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Career Poems

Career Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about careers. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for career.

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course, race, orbit, passage, pilgrimage, progress, walk, procedure,

New Poems

Premium Member Baby Shower Boy
Congratulations, dear one, as you celebrate this hour
When you are called to be a mom and have a baby shower
The little lad that grows within will be your very first
And on the day that he is born your heart will...Read More
Categories: baby, boy, career, joy, mother,
Form: Rhyme

For Anil Sook DEO
Here lies a small brown man, maybe average, with heart, mixed
Sounded and spelled AMERICAN, spoke always of Africa
Loved words, could not communicate career choices
Johns Hopkins Professors joined ones at Indiana University (Go Hoosiers!)
In noting his non-American marriage would hurt
9-11 and...Read More
Categories: 12th grade, africa, anti bullying, career, character,
Form: Epitaph
which whert mentioned
jealously he sat watching
thinking, believing,
 and knowing
he could sing it better.
he heard the intro's
 and took que along with
the vocalist , background 
singers, and the orchestra
from the audience he
 watched jealously waiting until
the orchestra instructed 
him to began singing
he wished...Read More
Categories: beautiful, career, engagement, inspirational, love, music, visionary,
Form: Classicism
Premium Member The Child Smells
The child smells
Like cat urine only ten times worse
His classmates shun him
He reeks
A police officer arrives for career day
And recognizes the smell
It is not cat urine
It is methamphetamine
This changes everything

...Read More
Categories: career, drug,
Form: Free verse
Best coaching institute near me
Shutterupp, an online education hub claims it would be the best coaching center finder in Jaipur

Meanwhile the era of social media networks, the internet, and online businesses, the students and business owners both, and especially belonging to the education sector...Read More
Categories: business, career, computer, desire, education, environment, universe,
Form: Narrative

Premium Member Motherhood and Employee Britches
Like a parvenu with new found riches,
I had to adjust to the new thrust of
wearing both motherhood and work britches.
But unlike riches with pleasure twitches,
my changes gained me pressure stiches!
I became a day and night thriving,
gotta getter-doner energizer
conquering to-do lists...Read More
Categories: angst, career, change, children, mother, stress, women,
Form: Free verse
Pure victory
Is a clean win important? 
And does it matter if it doesn't? 
That's my problem: 
Are the damage my words? 

What difference does it make how you achieved it 
What do you have now? 
And you're no longer in debt,...Read More
Categories: analogy, career, day, poems,
Form: Blank verse
Neighborly Distances
From a neighborly distance, the drama of a life's finality unfolded
A man named Mient. Once a well-known construction-scientist
When we became neighbors at Christmas he was a double amputee
Both legs taken by diabetes, then a man of his own ethnicity
Challenged him...Read More
Categories: career, angst, anti bullying, betrayal, conflict, confusion, death,
Form: Verse
Writing till I am out of ink
When I feel empty
And the world gets hefty
I write to fill up the emptiness

When the truth is like a mystery
Explained by a spiritual verity
I write to remember the truth

When joy is too short for revelry
Lurking by the corners is misery
I...Read More
Categories: career, courage, emotions, encouraging, endurance, write, writing,
Form: Rhyme
The Glow
My heart is bleeding but no blood is dripping
My spirit is crying but no tears are flowing
The trees are moving but the wind is not blowing
A low feeling came over today that led my spirit astray
It rocked my emotion and...Read More
Categories: career, celebrity, character, cheer up, deep, emotions,
Form: Narrative
Do you hear the whispers?
They are all around for those who listen.
I prefer to ignore the noise,
For out of darkness the voices are risen.
He did this, and she did that;
If it needs to be spoken about,
Then speak it plain and...Read More
Categories: career, feelings, heartbreak, judgement, perspective, technology,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Cletus O'Toole's Navy Career Sank Sans A Trace
Cletus joined the Navy on a fool whim

   And was told he needed to learn to swim

      He was launched off the dock

         And he...Read More
Categories: career, humorous, military,
Form: Limerick
Miners Dog
High home summer hill

Straining, sucking, sitting

Staring, stopped and stick-

A pit-prop tight and gripped.

The trees across the valley

Much higher than he can go now.

I pant to reassure him

In time with his withered eyes.

His tongue, tombed gritty green

He’s faithful, though he’s fading

Bones...Read More
Categories: career, community, metaphor, pets, symbolism, trust, work,
Form: Free verse
It's amazing how lazy people
make up excuses for themselves
it's never their fault 
when the work doesn't get done

the power of girls
lies in the back door of gossip
they gang up in teams
gossiping destroying reputations

but play the innocent when caught
it wasn't me
the...Read More
Categories: career, inspiration, international,
Form: Narrative
Folklore to Global Galore
Folklore being our culture
Heritage and traditional couture 

Gets limited by its geography
Never flies out of its topography

When it is translated globally
And interlocked mutually

Local language just goes global
When translated by English Royal

Let's translate all local lore
To take it to the global...Read More
Categories: allegory, angel, baby, career, celebration, dedication, fantasy,
Form: Couplet
Friends rightly choose Poetic form: Contrapuntal Poem

One can’t be surrounded by negative minded friends;
Needs to choose friends with right frame of mind.
Some friends will criticize your thoughts unashamedly;
If you guided by unwanted advice, you’ll not make attempts.
So called friends intentionally spoil the mood to act right;
Neither...Read More
Categories: career, friend,
Form: Verse
Message in a Hennessy Bottle

Beneath the rubble of the Ocean
Where Panoply Swirls Decadent
Memories of Jupiter
Before the Flood-Omega
and, retro-spect, the turn of Archimedes

Poseidon in A Rage
Prophecies the Doom of the Titans
The Rush of the Nightengales 
In the Dark of Obsidian Night
In the Cool of the...Read More
Categories: animal, anti bullying, boat, business, career, desire,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member Careers advice
Be a Teacher - earn not a lot, 
work a lot - be stressed to the 
point you’ll lose your sanity. 
The government will constantly 
try its hardest to deliver new 
and improved stresses to your life.

Be a Dr -...Read More
Categories: career,
Form: Free verse
Bubbles: Limerick Warning
There was a lady from the Near East
Who claimed her husband was a near-beast
She went along for his rides
Until your outside and his insides
Became for her voodoo just near-yeast...Read More
Categories: betrayal, break up, brother, career, confusion, psychological,
Form: Limerick
When I dream, which is very often, 
I'm flying into space with my thoughts: 
...Add a contrast color there… 
...Ah, it is a pity not the citizenship… 
...Start a career as a science fiction writer?.. 
...Hmm, the room is not...Read More
Categories: career, baby, child, fear, poetry, remember, truth,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member INCENTIVE

Those who love what they do are not in need of an incentive! 

© Demetrios Trifiatis
    03 February 2020

...Read More
Categories: career, love, work,
Form: Monoku
Premium Member You've Come A Long Way, Baby
Women's Liberation has been long overdue,
Its history is shameful,
Women treated as painted dolls,
Pretty playthings
With neither brain nor will,
Marriage and child-bearing their lot.

They did, however, have "accomplishments".
A genteel young lady
Had to be proficient in music and art,
But not be a "blue...Read More
Categories: career, art, baby, child, discrimination, men, women,
Form: Sestina
Graduation Day

I know I was excited when graduation came
And I walked to the platform as you proudly called my name.
I held my hand out proudly, my diploma to receive;
My high school days were finished, ‘twas so hard to believe.
And then...Read More
Categories: career, graduation,
Form: Rhyme
A friend is not a friend

Sometimes friends are like 
Important yet worthless in 
certain space, 
When the going gets tough, 
They are in need not indeed 

I have seen them 
Through the tiny spot of my eyes 
We share dreams and aspirations
But jealousy lives...Read More
Categories: career, 12th grade, africa, best friend, betrayal, character,
Form: Free verse
A True Champion
"A True Champion"
by:  Eric L. Boddie

Knowing you were 24 when you also retired an eight
Only one g.o.a.t. in my Lifetime has achieved that fate
Be it 18 or 81, a little more than everything is what he gave
Even though he...Read More
Categories: appreciation, basketball, career, celebration, inspiration, memorial, motivation,
Form: Narrative