stone,
Steve was all skin and bone,
At six foot two and twenty stone,
Brenda was all muscle and tone.

A love story of strange proportions,
Their bonding needed no potions,
It was a pure attraction of the heart,
In which...Read More
Categories: jobs, gender, god, humanity, love,
Form: Rhyme
Principal Clown
He walks around with his nose pointing upward in the air
With calculating eyes that are so fearful, mouth moving from side to side and a tongue that keeps twisting around the things that are profound. Nonsensical words are constantly dripping...Read More
Categories: jobs, break up, business, community, conflict, confusion, courage,
Form: Narrative
What it means is
Feeling overwhelmed 
She looked into having
Someone watched over
areas where meddlers
could cause havoc
Or undo all she had
She remembered her father
saying to her
" everyone that's qualified to
be your lover; maynot be
Qualifed to do the work"
She smiled thinking of old
lovers, adding some of...Read More
Categories: bridal shower, engagement, jobs, music, sunshine,
Form: Ballade
What Did You Do With Gods Tithe
Jesus taught the world
to become fishers of men
to collect Gods tithe
to overcome poverty

Yet men taught themselves
to steal Gods money
and spend it on themselves
take a look

at the houses brought
by the leaders of the church
where once they have your money
they build mansions...Read More
Categories: jobs, inspiration, international,
Form: Narrative
Lib's A Fib
I'd like to write a line or two
About Woman Lib
In this age of women's rights
I feel that lib's a fib
"Equal Rights for Women!"
I agree with that, for sure
But twentieth-century women want
Equal rights and more

More jobs and equal rights
More pay and...Read More
Categories: jobs, 10th grade,
Form: Rhyme
Fence and the fox
Cattleman's pride
who put the bounty
on the head of the
Danger City Cowboy?
somebody said something
and those Varmitts responded to it.
Otters curiosity.
Texas Cloverleaf......
Belgian Blue, Angus Piedmontese, Salers, Barzuna, Hasserdolt, Charbracy, Senpol,Parthenaise,Maremmana,Sussex, Simmental.......
Bach-Ouse.BrineFast........Grollop,differentate between wisdom and experience.ayam,feral,asil,silkie,Bramhma

. ...;;;;
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;      ...Read More
Categories: culture, farm, jobs, music, myth, song, space,
Form: Ballad
Hard Case
Hard Case
Brubaker was a real big fat fecker
He lived by the jail and hunted escaped cons
Using three Bloodhouds and his wits
He carried a shotgun loaded for cons
With rock salt to maim but not kill
Brubaker was a hard case
Being an ex...Read More
Categories: america, jobs, judgement, prison,
Form: Blank verse
Effective Plans
It will take time
to phase out oil-based 
technology people from 
the oil industry

Could also be used
creating, pipelines
building desalination 
plants o get water 

Into the mountains
means plenty of work 
for people 
Imagine all the pipelines

you would have to create
Granted if we...Read More
Categories: jobs, inspiration, international,
Form: Narrative
We should Expect
"It harder for a Rich man to get into heaven,
than it is, for a camel to get through 
to get through the eye of a needle"
with great wealth comes great power

God expects more of the wealthy
in a position of wealth,...Read More
Categories: jobs, inspiration, international,
Form: Narrative
Gods Anger Not Just The Church
If I was God 
I'd be angry with the world
I tried to teach the Romans

Instead, the Romans
taught the world how to build empires
The Roman taught the world
how to take over countries

and charge then a tribute
call it a tax, call it...Read More
Categories: jobs, inspiration, international,
Form: Narrative
The Church
I don't really want to cripple the church
I realize that the Pope and the church have problems
Imagine in his position
all the expenses of the church

The budgets, electricity 
building maintenance wages
costs of administration
Granted the disciples

used to spend
the tithe on themselves
buying food...Read More
Categories: jobs, inspiration, international,
Form: Narrative
NarcaSarah was sacked
Gave the girl power 
She abused it like a cowered
Short fat thick and ugly
She felt like she towered

Handing staff her daily jobs
Show skills when skilled she’s not
slow learner practically stopped 
but in her suit believes she’s god

Now she feels she’s...Read More
Categories: jobs, slam,
Form: Rhyme
Only Me
13 years to make sense of it, intensively hit, lost jobs lost friendship, what happened to nick? A mystery turned my life to misery no one understanding me as they had the upper hand on me no one behind free...Read More
Categories: jobs, age,
Form: Rhyme