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Youth Poems

Youth Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about youth. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for youth.

New Poems

Sonnet III
The first soft snows of winter falling now;
Clinically cold, the wind cuts like a knife.
The surgeon's scalpel deals a final blow
To the numb fabric of the summer's life
Whose yellow lingered in the autumn's leaves
And warmed my hopes and brightened my...Read More
Categories: youth, winter,
Form: Sonnet

Real life always flows in
Covering the pictures stoked in the sand
Joyful fleeting thoughts
Faces and messages
Knowing but hoping no wave will come.

Sometimes just 10 minutes of closeness and calm
Often not enough to reach the school gate
No stage setting or plans can...Read More
Categories: youth, love,
Form: Blank verse
God's Symphony Called Life
English quintain

Understanding God's clear voice as a youth 
a purpose on earth, therein one can find
in His Word there rests remarkable truth.
Love God with your heart, your soul and your mind.
Second, as you love yourself, love mankind.

God knows the secrets...Read More
Categories: youth, 11th grade, art, imagery, life, light,
Form: Quintain (English)
bargain teasers
creature features

bedtime peace time
showtime on time

school night, sleep tight
TV off, turn off

nighty, nighty
goodnight, goodnight
sleep tight, sleep tight

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2019©
...Read More
Categories: analogy, anxiety, childhood, destiny, irony, youth,
Form: Footle
Premium Member Shout Away
Just because they shout out
 tell you everything you hear is a lie and doubt
it doesn't make it true.

The Hannity's, Dobbs, Coumos. Lemons of the news,
 sly as a fox, can not repair with staring loud and fumed
 repeat what...Read More
Categories: youth, america, anger, angst,
Form: Verse

my purpose
My Purpose 

I live in a house of Pain
and it reflects the neglect and hurt
of the children who live here. 
The furniture is broken or torn 
and the floors stay dirty.
No matter how hard I clean
I can’t wash away the...Read More
Categories: youth, abuse, forgiveness, hurt,
Form: Prose Poetry
The plane sets sail across an ocean of stars..
Like a cat in the dark, you appear out of nowhere.
Just when I think she's through with me, there she is.
Beckoning for me to follow her,
Same as I've always done.

It flies overhead...Read More
Categories: youth, age, crush, cute love, love, love hurts,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Nights Were Our Time Setting Our World Ablaze
(Three Lives, Three Sonnets, Three Friends, Fate's Dark Hand)
POEM 1. Nights Were Our Time Setting Our World Ablaze
POEM 2. When Man Lusts For All, Seeking All The More
POEM 3. Yet A Cure Within Light's Truth, May Be Found )

Poem (1.)
Nights...Read More
Categories: youth, art, best friend, friend, friendship, life, loss,
Form: Sonnet
senryu series
name of a crane
saras - India - sarees
flying past each other

friend named Bubbles
or "victory" originally
he alone unchanged in Guateng

green pastures, youth, Durban
Bad old good South Africa
those days, parents, gone

at prayer in Lenasia
Gerrie Lubbe, wife Jeanetta Hendrina -
a torch. Pray for...Read More
Categories: africa, angst, loneliness, nostalgia, prayer, tribute, youth,
Form: Senryu
senryu series
name of a crane
saras - India - sarees
flying past each other

friend named Bubbles
or "victory" originally
he alone unchanged in Guateng

green pastures, youth, Durban
Bad old good South Africa
those days, parents, gone

at prayer in Lenasia
Gerrie Lubbe, wife Jeanetta Hendrina -
a torch. Pray for...Read More
Categories: africa, angst, loneliness, nostalgia, prayer, tribute, youth,
Form: Senryu
She and I
A lady in a white dress and a yellow hat,
All filled with a fragrance of the preeminent perfume,
When I hold her tight with my bare hand,
She makes me content full of amuse.

She is the best healer and companion for me,
She...Read More
Categories: youth, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, addiction,
Form: Free verse
Come unto Me Little Children
Dearest children,  My Heart rejoices 
When I hear the sound of your voices.
The voices that spring from your hearts 
That sing to Me such sweet melody. 

For in your hearts I dwell within, 
Your youth, your innocence,  such
A...Read More
Categories: youth, children,
Form: Free verse
Misty lane
In the twilight of the setting sun
	cold wind stirrers the whispering leaves
like the whispering of have heard voices
	speaking of echoes of things now faded

silently cold mists are carried
	before my eyes in half seen memories
twisting shapes that form and fade
	teasing of...Read More
Categories: youth, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Hi Santa
Hi Santa, if you do exist,
Would you please read this list?
First, don't make me wait in vain,
Could you bring along some rain?
I would really love more trees,
If you could manage fifty, please;
If you do see this petition,
Throw in some decent...Read More
Categories: youth, christmas, december, house, money, rain, tree,
Form: Light Verse
At the long run
At the Long run
We all started same time
But never finished same time
Some run faster
Some run so slow 
Some fainted at the way 
Some couldn't handle the race
At the long run

At the long run 
We started this journey together
We were tired...Read More
Categories: youth, africa, confidence, courage, dedication, immigration, tribute,
Form: Epic
One sided minds telling Leave Dumb
Remain arguments focus on the future
Worst case not yet real what suits ya
 economic decline like 2008 9 

hand over control to be wealthy 
who controls your wealth 
must be mentally unhealthy 

until bad times please 
I plead help me...Read More
Categories: youth, england, political,
Form: Free verse
Gentility My Tree
Passion never spent, a touch of diaphanous breeze embraces me, as your sinew envelops my heart, like the caress of a Mother for her newborn.  Whisper your songs to my soul.  From childhood, I heard your call.

on gentle...Read More
Categories: youth, appreciation, nature, poems, poetry, tree,
Form: Haibun
Premium Member nineteen seventies alive and well
bell bottom blue jeans
warm belly button showing
nineteen seventies

woodstock mad music
vietnam war in full swing
youth rebelling now

free love is rampant
people living in communes
churches pray like mad

usa magic
separation of  our youth
from solid parents

after kennedy
dr martin luther king
turned country wild

youth were change...Read More
Categories: youth, nostalgia, war,
Form: Senryu
In Me I'm
in love
the foamy wave kisses
the wide breast of beach

for the wave of extreme youth,
ravenous crow is a beauty

for the rainy season
rivers walk showing her virginity

a lie is a truthful message
if the liar has sovereign power

ignorant is a wise man
if he...Read More
Categories: youth, introspection, love, self,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Disappearing Fantasy
Gone in a flash is Santa and the tooth fairy
Why do we let our fantasy disappear
Then take them away from our little ones
We are the ones who destroy these fascinations

Is it wrong or right to destroy the delight of fantasy
We...Read More
Categories: youth, fantasy,
Form: Free verse
These Hallowed Halls
These Hallowed Halls
by Michael R. Burch


A final stereo fades into silence
and now there is seldom a murmur
to trouble the slumber
of these ancient halls.

I stand by a window where others have watched
the passage of time, alone,
not untouched,
and I am as they...Read More
Categories: youth, aubade, depression, desire, first love, grief, heartbreak,
Form: Verse
Premium Member To the Ends of the Earth

my love for him is a rainbow arching
from my youth throughout decades
gleaming with my fondness

his angel face is the sun behind me
such brightness I can’t forget
while before me – rain falls

to feel again the colors of his soul
that beamed from...Read More
Categories: youth, lost love,
Form: Kimo
Premium Member Too Cold
Too cold this winter
 of my senior years,
I played my part in this vale of tears
 the onslaught of older age
quickly close the curtain of this stage
 for every escapade and experience
of youth and foolish dabbling and interference;
 now so...Read More
Categories: youth, future, leaving, prayer,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Warning Sign
It came as the pink rosebud 
Is a precursor of the bloom;
As crimson drops of blood,
Foretell the pending doom!

While yet the sentinel slept,
Whom then would pay any heed?
As the enemy lurked and crept,
Destined in no way to succeed!

From heaven, a...Read More
Categories: youth, god, life, light, miracle, religious, trust, war,
Form: Rhyme
by Michael R. Burch 
Once, only once,
when the wind flicked your skirt
to an indiscreet height
and you laughed,
abruptly demure,
outblushing shocked violets:
I knew:
everything had changed.
Later, as you braided your hair
into long bluish plaits
the shadows empurpled,
the dragonflies’
last darting...Read More
Categories: youth,
Form: Free verse