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Emotions Quotations

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Quote Left I did not believe political directives could be successfully applied to creative writing . . . not to poetry or fiction, which to be valid had to express as truthfully as possible the individual emotions and reactions of the writer. Quote Right
Quote Left The advantage of the emotions is that they lead us astray. Quote Right
Quote Left Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you. Quote Right
Quote Left I have enjoyed greatly the second blooming that comes when you finish the life of the emotions and of personal relations and suddenly find - at the age of fifty, say - that a whole new life has opened before you, filled with things you can think about, study, or read about...It is as if a fresh sap of ideas and thoughts was rising in you. Quote Right
Quote Left I have enjoyed greatly the second blooming that comes when you finish the life of the emotions and of personal relations; and suddenly find - at the age of fifty, say - that a whole new life has opened before you, filled with things you can think about, study, or read about...It is as if a fresh sap of ideas and thoughts was rising in you. Quote Right
Quote Left How pleasant it was in the garden! And how delightful other people's emotions were! -- much more delightful than their ideas, it seemed to him. One's own soul, and the passions of one's friends -- those were the fascinating things in life. He pictured to himself with silent amusement the tedious luncheon that he had missed by staying so long with Basil Hallward. Had be gone to his aunt's, he would have been sure to have met Lord Goodbody there, and the whole conversation would have been about the feeding of the poor and the necessity for model lodging-houses. Each class would have preached the importance of those virtues, for whose exercise there was no necessity in their own lives. The rich would have spoken on the value of thrift, and the idle grown eloquent over the dignity of labour. It was charming to have escaped all that! Quote Right
Quote Left The only religious way to think of death is as a part and parcel of life to regard it, with the understanding and the emotions, as the inviolable condition of life. Quote Right
Quote Left She runs the gamut of emotions from A to B. Quote Right
Quote Left She ran the whole gamut of emotions from A to B. Quote Right
Quote Left Virtue depends partly upon training and partly upon practice; you must learn first, and then strengthen your learning by action. If this be true, not only do the doctrines of wisdom help us but the precepts also, which check and banish our emotions by a sort of official decree. Quote Right
Quote Left What was significant about the laughter . . . was not just the fact that it provides internal exercise for a person . . .a form of jogging for the innards, but that it creates a mood in which the other positive emotions can be put to work, too. Quote Right
Quote Left You can't expect to prevent negative feelings altogether. And you can't expect to experience positive feelings all the time. The Law of Emotional Choice directs us to acknowledge our feelings but also to refuse to get stuck in the negative ones. Quote Right
Quote Left I've always found it easy and natural and, more importantly, necessary to articulate thoughts and feelings, and fierce emotions, through the written word. Fantasy and horror came to me when I was very young. Quote Right
Quote Left Sentimentality is the only sentiment that rubs you the wrong way. Quote Right
Quote Left We really just want our son back. We've felt a lot of emotions in the past few days fear, anger and frustration but we really want to acknowledge the kindness of the people of Clarion and the hard work of Officer Peck. Quote Right
Quote Left Romantic love is an illusion. Most of us discover this truth at the end of a love affair or else when the sweet emotions of love lead us into marriage and then turn down their flames. Quote Right
Quote Left The prevailing attunement is at any given time the condition of our openness for perceiving and dealing with what we encounter; the pitch at which our existence is vibrating. What we call moods, feelings, affects, emotions, and states are the concrete modes in which the possibilities for being open are fulfilled. They are at the same time the modes in which this perceptive openness can be narrowed, distorted, or closed off. Quote Right
Quote Left We're waiting for emotions to subside, and we hope that the opposition will go back to their seats so we can proceed with the debate and hopefully with the voting, Quote Right
Quote Left Sentiment is the poetry of the imagination. Quote Right
Quote Left He was shooting anyone just sitting there. My emotions are so crazy right now I don't know what to say ... For something like this to happen is just crazy. Quote Right
Quote Left It is as healthy to enjoy sentiment as to enjoy jam. Quote Right
Quote Left Each man must grant himself the emotions that he needs and the morality that suits him. Quote Right
Quote Left We have to keep our composure and understand that they're going to have a lot of emotions [in Game 4]. There are good things to learn from this game. We just lost on a crazy shot. Quote Right
Quote Left I'm not sure what he did, but it looked ugly. It's kind of mixed emotions. The kids wrestled really well, but it's sad to see a kid go down with a freak accident. I would have rather we took second and have him back for the rest of the year. Quote Right
Quote Left There can be no transforming of darkness into light and of apathy into movement without emotion. Quote Right
Quote Left Whenever I hear people talking about 'liberal ideas,' I am always astounded that men should love to fool themselves with empty sounds. An idea should never be liberal it must be vigorous, positive, and without loose ends so that it may fulfill its divine mission and be productive. The proper place for liberality is in the realm of the emotions. Quote Right
Quote Left I'll be ready, but I just have to try to keep my emotions down. I'm not going to be nervous about the [setting], it'll just be different. And there's just the little extra stress of having to get tickets . Quote Right
Quote Left A wave of anger washed over me, anger against myself, at my age at the time, that stupid lyrically age, when a man is too great a riddle to himself to be interested in the riddles outside himself and when other people are mere walking mirrors in which he is amazed to find his own emotions, his own worth. Quote Right
Quote Left The fact that the lower animals are excited by the same emotions as ourselves is so well established, that it will not be necessary to weary the reader by many details. Terror acts in the same manner on them as on us, causing the muscles to tremble, the heart to palpitate, the sphincters to be relaxed, and the hair to stand on end. Suspicion, the offspring of fear, is eminently characteristic of most wild animals. It is, I think, impossible to read the account given by Sir E. Tennent, of the behaviour of the female elephants, used as decoys, without admitting that they intentionally practise deceit, and well know what they are about. Courage and timidity are extremely variable qualities in the individuals of the same species, as is plainly seen in our dogs. Some dogs and horses are ill-tempered, and easily turn sulky; others are good-tempered; and these qualities are certainly inherited. Every one knows how liable animals are to furious rage, and how plainly they shew it. Many, and probably true, anecdotes have been published on the long-delayed and artful revenge of various animals. The accurate Rengger, and Brehm state that the American and African monkeys which they kept tame, certainly revenged themselves. Sir Andrew Smith, a zoologist whose scrupulous accuracy was known to many persons, told me the following story of which he was himself an eye-witness; at the Cape of Good Hope an officer had often plagued a certain baboon, and the animal, seeing him approaching one Sunday for parade, poured water into a hole and hastily made some thick mud, which he skilfully dashed over the officer as he passed by, to the amusement of many bystanders. For long afterwards the baboon rejoiced and triumphed whenever he saw his victim. Quote Right
Quote Left What happens is that people will not pay attention to eating and drinking and be caught up in the emotions. You need food and water and fundamental caring and reaching out to these people. Quote Right

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Quote Left Unexpected connection, unbreakable bond, unforgettable bliss, countless laughs, and unconditional love are what make relationship so special. Sometimes there are unreasonable fights and unexplainable emotions, but the undeniable truth is that our hearts remain inseparable. We create unimaginable memories, make forgivable mistakes, and cherish the moments we share. It's all part of the beautiful and sometimes unpredictable journey of life and love. Quote Right
Quote Left Everything we perceive is based on a number of variables, including our senses, emotions, mental and physical health, life experiences and the influences of others. But, our intuition is our higher self and knowledge in action. Quote Right
Quote Left "The poet's pen weaves magic through ink and paper, illuminating the ordinary with extraordinary hues. With each stroke, worlds unfurl and emotions ignite, inviting hearts to dance in the realm of verse." Quote Right
Quote Left EMOTIONS Love & Pain Two powerful forces Depending on the vulnerability of the situation, it makes you stronger or weaker, good or bad, feel dead or alive. BUT THE SPIRIT TO FOLLOW IT THROUGH IS A CHOICE THAT DEFINES YOUR SOUL Quote Right
Quote Left Silage of emotions carry capacity of displaying misty delusion; that's where the values find grace, that's where resolutions help . Quote Right
Quote Left Our deepest emotions and traumas inspire our greatest artistic expression. Quote Right
Quote Left When primary emotions push someone to disrespect secrets of others , it is a big disaster in life. By Alfonso Warally Ngengethe Mussabwa Chris Quote Right
Quote Left Poetry is of everything! Inspired emotions, From the hearts that bring! That certain notion, Could be a song to sing! Of minds devotion, Poetry is of everything! Lawrence G. Ingle Quote Right
Quote Left We often don't pay a heed to even the most sincere advice, even when that's the sole thing which will help to sail through.. But the fact is that listening always helps! Entangled thoughts and emotions never help to create anything beautiful. Wisdom says listen to all.. Learn from all! Quote Right
Quote Left Level up: When one is able to understand the actions and calculations and the reasons behind... that's when true empathising steps in.... That's when we didn't forgive... Instead we understand and hold the hand tighter. Emotions are temporary, wisdom prevails through out! Quote Right
Quote Left KNIGHT-ERRANT A symbol of the Christ Soul or Indwelling Self, a Wanderer and Saviour in the Lower Nature, rescuing the Higher emotions from captivity to the Lower Desires and Vanquishing the Oppressors of the Virtues Quote Right
Quote Left Control your emotions which makes you even pass through difficult struggles and problems. Quote Right
Quote Left Problems can't be solved with emotions. You need to have a right mindset and employ wisdom and skills. Never lose your direction or target in life. By Chipepo Lwele Quote Right
Quote Left Variety of thoughts with in and around, the perceptions resulting and leading to oozing emotions, the reactions and plans to handle the perceptions and emotions continue and multiply until *we stop* . The silence, the listening power is the only tool which can bring respite in form of proper SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats )analysis and postive growth. Quote Right
Quote Left Laughter is when what pleases the eyes,pleases the mind, heart and emotions as well.The result is robust Quote Right
Quote Left Ego is just like the full moon which mesmerises and takes control but the emotional turmoil goes beyond control. The gurgling tidal emotions fail to differentiate between the right and wrong... The only target remains is a win. Quote Right
Quote Left We live amidst expectations and confusion. We demand understanding and reciprocation. We face ignorance and manipulations. We win $ we lose...... The fight, the pleasure, the fear, everything is within... We are ruled by emotions . Let the ruler be positive and progressive. Because happiness and contentment is the state with in.. Quote Right
Quote Left Mood swings are apart of emotions and shouldn’t be unexpressed because of worldly judgments. Quote Right
Quote Left Logic are but emotions handled properly. June 2022. Quote Right
Quote Left Never take advantage of a good pure heart for that heart sometimes gets weary and has emotions soon one will find out. Quote Right
Quote Left To you, these are just pretty words. To me, these are emotions I perceive. In a flawless mind of poetry nerds, Beautiful notions are what we achieve. Quote Right
Quote Left Poetry is the painting of vivid emotions on inanimate paper. Quote Right
Quote Left "In life emotions are like waves and the good one at the end of day which saves. " Quote Right
Quote Left Write what you think instead of feel, Otherwise you'll not improve your emotions By envying your thoughts further from isolation. Quote Right
Quote Left I am an artist of language, painting pictures with my words and encapsulating the emotions of our time. Quote Right
Quote Left A society where emotions come last and selfishness is considered blessed, or placed first before anything; cannot be expected to produce good fruits! – Mwanandeke Kindembo Quote Right
Quote Left Art is a flower of mind. It inspires you in many ways, drops the seeds, and grows in you. Now it is your time to bloom using all the fertilizers; experiences, emotions, and hope and the soil(where you are), and the sunlight(love of people around you). Quote Right
Quote Left Permit yourself to feel your feelings. Instead of trying to avoid difficult emotions, permit yourself to handle them. These feelings are accurate, valid, and meaningful. They can provide information and help you see things about a situation you need to change. Quote Right
Quote Left Never apologize for being sensitive or emotional. Let this be a sign that you’ve got a big heart and aren’t afraid to let others see it. Showing your emotions is a sign of strength. Quote Right
Quote Left Some people breathe in emotions, some feed on emotions. Neither this is perfect, nor that is wrong.....just know how to create a balance. The fact is..we breathe as much as we require, we keep only what we require. The fact is.... we may hogg on until we bloat and die. Quote Right