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Giggle Children Poems

These Giggle Children poems are examples of Children poems about Giggle. These are the best examples of Children Giggle poems written by international poets.

Where Does My Kitty Cat Go


Where does my kitty cat go every day?
When I'm heading to school, is he getting away?
Or forgetting he musn't let strays in to play?
Where does...

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Categories: adventure, cat, children, friendship

Premium Member Dragon Giggles
Dragon Giggles

To make a dragon giggle 
you must wiggle  both your ears 
stand upon one foot
scream and shout  and hope he hears.
If he...

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Categories: children, courage, fantasy, giggle,

Premium Member The Adventures of Oli's Toys - Hairy Norah The Elephant
Hairy Nora reads the Torah from daybreak until dusk.
She’s got four different colored legs, but not a single tusk.
There’s a birdie sitting on her back...

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Categories: children, 1st grade, 2nd grade,

Premium Member The Adventures of Oli's Toys - Cookie The Cat
Cookie can cook recipes from a book,
She can rustle up meals in a flash.
She wears a chef’s hat even though she’s a cat
And she works...

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Categories: children, 1st grade, 2nd grade,

Premium Member The Adventures of Oli's Toys - Alf The Dinosaur
“Alf it’s dinner time” cried mum as she finished off the cooking.
“Where is that naughty boy?” She grumbled, “I’d better go a-looking”
She looked across the...

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Categories: children, 1st grade, 2nd grade,

Premium Member The Adventures of Oli's Toys - Mayo The Rabbit
Mayo the rabbit has a very strange habit,
but he isn’t a monk or a nun.
He spreads out on ham, lettuce, cheese, bacon, spam
that’s been sliced...

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Categories: children, 1st grade, 2nd grade,

Premium Member In The Waiting Room
An eighteen month old wearing puppy pajamas is running back and forth
in the doctor’s clinic. the waiting room. He has pink cheeks and a loud...

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Categories: children, 4th grade, 5th grade,

Premium Member Too Many Echoes

Too many echoes ...

Too many little voices that never got to giggle,
Too many stained hopes ... and sheets,
Wrapped around tiny bundles that came too soon.

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Categories: bereavement, birth, children, grief,

Premium Member We Girls
Each daisy’s a piece of the moon,
Strewn on the welcoming grass,
Waiting for fidgeting fingers to pass
And weave it in bangles and bows,
Those are not alleys,...

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Categories: children, fun, giggle, girl,

The Silly Farmer
Awoken was the farmer one bright and early dawn,
Restless and he couldn’t sleep,
So he thought he’d mow the lawn.

He went into the garden and got...

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Categories: children, giggle, humor,

Premium Member My Kid Machine
They draw me punk, they draw me clean, they draw me messy, my kid machine.
I have a cult, they are my regular beings, they come...

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Categories: child, children, school,

Fast flatulence
A conversation between me and my son a few years ago about the man who jumped out of the balloon from the stratosphere

I was trying...

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Categories: children, dad, father son, funny,

No Time for Prayers
AFV proves that we all love to see
Children and pets goofing up on TV
We can't help but wonder
How little ones blunder
Whilst God is laughing at...

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Categories: children, fun, giggle, god,

Premium Member Baby Miracle
Each time we learned, new life had been birthed,
down deep where true love grows quite fast;
Our greatest hopes, as parents unearthed,
the sum of our love's...

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Categories: angst, baby, birth, children,

Scenes at a child's birthday party
Dad had left on urgent business,
something to do with a workers' dispute,
and Mum was at the next-door neighbour's
on one of her 'brief' visits.
Mary, the birthday...

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Categories: children, birthday, childhood, metaphor,

Premium Member Who Will Teach Nona
I push the tall-legged hard thing next to the water thing, and pick up the blue thing.
It’s sticky, and sudsy, and fun.   I...

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Categories: baby, childhood, children, grandchild,

My Head is on Crooked
My head is on crooked today I cried
I’m not sure how or why.

When I went to bed it was just fine
it was on straight now...

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Categories: childhood, children, fun, giggle,

Premium Member Somewhat Obedient Son
There once was a child named Drew
Who did what his mom asked him to.
Except for the dishes
When they'd eat some fishes,
For then after meals he'd...

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Categories: children, fish, funny, giggle,

Premium Member ANNIE THE NANNY

T’was quite uncanny
How cute little Annie 
Got the gig as the nanny
To care for young Danny
Whose daddy was Giovanni
All while pleasing the live-in granny

T’was cute...

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Categories: cute, children, giggle, silly,

Memorial of Candy
Memorial of Candy

My memories of knowing him
So many years ago
As the father of my two oldest children
I’ll remember the thoughts that glow

Though a lot of...

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Categories: family, children, funeral, growing